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  1. Tahj

    Normani | Baby | Lead Single | Week #1
  2. Tahj


    Yup one of the girls coming to show how it's supposed to done per usual.
  3. Tahj

    You already know I’m ready! And I’m coming back as Normani AND Nicki Minaj.
  4. Tahj


    no tears left to cry
  5. Album of the year incoming
  6. Tahj

    Web Series

    this show is top tier omg I NEED MORE OF IT. I can't take these small 30 mins omg ugh!
  7. Tahj


    serving Nicki with this long ass tracklist but I like long albums so bring the serve Ms Chungha!
  8. Holy shit..... this is insane I have no words.
  9. Tahj

    Web Series

    YEP I just realized a few hours ago that it was coming this weekend and I'm so ready
  10. Tahj


  11. Another serve once again imagine not stanning
  12. Tahj


    Never Really Over
  13. Not even gonna lie I'm very perched for this especially since I was such a HUGE fan during the So Good era