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  1. HOW is this a full photoshoot It's literally 2 pictures and she's wearing the same exact dress hair and makeup on both
  2. Yes, it's a bit.. dusty. Old, probably. But it's got a good reputation for people who want serious relationships rather than just random hookups. Yeah.. Tinder is definitely not for me. Literally EVERY single girl I talked to was so pretentious and rude, and they expected me to have money for everything. Like sorry I can't afford traveling to another city like 4 times a week. The guys were better, but they were also very judgemental. Some of them also would stop talking to me for no reason and then days later would message me again.. for a booty call.
  3. Was this how you picked your on-again-off-again-on-again-off-again-on-again-off-again ex?
  4. Oh it was PLANET Romeo, not Gay Romeo.. but same thing mostly I've tried Tinder, but the people there tended to be pretentious. Both the boys and the girls. They're clearly richer and more educated in average though.
  6. What visuals It's her standing in front of a red background from different angles
  7. I mean, as far as gay apps go, this is as good as it gets right? But even if you don't wanna use it, there are plenty of other apps. Jack'd, Hornet, Scruff and Gay Romeo are those I see getting mentioned all the time.
  8. Third single: Selfish Love (feat. DJ Snake). Presave now:
  9. Selena has been chosen as La X's Artist of the Month and she will be talking about Revelacion on Uforia Music.
  10. It's Selena, don't set the bar too high. She'll pop up again for Selfish Love then disappear until EP release. Then shows up to promote the EP for a week then abandon it to start spamming videos of her cooking show
  11. Oh she finally remembers she's supposed to have an EP out YES QUEEN!
  12. Solid reputable choice for hookups And occasionally buying meth according to Reddit
  13. This is the only thing that pops up in my mind when it comes to Kim Petras tbh. Very disappointing honestly.
  14. I don't recognize 90% of the names in the OP Good for Poppy though, not too surprising considering her nomination.
  15. This is not the first time she has worked with Grindr! She has previously also premiered a music video for her song 'Malibu' there.