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  1. Discussion

    i listened to it earlier on youtube bc it kept suggesting it to me it's cute tbh
  2. Discussion

    ok bitch you didn't have to drag me like that i just noticed that you were using HAIM lyrics kii
  3. Discussion

    now that your lover is on vacation you suddenly want me back?
  4. Discussion

    yeah 3 people sent me theirs for some strange reason lmfao im gonna have to add Hannah to all 3 of the PM's
  5. Discussion

    I honestly didn't want to bother you about it But thank you
  6. Discussion

    oh hey btw did you ever do that one thing or did you forget? kii
  7. Discussion

    omg really?
  8. Discussion

    And I'll be blasting Swish Swish in the room because it needs the streams!!
  9. Discussion

    You're sleeping on the couch tonight for this statement babe, I'm sorry.
  10. Discussion

    hi Cody
  11. Discussion

    And the fact that they're considering adding fan voting for that category now.... girl BYE!
  12. Discussion

    No but honestly this was perfect timing, this album literally makes me so happy. Thank you!!! @Saiga
  13. Discussion

    Lemonade deserved that damn Grammy ughhhhhh, no offense to the good sis Adele but... BITCH THAT WAS BEY'S AWARD.
  14. Discussion

    Formation will NEVER get old, do you hear me??? FUCKING. NEVER.