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  1. Let me stop acting like I didn't think she was fine during the Egotistic era
  2. I can just hear the instrumental of TWIT just by looking at it
  3. I'm not a Jinsoul akgae sus! I like Chuu & Go Won as well... you LOST.
  4. Hello to the only TWO people to ever exist!!!! Hope you two are having a good day!
  5. Oh now the Kim Lip avi is going to preach to us about QUALITY music, I've seen it all!
  6. Do it tomorrow king! These hoes don't deserve you! You don't need to be rushed and attacked like this!
  7. No one talking to me maybe I'll change my ratings at last minute to be petty and make things harder for oomf.
  8. Maraj


    Oof.... this SLAPS.
  9. I wonder if both oomf's realize the musicbar in their signature is dead and gone?