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  1. Maraj

    Oh no not like that I’ve never had a problem with you lmao
  2. Maraj

    I'm so serious lmaooo don't be @'ing me like we're friends or something. I can't stand most of this forum
  3. Maraj

    Oh I remember and that girl (who blocked me for laughing btw lmao) deserved it w/ her pressed ass and she STILL pressed about it too. Oh girl I've been a Meg fan since 2017, I'm so glad people are starting to recognize my sis. It's about time.
  4. Maraj

    Don't @ me, I don't like you. This is the only thing holding me back from being a stan of hers, her and Nicki both do the same shit once they stop doing this and learn to shut the hell up sometimes I'll be on board. Until then I will be stanning and supporting my good sis Megan.
  5. Maraj

    something bout my faves getting bg threads give me a buzz bc for a long time this entire section was ALWAYS about the same thing but anyways y’all gave her shit for that joint album being #2 and now that this lion king album going #1 its STILL a problem to be found i-
  6. Maraj

    aw that’s cute. you still got a kpop avi dummy.
  7. Maraj

    i’d say some words but a bitch ain’t trying to get banned.
  8. Maraj

    bitch your avi has a whole kpop idol in it, shut your dumb ass up.
  9. Maraj


    Beyoncé Nicki Minaj Ariana Grande Kali Uchis BTS Blackpink Megan Thee Stallion Red Velvet Tyler, The Creator Lizzo Rihanna Rosalia Frank Ocean
  10. Maraj

    I lowkey liked that song ngl but it didn’t stick with me sjsbsks ok i trust you let me see...
  11. Maraj

    No no just completely honest, I've tried to get into them but couldn't. Very talented good looking boys tho! Period. Wonho & Shownu honestly could just snap my neck and I'd be eternally grateful. Was the last album the one with that Alligator song ddd
  12. Maraj

    Monsta X really has the finest members ever if only they had good music to match. like.... look at the material!
  13. Maraj

    my girls coming back YES
  14. I have no words AT. ALL. Only thing I can do is just laugh.
  15. I will not sit down, I'm going to continue standing up. Thanks for the offer tho! Muah xoxo!!!