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  1. It's Selena, don't set the bar too high. She'll pop up again for Selfish Love then disappear until EP release. Then shows up to promote the EP for a week then abandon it to start spamming videos of her cooking show
  2. Oh she finally remembers she's supposed to have an EP out YES QUEEN!
  3. Solid reputable choice for hookups And occasionally buying meth according to Reddit
  4. This is the only thing that pops up in my mind when it comes to Kim Petras tbh. Very disappointing honestly.
  5. I don't recognize 90% of the names in the OP Good for Poppy though, not too surprising considering her nomination.
  6. This is not the first time she has worked with Grindr! She has previously also premiered a music video for her song 'Malibu' there.
  7. her highest metacritic score for an album named Lover yes besides Charli XCX almost always get near-universal acclaim for her music which says a lot about Meratcritic's credibility
  8. Little Lipsters you better support this thread if you want Dua's section saved!
  9. @Kuchisabishii you wanted something to do?
  10. One Kiss High Fever No Lie Prisoner Levitating (ft. DaBaby) Un Dia (One Day) Scared to Be Lonely Electricity Lost in Your Light My Love Real Groove (2054 Studio Remix) Kiss and Make Up Not My Problem
  11. For Dua's remixes, where she features an artist or vice versa. You may pick and choose any of these songs and include them in your list if you want! OPTIONAL LIST Levitating (The Blessed Madonna Remix ft. Madonna & Missy Elliott) Physical (Mark Ronson Remix ft. Gwen Stefani) Levitating (ft. DaBaby) Sugar (BROCKHAMPTON Remix) Real Groove (2054 Studio Remix)
  12. Rank Dua's collaborations! List No Lie Scared to Be Lonely Lost in Your Light My Love One Kiss High Electricity Kiss and Make Up Prisoner Un Dia (One Day) Fever Not My Problem (Skip any you don't know)
  13. Good for You Falling Down De Una Vez Come & Get It Who Says Lose You to Love Me Round & Round
  14. Rank Selena Gomez's lead singles! LIST Falling Down Round & Round Who Says Come & Get It Good for You Lose You to Love Me De Una Vez (skip any you don't know)
  15. 1. Early Winter 2. Don't Speak 3. Used to Love You 4. Wonderful Life 5. Running
  16. Well, this one notified me at least. Pretty When You Cry!
  17. Yeah.. tbh I'd rather have something artsy/abstract rather than this mess It'd probably have worked better if they weren't on the cover actually