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  1. Okay I love Lover (the song) but it was getting dangerously close to the top, so good riddance Now that it's gone, let's appreciate Taylor's Top 3 MV
  2. Okay Lover sis you can leave now ANYTIME NOW
  3. Lover Cruel Summer Afterglow Daylight Kinda stanning that Afterglow is still in though
  4. Is Cunt Summer seriously going to win this megarate
  6. One of Taylor's best performances wbk
  7. Okay I think I can take that placement for Cornelia Street
  8. A Christmas smash that hasn't happened yet btw THE NEXT AIWFCIY
  9. Expose them after this so I can make a NHB thread
  10. Okay it's OUT, good riddance The song is pretty but should've left a bit earlier
  11. Why is that song even still in? Most people didn't even care for it when it came out
  12. Disgusted that y'all dragged this NATIONAL ANTHEM for no reason But also lowkey surprised Afterglow is still in Watch it get eliminated next
  13. I was honestly kinda expecting it to be a Tik Tok hit because of the lyrics
  14. And the gays eliminated it at #9 I hope she never swears again
  15. I- Y'all are so tasteless I swear to (False) God
  16. I will say.. absolutely not Honestly, I was rather disappointed that she released a ballad. Like the song itself is ok, but as LEAD SINGLE? I really, really thought it was gonna flop and people were gonna lock to Look At Her Now instead Girl.. I was SO FUCKING WRONG
  18. Omg I just realized SYGB is Top 10 I was convinced y'all would pay it dust.. maybe the gays deserve rights after all
  19. Miss Americana, False God, Afterglow & Daylight are still in so Won't be filling the papers to sue you just yet
  20. One thing that I will give to this song.. is that she wrote it based on a movie, and not her own experience, which shows her versatility as a songwriter My other faves could never
  21. Sksksk I didn't want to bother you Thanks again for the avi btw gonna keep this for a while I think!
  22. I fully agree, it might be the closest thing we have to Delicate on Lover A grower.. that song is so heartbreaking
  23. This post did NOT age well Good riddance however