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  1. It's bc she hates the hive that's the only explanation on why she ignores us agjhskdlasd PLEASE I'm so glad Nic has just been off social media and taking care of herself before the baby comes, she stayed blocking barbz left and right. I don't blame her!
  2. oh HUSH we’re gonna threaten Parkwood to hire you when the time comes oh yes!
  3. I wish she did use Twitter more and interact with her fans a bit but at the same time I’m glad she doesn’t bc twitter stans like to be messy and it would just turn into a mess. Plus she doesn’t need to see any negativity about her at all kii.
  4. AHHHHHH ITS HERE! @Dennis Reynolds
  5. Double post bc why not? We the only three keeping this section afloat yeah I'm not giving up just yet!
  6. See that's what I used to think when the Hive said she was on Twitter but now I know for a fact that Legion is on her team or in affiliation with Parkwood but I don't think it's her, I know she has a secret one among us.... she's not THAT slick!
  7. I know she has a secret stan account and I know she sees the viral tweets about No Jay for the next album so we need to plant the seed and let it grow! He needs to sit back and take care of the kids while she works yup yup yup!
  8. PLEASE I can see her now putting him as background vocals or something petty like that
  9. Honestly yes because I'm really bad at binge watching bc my attention span is SHIT and also if I enjoy a show I like taking it slow rather than speeding through it too fast tbh! Hmmm I think I might need to watch The Boys heard some good stuff about it.
  10. I hate that she's so humble and doesn't care about charts when it comes to music but I'm gonna need her team to start stepping it up and let her know that times have changed! She may not like it but the behydrations are getting worse and worse.
  11. I promise you no one wants any more Jay and Bey music we appreciate it yeah but god damn we cant breathe without him showing up every 6 seconds
  12. This year FLEW like I felt like I didn't get shit done gfhjkslkda. Also yes an album with NO Jay-Z mmmm yes sounds good already!
  13. You know she sneaky as hell so lord knows what she's up to omg
  14. Had the nerve to say she can't argue with lazy bitches and now LOOK. The way she's just been touring about Europe since her birthday is so funny to me, maybe she's looking for inspiration to shoot a video or something idk.
  15. Yep about to be posting just to be posting
  16. Tired as hell ready for this year to be over with and praying that next year will somehow better. How are YOU?
  17. Maybe we'll get it by the end of this month, hopefully next week. No I don't sadly not yet but I do remember that the episodes aired every Friday but I have no clue how it's gonna go this time around.
  18. That was the first thing I noticed in that pic I can't take his cuteness anymore kasndjk also another day of waiting for the trailer... Disney+ will be hearing my lawyers!
  19. Oh hi there! Oh don't mind me I'm just lurking around just giving my fav section some posts before they try to take her out of here
  20. This was cute lol I can't wait for the other girls to get comfortable with their english bc my sis Rose be just talking her life away! also Jisoo stealing the show with her saying "I'm exciting" I KNOW THAT'S RIGHT!
  21. this is the cutest picture ever omg the way he's just chilling in his lil bag but I'm so ready to see the new characters cmonnnn I'm tired of waiting!
  22. Ever since Rosario was announced as Ahsoka I have been craving for a teaser, a trailer.. I'd even would've accepted a small leak I'm so excited. Also yeah I want just a more episodes this time around omg