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  1. Potentially the title of Rock Candy Sweet's lead single. Maybe she wasn't lying about the release date? 👀
  2. Literally no one is doing it like her I fear for 1989's numbers.. omg the absolute collapse it could possibly be
  3. Rest in peace to this icon 💔 I had no idea she was dealing with anorexia.
  4. Previously, Fearless (Taylor's Version) was also reported to have sold 500k copies WW in just 19 hours: Additionally, Brockhampton is looking to open with 28-32k, and the late rapper DMX is aiming for 30-50k.
  5. I think it was pretty logical fear for Taylor's label. Crossing over to Pop is a big deal for any Country artist, things could have easily gone either way for her. Keep in mind too that Taylor was literally Big Machine's only big artist; if they mess up with her, they'll lose everything. That's why they were so paranoid about every step of the process in the transition to 1989. They doubted every single decision that she made and she really had to put her foot down to get what she wanted. The Ariana situation was no different, they had no idea if Taylor could take her on.. which is a pr
  6. I liked the song and the MV! Alex Landi made points
  7. He think he can achieve that with Titty McRae and whoever this Regard person is?
  8. She achieved this in just 19 hours. Possibly pacing to be Taylor's 8th consecutive million opener worldwide by the end of the week.
  9. This had me dancing around my room feeling like I was 14 again and that everything was gonna be okay.
  10. Selena continues to call out Facebook, Instagram & Google. ♡♡♡
  11. Yours Truly: Honeymoon Avenue My Everything: Love Me Harder Dangerous Woman: Leave Me Lonely Sweetener: Get Well Soon Thank U, Next: Needy Positions: Motive / West Side
  12. I think of him now and then I think of the Troye I used to watch on Youtube.. he really took glowing up seriously And oh you're right, edited it
  13. 3 - The Blackest Day 2 - Born To Die 1 - Brooklyn Baby 0 - Rat