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  8. The Investigation - Ep. 3: Rocket

    Read at your own discretion. Halcyon was lying motionless on the cold hard ground of Trevante’s living room for a minute until she woke up, disoriented. What kind of trouble did I just walk into? She slowly got up and felt her pockets to make sure nothing was stolen; luckily everything was there, her phone and her keys were all she brought inside. She noticed both Hannah and Trevante were gone, but then she heard something outside. FUCK. She grabbed the gun on the counter and ran as fast as she could through the hallway out to the front of the house to see a black-red SUV parked nearby. She can see the license plate clearly and is shook. Hannah sees Halcyon and demands the driver to speed off; the car immediately ran into the oncoming traffic and took off. She lowered the gun and got her phone out to call Maraj, distraught. “Hello?” “Maraj…” “Yes?” “I need you to write this number down, right now.” “Ok… Ok, I’m ready.” “327876355A—” “What is this—” “It’s a license plate number. I want you to track this thing down.” “Why?” She pauses, trying not to weep. “They just abducted Trevante.” Maraj gasps in disbelief. “I’ll tell the team here this number so we can track those rats down.” Halcyon tries to smile. “Thank you. I knew I could always count on you.” She puts her phone down and locks up the Kia Soul to stay on the property. I wish I had some of his cigarettes right now… She walked a block to get into her apartment; everything was the way it was since the morning. She took off her leather jacket and sat on the sofa, trying hard not to start bawling. But then she remembered who to call next. I know she has to do something with them later… Diamond had just gotten home from her shift as a waitress for Sean’s Diner. Her boyfriend, Trevor Jackson, is sitting in the foyer playing Color Switch when she entered. He gets up to embrace her, as he notices she is a bit down. “What’s wrong babe?” “Nothing,” she looks down and she suddenly looks happy. “I actually had a good day.” “You got good tips?” “Excellent tips. I made $50 worth of tips just for a few hours!” “That is excellent!” “Now I just hope more days like this happen.” She feels his arms. “Ooh, I see you just pumped some iron?” They get close. “Yes, I did…” “Mmm, honey…” They start to kiss and lay down on the couch, with Diamond on top of Trevor. She proceeded to take off her blouse when she had a thought; she has a shadowing with N.U.D.E.S. in a little bit. “Do you think they’ll mind if I look a bit messy?” “I don’t think so at all.” “Okay.” Relieved, she proceeds to take off her blouse. “Your parents didn’t name you Diamond for nothin’ cuz that body is fire.” “My body is?” She puts her hand on his abdomen and starts rubbing it. “Your body is fire.” They start to lip-lock but then Diamond’s phone starts ringing. Surprised, she gets up and sees who it is: Halcyon. “Excuse me, I gotta take this, it’s from my friend.” “No worries, take your time.” She nods and she answers the phone. “Hey, Halcyon. How’s it going?” “I’m fine, I guess. Listen, I know you go to that meeting shortly, but I just want you to pay very close attention to what goes on there. I have a suspicion that they may be onto something.” “Ok.” “And you got me and Maraj’s personal numbers, so please call either of us if anything happens and we’ll be there right away.” “Will do.” She hangs up as soon as the same black-red SUV pulls up. “Looks like they’re here.” Trevor puts his shirt back down as they lean in for a kiss. “I’ll see you soon.” “I’ll text you when I’m on my way.” She smiles as she exits the house. Hannah gets out to greet Diamond. “Hey, sweetie! You must be Diamond Barrett?” “Yes I am, ma’am.” “Ok, just take a seat in the back with Sylk and Slay here and we’ll take you to our place.” Diamond gets in on the left seat, while Slay is in the middle and Sylk is at the end; Slay is tweeting about the latest Tinashe single, and Sylk is watching the latest Wendy Williams aftershow on YouTube. How ya doin? “So what does N.U.D.E.S. stand for exactly?” Diamond asks Hannah as they pull out. “Good question: it doesn’t stand for anything, we just like how it spells.” “But why would you call yourselves ‘nudes’ then?” “Well, the term is very catchy and it fits all of our personalities, so why not?” “Wait… who’s driving?” “Oh that’s Eithne, we’ll introduce you to her later.” Eithne sighs, but Hannah continues. “But all 5 of us leaders live here, breathe here, sleep here— you get the idea.” Diamond hears a loud thump in the back and is curious, but decides against saying anything. As she fixes her blouse, she looks at what Slay has tweeted. Flame is FIRE *fire emoji* The car then stops at the destination; it was a white mansion which can easily accommodate 5 people. She looks at the address near the mailbox: 69 Skinny Lane. “This house used to be owned by the great Hylia Salinas until she, unfortunately, passed away. So sad…” Hannah pauses. “Anyways, let’s get inside!” Lily is standing right outside the