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  1. Game

    Out Of The Woods vs. Welcome To New York can you rate the song in Nicki's thread please?
  2. wtf this doesn't deserve to happen to Katy ugh.
  3. Game

    All Too Well vs. How You Get The Girl
  4. Nahhh I don't want the others *cough* Sylk to get jealous
  5. omg I wanted to make this so sexual but I'm gonna be a good boy tonight
  6. at least you appreciate me <3
  7. Yeah this is why I love you Daddy is impatient!
  8. Is it bad that I actually really liked Infinity?
  9. Oomf just quoted a post from 4 minutes ago wth but anyways of course I have taste
  10. Can we talk about flawless she looks in that picture though? Also I know we make mistakes when we're young but GIRL, that was a huge mistake.
  11. I'm That Chick is THAT bop btw
  12. Why did she even marry his punk ass in the first place?
  13. Game

    Wildest Dreams vs. All Too Well
  14. Game

    Style vs Clean