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  1. Halcyon


    Chromatica I / Alice Rain on Me Chromatica II / 911 Sour Candy Replay Chromatica III / Sine from Above
  2. Halcyon


    Stupid Love Fun Tonight Love Me Right They aren't terrible, but they aren't great either.
  3. Halcyon


    Sine from Above Rain on Me / Babylon Chromatica II / 911 Honorable Mentions: Replay, Sour Candy, 1000 Doves
  4. Halcyon


    Keep streaming!
  5. The way this would serve.
  6. Halcyon


    Rain On Me Telephone Do What U Want
  7. And I'll scream for whatever it's worth I LOVE YOU AIN'T THAT THE WORST THING YOU EVER HEARD?
  8. Don't Blame Me...
  9. Isn't it, isn't it, isn't it... isn't it, delicate?
  10. Style is by-definition pop perfection. A classic.
  11. Red is a masterpiece (minus S*** S*** S***). Deserved AOTY.
  12. Wind in my hair, I was there, I remember it... all too well.