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  1. Like... I promise we really don't care I'm crying. But hey more posts for my thread so whatever i guess.... my god.
  2. It would be such a shame if your page suddenly got suspended out of nowhere huh?
  3. Thank God she finally praised her now her rabid fans can shut up about her making a space theme album.
  4. Not y'all trying to start drama in this thread, who rlly gives a damn if you're gonna listen or not. Keep that negativity out of here pls and thank you bc at the end of the day y'all gonna end up streaming the album anyways.
  5. Oh fuck this is getting hard hmmm... I'm gonna go with Deja Vu to shake things up.
  6. Tracklist: 1. Woman 2. Naked 3. Pay Day (feat. Young Thug) 4. Get Into It (Yuh) 5. Need To Know 6. I Don't Do Drugs (feat. Ariana Grande) 7. Love to Dream 8. You Right (with The Weeknd) 9. Been Like This 10. Options (feat. JID) 11. Ain't Shit 12. Imagine 13. Alone 14. Kiss Me More (feat. SZA)
  7. I know hgjskd that's why I highkey can't stand that song I just wanted to include her The only answer is Mariah, idk why I see other options in the first place.
  8. Nicki Minaj tbh. Grand Piano eats everyone on this list right on up!
  9. I still don't trust that man but okay ms. girl whatever you say!
  10. Partition, good riddance XO!
  11. please is still the superior song but this is cute omg
  12. OMG it snuck up on us so fast my god I’m so excited