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  1. Arinika just keeps on winning and I'm here for it.
  2. well i mean everyone knows i'm thirsty af so pretty accurate, thanks!
  3. yeah i know, oh trust me I absolutely HATE using stats bc I'm always so inaccurate and it makes me feel silly. wait i hollered @ "songs... choices." omg well yeah I see what you mean tbh, I just think the Lemonade era kinda left a bigger impact bc of how unique it was in terms of genre and storylines within an album... do i sound crazy? i feel like i do askdlnads
  4. omg not me staring hard as hell trying to see your reflection, it looks nice af btw! well yeah that's true, I think IASF is probably her most known album by the GP besides Lemonade but us core fans know what's up kii.
  5. Omg here for it since we didn't get a studio version of TNISY featuring Taylor Yeah same, I feel like she'll pull through with something good for us. The 1989 era didn't disappoint me at all (besides the New Romantics video) so I'm ready to be bald and wigless.
  6. I hate you, that damn SIO. Well yeah that's true. I don't think she'll be releasing the album anytime soon. Honestly I'm so perched for her like I have my coins ready and i'm happy because she's gonna hopefully save us from the tragic state of music right now. yes they will even tho I wanna fight my fave atm she's still gonna come thru with some bops!
  7. The "beef" that lasted for 5 minutes. Also I wish Nicki would've hurried and released bc Tay has a tendency of blocking people from #1 on the album chart.
  8. i told you before that im 100% gonna be here for her this era kii. i don't think i'm ready honestly!
  9. I don't know about any of you but I'm pretty fucking excited for her comeback omg.
  10. This is obviously a 10 and whoever doesn't think so.... choke.
  11. @Cosmic Love xoxo
  12. this is so amazing omg, i'm so happy for her!!
  13. ok let me binge watch a few more episodes and i'll send them kii.