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  1. Kiss It Better
  2. This still kills me lmao, I remember that same day I won HoH & then I said "Oh I thought I was something to see in the distance?" #GoodTimes
  3. Well I see no lies here!
  4. Yas Kuba! I'm living for all the shade today! Look at you using my quotes, YOU. BETTA. STAN!
  5. BITCH I'm screaming, well hey a new record for me!
  6. Cosmic's Idiot Moment #2: I didn't even vote for Coca Cola to be evicted... now move right along.
  7. Was this supposed to be a drag or....? Maybe you were floating around at the time, I clearly was #1 for a week.
  8. have you been #1 yet?
  9. do your research before you come for me next time sweetie, love you xoxo.
  10. drag me LMAO But hey No Frauds debuted at #14 so how ironic is that?
  11. omg you are an "idiot" because I won yesterday kii
  12. Game

    well I'm not everyone else, and they can choke.
  13. Game

    what's so funny? I really like the original version of the song.
  14. OMG this is reminds me of a Mortal Kombat character