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  1. cmon baby!!!! you better serve us a Sade visual, yes ma'am!!
  2. Charts

    Man I feel just like a rockstaaar
  3. Be careful how you hold me, I'm a weapon.
  4. I really actually wanna see this considering she hates RZA now
  5. Idek why but im glad she has one now!
  6. 'Evil Snake Lord' has me screaming bc she really does look like one but in a good way!
  7. Oh wow, Nicki is a certified rap legend.
  8. where the FUCK is Hands On Me?
  9. Wait... is she forreal? I know she supports Trump so I know she crazy and deluded as hell but... sis might be spilling tea.
  10. Just finished listening to it and I am shook. She did THAT, im so here for her version of Passionfruit too.
  11. Omg let me go listen in a bit!
  12. Discussion

    well damn you didn't have to drag sis like that yikes!
  13. Discussion

    Oh you right.... who are we talking about again?