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  1. I feel like it should be longer and I wish they would've at least kept the bridge, but it's a grower.
  2. Oh my fucking god. If these were BLM protesters, they would've been shot down before they even went inside. These people are literally fucking insane, there is absolutely no justifying this.
  3. That name is a choice, but excited that it's finally coming.
  4. The Box Toosie Slide The Scotts Rockstar Trollz Franchise Mood
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    motive nasty pov honorable mentions: off the table, safety net, positions
  6. He knows he's gonna lose the election so he's deflecting the blame onto anyone and anything but himself. What a fucking joke.
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    My favorite single cover of hers along with NTLTC! She's gonna serve, I know it.
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    I actually really love this! Ideal for vinyl as well!
  9. Sex themed? Dangerous Woman 2.0 is coming!
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    I classify myself as an agnostic theist. I don't believe in God in the traditional sense, but I do believe there is a higher spiritual power.
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    Congrats to them! Well deserved.
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    I thought this was real too for a second i- Great job, and a good message.