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  1. This was long overdue but I'm glad SITWYM now has a proper music video, even if it's just a commercial to promote her shoe collection.
  2. Achievement

    Oh wow
  3. I'll work on it when I get back
  4. Rumor

    So if that is actually confirmed, I think it's still possible for it to drop sometime this week if it doesn't today.
  5. Really interesting and very cool.
  6. Event

    Why am I not surprised?
  7. Finally we have something
  8. Yeah I can do that tomorrow morning since it's getting late And no problem! I know it's possible to mash gifs on ezGIF but I don't know how they'll turn out
  9. I found a torrent of the performance in HD but used your link as a reference How is this?
  10. I can try
  11. I was lowkey wondering where the "there's some people called haters and we give them positivity" phrase came from
  12. Music Box is last and not Memoirs? Daydream is higher than Butterfly? Sweetie i-
  13. Discussion

    Not much has really changed, but Perfect Illusion grew on me a lot recently
  14. I honestly love it.