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  1. This tbh, I got a bit emotional considering it's now been exactly a month since I lost somebody close
  2. Even though I've been gone for a minute It's wrong I admit it Your love's so addictive that I get so O.O.C Out of control baby
  3. I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time is a lowkey bop don't @ me
  4. @Sylk being the lone Memoirs stan
  5. But just remember she went from Memoirs to MIAMTEC, she did THAT!
  6. @Sylk is triggered!
  7. And I keep on telling myself That you'll come back around And I try to front like "Oh, well" Each time you let me down See I can't get over you now, no matter what I do But baby, baby, I stay in love with you
  8. I am going to treat you like a teddy bear You won't want to go nowhere In the lap of luxury Laying intertwined with me You won't want for nothing, boy I will give you plenty
  9. Touch my body, put me on the floor Wrestle me around, play with me some more Touch my body, throw me on the bed I just want to make you feel like you never did