entrance as the group walked up. Hannah stops. “Hey, lover…” They start kissing and heavy petting; Diamond raises an eyebrow and Slay looks at them with distaste. “…anyways, let me show y’all inside.” Eithne opens the door and Diamond stares with amazement; she’s never seen a house or any place for that matter be so elegant. It’s almost like a celebrity lives here for a secret vacation. They pass the foyer and its massive chandelier to go to the main room, which has a fireplace and a flat screen TV. How the hell can they afford all this? “Are we gonna leave those two outside?” Diamond asks Eithne. “Yeah, they can’t resist each other so we may as well…” Diamond and Slay sit on the sofa as Sylk calls for the other two leaders. One was wearing a silky green mini-dress whose texture resembled that of a snake, and the other wore a golden dress with a fur neckline. “Taylor, Cody, meet our pledges.” “Hey, sluts.” They say altogether. Hannah and Lily come inside with a box that seemed suspicious to Diamond. She proceeds to text Halcyon about this. There’s a box here and it doesn’t seem right. 69 Skinny Lane. “Diamond, what do you do?” Cody asks. She puts her phone back. “Well, I work for a diner a few miles away.” “Is that it?” Taylor responds. “Do you have any special talents?” “Not, that I know of—” “Boring. What about you, Slay?” “I love art and I do art.” Taylor is curious. “Do you have any Photoshop experience?” “Yes, I do—” “I love you already.” Hannah and Lily pass on by with the box and drop it in front of the fireplace. Diamond’s phone starts vibrating as Halcyon texts her back. I’m on my way, stay where you are. “Sylk, can you open this box for us?” Hannah asks. “Not until you admit Mariah is a skinny legend.” “We’ve had this discussion a million times already, no she is not. Ariana outsold Moo’s entire discography with just 3 albums sweetie.” “Okay, well I’m not opening the box then.” Annoyed, she finally says, “Mariah is indeed a skinny legend. I was wrong, and you were right. Now, can you please open this box?” “I’ll be happy to.” Sylk opens up the large white box to reveal a small pistol. She is baffled as to why the gun is the only thing in the box. Diamond thought, if there was only a gun in that box, then what was the thumping from the trunk… Screaming suddenly echoes throughout the room. Eithne brings out a man tied to an office chair with tape on his mouth. The man is in distress and can’t move an inch. Diamond and Slay both gasp with horror as he is placed in front of them. “Trevante?! How the hell—” Hannah turns around. “Diamond, you know this guy?” “Yes!—” “Well, I do too. I wanted him to tell me the truth about what’s been going between him and Halcyon, but he won’t budge. So, we’re gonna make him do it the old fashioned way…” “Okay, you sluts!” Taylor bursts out, with pistol in hand. “Who wants to shoot his brains out?” “No no no no no no no… NO.” “We heard you the first time, Platinum.” Slay gets up. “I… guess I’ll do it.” “Now we’re talking.” Taylor gives her the gun. “On a count of 3, I want you to pull the trigger, his wailing is getting as bad as listening to Joanne for a week.” Slay begins to sweat vigorously. “1… 2… and SH—” An explosion erupts at the entrance. Lily and all 5 leaders flee, while Diamond and Slay jump behind the sofa. Trevante is left where he is, hardly able to breathe. Multiple footsteps can be heard along with Halcyon’s echoed voice. Put your hands where I can see them! Once Halcyon arrives, no is there but those 3. Now Maraj’s voice can be heard. I want every one of you to check the entire premises. I… Halcyon notices Trevante struggling and sprints over towards him. She rips the duct tape from his mouth as he tries to speak. “—and they tried to kill me… That hurt like a bitch…” She proceeds to untie his hands from the chair. “Well, I’m here now, baby.” Once his hands are free, she looks into his eyes with tears. “I’m just so happy you’re alive…” Trevante slowly gets up and they embrace each other, feeling a warmth and comfort they never felt before. One of the officers comes back to Maraj with some bad news. “There’s no sign of the suspects.” “No one?” “No one.” “Shit…” Maraj closes her eyes. “Well, we can keep looking tomorrow as we need to investigate more into Mr. Conley’s murder.” She notices Diamond and Slay still hiding at the back. “Hey, Halcyon…” Halcyon stops and turns around. “Yes?” “Do you mind if I take these young ladies back home?” She comes over and sees them. “Yes, of course, you can.” She winks at Diamond, and Diamond winks back. “Alright y’all, let’s go!” Halcyon and Trevante get into the Kia Soul and looked at each other as if they never seen each other for the past decade. Halcyon wipes her tears. “I’m sorry that that just happened to you…” “It’s alright…” “No, it isn’t… Getting abducted is never okay… I mean, from what I’ve heard she’s been envious of me for years since I’ve been a part of the department but I never knew she would actually come at me like this…” “I don’t think she’s envious of you, specifically…” She stares at him suspiciously. “Why