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  1. I've literally only listened to her like 20 times this year because she wasn't on Spotify
  2. Tim McGraw - 20 Teardrops On My Guitar - 40 Our Song - 40 Picture To Burn - 40 Should've Said No - 30 Change - 40 Love Story - 45 White Horse - 40 You Belong With Me - 40 Fifteen - 40 Fearless - 40 Today Was A Fairytale - 40 Mine - 50 Back To December - 40 Mean - 20 (+) The Story Of Us - 40 Sparks Fly - 40 Ours - 35 Eyes Open - 40 Safe & Sound - 45 We Are Never Ever Gett
  3. I can't fucking believe we live in a world where the comment section has to be disabled so people won't post horrible comments about a tragic event. Disgusting.
  4. Kinda hard to celebrate it considering the reason behind it..
  5. Omg HOW is she performing again already? Jesus is this girl made of steel or what
  6. Perched but I hope it's not gonna be 1989 2.0. If she's gonna be serious about being Pop, then she gotta dive deeper into it.
  7. Wow??? How many Ari stans are on this forum? Only TWO defeding Moonlightsus???? And I thought little donutsters had taste
  8. Mess I'm glad I'm good at managing money but tbf it's easy to manage money when you have none
  9. Fff Why didn't you get it when you had money?
  10. Moonlight is pure TALENT I love it so much it's so cute and pure how can anyone hate on it
  11. Hi have an extra post for the week
  12. Kii sorry Omg yeah Weren't you gonna get yourself a new laptop?
  13. Oh I don't count Moonlight as an intro since it's a full song I wouldn't dare to shade Moonlightsus
  14. Omg I hope someone makes a gif out of it What was she thinking
  15. Mess You can change the brightness from the settings tho if you want. Tbh, this laptop has been so slow and shite
  16. Omg yes I can't believe she wrote the entire EP The Intro slays btw I love it so much Her other intros WISHES
  17. Every Ari news twitter I know posted them too, like wtf you guys are her fans you should know and respect this more than anyone else Makes me so mad
  18. To be fair I don't care much about most artists initially She looks fucking amazing in the LIYL video GOD choke me with your fish lips What the fuck was that video though it was lowkey horrible I laughed when she got pulled up
  19. I have 3 keys off now It's hard to do anything anymore God I want a new laptop
  20. I was bored and in need of a Christmas album But tru! Assuming I haven't exhausted the EP by then the next Christmas is gonna be lit The I'm the only drum that you gonna play line keeps making me laugh though
  21. Well the obsession is there I'm sure, it just needs a little.. push And well I didn't Like I didn't dislike her or anything, but I just never cared much for her But like last month I was bored and started looking her up out of the blue and lowkey fell in love Her looks caught my attention ngl. I don't stan her yet though, still waiting for that debut album
  22. I can't believe I spent the last Christmas listening to Kelly Clarkson's shitty Christmas album over this Also to be fair Santa Tell Me didn't do the best job at introducing Ari's Christmas music talent
  23. Let's talk about your beauty skin care product obsession for the 1000th time Nice set though omg father never disappoints
  24. Well I don't just hate this forum in particular but also forums in general And yes just today actually I may have played a game and got a bit harsh kii