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  1. This disgusts me, i'm so tired of the twink looking boys being "famous" just because they look "good".
  2. Photos

    Wow. Girl you did THAT!
  3. oh he's a MAN, my girl got taste!!!
  4. Trini Dem Girls
  5. Pharrell is such a good producer so I hope he has some work on AG4
  6. Discussion

    a damn mess smh, you already sold your soul to the Rep Illuminati!
  7. Discussion

    preach it girl, I would drag a few but those bitches like to spy on me.
  8. Discussion

    Oh yes, we are all about love in here!!! No weirdos and negativity in here!!
  9. Discussion

    98% of them on here are trashy and musty tbh.
  10. Discussion

    Get out of that vile ass Rep Lounge, we don't need you turning into a Rep Monster!
  11. Discussion

    No thank you, I don't wanna be disappointed!
  12. Discussion

    well Lana is a beautiful girl lbr but her stans aren't. Oh yes, I said it!
  13. Discussion

    good! I'm glad you'll do that, I'll just watch from the sidelines.
  14. Discussion

    I like this one better anyways!