do you think that?” “I’ve known her since I was a kid and she always hated the police; she always hated the government—” “Why, though?” He pauses. “I guess it’s just the fear of getting caught…” Halcyon blew her nose. “We can talk about this more when we get back to my apartment.” She checked her wallet and found some spare dollars. “Would you like to go out somewhere to eat for a little while? I found a place out on Main Street that has excellent steaks.” “Yes, I’m starving.” She sets up the GPS to the restaurant as she pulls out of the property. The entrance to the mansion is damaged by the impact of the compressed air grenade she had thrown. Hopefully, the owner will get that fixed soon… They arrived back to the apartment around dusk when Halcyon noticed something dubious; the door to Room 57 was slightly open. “Oh my god did someone just break into my house?!” She started to think that she may not have locked her door, but then she realized something; her ex-boyfriend had the other key. Well, this is going to be awkward… She and Trevante both opened the door to find someone going through the bedroom. Trevante starts darting towards the bedroom. “Trevante, I can handle this… Let me do it.” Halcyon grabs the gun out of the TV cabinet and goes into the bedroom to confront this person. “Turn around, sir, and put your hands out where I can see them.” He follows her order, and she lowers her gun in shock. “Benjamin?!” “I can explain—” “Yes, please explain why you’re in my house—” “I just needed to grab a few things—” “Like what?” “Some of my clothes.” She put her hands on her forehead. “Okay, but you could’ve at least let me know—” “I did—” “When?” “A week ago…” She checks her phone and doesn’t see any texts or calls from him within the past week. “You’re a fucking liar.” “I ain’t lying I swear—” “You aren’t lying yet you lied to me about not sleeping with any other women—” “That was a mistake and I’m sorry.” Frustrated, Halcyon sits on the bed as Trevante enters. “A real man doesn’t practice infidelity with his girl, man…” “But a real man doesn’t tell other men what do and what not to do—” As the two men go at it, Halcyon starts taking off her clothes to reveal black and nude lingerie. She then gets up to stop them. “How about we both agree on one thing?” She puts her hand on Trevante’s chest and kisses Benjamin on the cheek, which turns them on almost instantly. She layed back down on the bed and signals them to come on over. Once they do, she pulls on Benjamin’s chain, sending him on top of her. “Are you ready for this, you bad boy?” “Anytime, babydoll…” Trevante proceeds to take off his dress shirt as Benjamin and Halcyon make out. She bites her lip as she takes his wife-beater off, and throws it at Trevante’s direction. Benjamin begins to take off his jeans when Trevante finishes undressing. Halcyon rolls over and kisses him as she feels on his shoulders. She now pulls on his gold chains and gives him a hickey on the neck. “Allow me to take all of your stress away…” She rubs her fingers down his body and starts to eat his sausage, then she feels a slap on her ass. “Oh, my… god…” Benjamin is going full force on her, while Halcyon eats Trevante out. She lets out a faint moan as Benjamin gets weaker. But then, there is a slight pause. What could he be waiting for? Trevante looks over and sees Benjamin pick up something from the floor, and he raises it at her. “Hal, WATCH OUT—” Trevante finds an empty vodka bottle and hurls it at Benjamin’s head, knocking him out. The object in his hand is thrown out of his hand, landing near the door. Halcyon, confused, looks over in that direction while Trevante picks it up. “What is that, babe?” “It looks like… a pocket knife.” “He always brings his little knife wherever he goes—” “Yeah, but why would he bring it out during a ménage à trois…” “I—” She sits and thinks about it. “That could explain why he’s even here in the first place: he may be trying to kill me…” “Why would he try to kill you?” She shrugs. “Maybe jealousy… Or it may be part of a bigger plot…” She wipes her hair from her face. “We should put some clothes on and have him detained…” She looks back at him. “I never realized how big your dick is, wow.” He smirked and chuckled a bit. “Well… I’m flattered.” She fixes her lingerie. “You really are a treasure…” Characters featured on this episode: @Halcyon as Halcyon Banks Trevante Rhodes @Hannah. as Hannah Suarez @Maraj as Maraj Kaplan @Diamond as Diamond Barrett Trevor Jackson (special guest) @Sylk as Sylk Bird @Dr. Slay as Slay Le @Aidan. as Eithne Burke @Hylia as Hylia Salinas (mentioned) @TattooedHeart as Lily Spence @Taylor as Taylor Carillo @Daenerys as Cody Knox @blankdreams. as Alvin Conley (special guest; mentioned) Don Benjamin (special guest) That was interesting wasn't it? Is Benjamin a part of the N.U.D.E.S. girls' big plan or is he just seeking revenge from an earlier conflict? Stay tuned!
  9. I need to go set up episode 3 for publishing anyways so @Aidan. that was fun!
  10. Lemme go kill Aidan's character off of my series real quick