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  1. Lil Nas X celebrates Montero (Call Me By Your Name) going #1
  2. Clarification on the mistake posted by Scooter:
  3. She does look like a bit like an overly airbrushed Chrissy Teigen there.
  4. My Blood was my SOTY And yeah I know about the DMA stuff from Trench, but I haven't followed it in months and apparently it's been developed so much more and I'm completely lost now It's fine tho, someone's probably gonna make a 20-min long video talking about everything when the album drops and I'll be caught up again!
  5. Very well deserved btw what a fantastic song. The Scammys can choke!
  6. Trench was an instant SMASH for me, that's their #1 album for me No idea about @Limn, I think he's more of a casual fan than a stan
  7. The clique is tweeting all this stuff about Clancy and DMA I haven't been following the storyline, idk what any of these means
  9. Looks like you might not have to stream Stench after all SHY AWAY COMING SOON I HOPE
  10. Trench is AMAZING but if this album is even half of what I'm expecting to be.. like with the vibrant aesthetics (and knowing them, a lot of darkness in it).. sorry Trance ALSO SEE ABOVE
  11. The new single seems to be titled 'Shy Away'! http://scaledandicy.com/shyaway/ Release date TBA.
  12. IT'S SO GOOD!?!?!? Everything feels so fresh, new and exciting
  13. SCALED AND ICY TRACK LIST Good Day Choker Shy Away The Outside Saturday Never Take It Mulberry Street Formidable Bounce Man No Chances Redecorate PRE-ORDER https://live.twentyonepilots.com/ new songs. new vibe. artopia. (check the link for an interactive experience and visuals)