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  1. I'm bopping to it right now isn't that good enough?
  3. oh my god this is SO sick I'm not posting anymore I can't stand the look of it!
  4. more like 8/10 but UM FIX MY REP!!!
  5. Not you trying to take me out of here, you can't kill a bad bitch! ICC still bottom tier in their discography!
  6. Mod Notice NEVER disrespect Irene again you beast
  7. NO one wanted that song not even you!
  8. No no he has now seen the light! There is no hatred for the 40 year old sis anymore!
  9. I will NOT until I get that album she will be slandered every chance I get!
  10. The way @Tomás flew offline omg I need him here to back me up especially since he hates Ice Cream Cake too! I WILL NOT STAND ALONE!
  11. let's just show the audience shall we! https://www.last.fm/user/Aksjdhk/library/music/NCT+127
  12. The bullying.... this is why Madison Beer is taking Ponytail's spot in the music industry soon.
  13. Do I need to head to the server and pull out them nctzen scrobbles of yours?!
  14. He's not a woman hater, he just wants to be one of the pop girls! Don't be homophobic!
  15. didn't I already end you earlier over your hatred for Bad Boy limpy?! Don't you have a Chungha album to be waiting on?
  16. what is HE doing in here
  17. The way I can't find this avi that was in the OP anymore makes me sad
  18. girl I'm so bored I had nothing else to do
  19. Oh finally a new page after being stuck on the last one since the summer!
  20. The way it's still here months later. I think it's time we take it away! @Divine
  21. Oh we still here?!?! I know that's right!
  22. Goodbye Bey section, had a blast with you for the past few years. Have a good night's rest!
  23. The way my team would be trying to hide my phone from me every time I start tweeting
  24. VERY but then again she was just mad bc everyone was dragging her husband every time she posted him (bey teas w jay LMAOOOO) hence why she stopped posting him thank GOD I would cuss my fans OUT all the time tbh I don't know how these celebs do it