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  1. it's not my fault that all of their title tracks are catchy as hell, my ass even knows the damn choreo to Likey ksjanfajsf help me hyunty.
  2. Awww the memories of me having to do all this work for the charts, the feels are real. Kii jk y'all had me STRESSED.
  3. Hi my name is Maraj and I somehow fell into a deep hole at JYP now I stan TWICE and will fight anyone who comes for them xoxoxo.
  4. I surely won't survive at all, especially if they all drop around the same time... Get my casket ready!!!
  5. Like the whole album was just perfection and for a debut album that's very rare. You can tell she put her ALL into it and I'm here for her!
  6. Bitch I'm deep in flames right now. Nicki... Bey... Ariana... ALL MISSING FROM SOCIAL MEDIA. My life support is literally gone.
  7. Btw Ms. Camila SNATCHED me bald with her album, as a 5H fan I'm super proud of her!
  8. Yeah and this is my favorite part of hell, great to see you guys are still roasting marshmallows by the fire!
  9. Lmfao no one at all, I just love that quote and watching Bey kick Farrah out the group.
  10. Discussion

    Me.. a mess? WE BEEN KNEW. Duh I been gave that up kii, hopefully someone will leave around the time I MIGHT come back.
  11. Discussion

    I don't have VIP jkdasnfasf
  12. Discussion

    What do you mean? Like my old avis I had when I had VIP? I still have some on Imgur.
  13. Discussion

    Shut up, you love me and that's facts.
  14. Ms. Cabello has her foot on the girls NECKS, she did not come to play with this album. I highkey stan!!