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  1. Happy New Year! cheer1

    1. jacs vs looser

      You too, babe! hug2

  2. Merry Christmas everyone! hug2

  3. I'm now officially 20 years old. sass5

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    2. Russian Roulette

      Happy Birthday 


    3. Jae

      I'm gonna be 20 later this month too shock1 

      happy birthday! 

    4. Dancing Queen

      HB GURLbey1

      now you can fuck without parentsjj2

  4. Going to the Lady Gaga concert tonight in Tampa! I'm so fucking excited ahhh cry8

    1. Slasher

      Have so much fun! It's truly a magical time. cry9 

    2. SWINΞ

      Omg have a blast!!! Are you in the GA pit or do you have seats?

    3. Halcyon

      @Monster Thank you! cry9

      @SWINΞ Thank you too! I just have seats since I couldn't afford the general admission tickets ddd rip4 but it has a nice view so I'm happy! cry1

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! cloud1

  6. Yikes.

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    2. Chris Morlock

      are ya ok sis? 

      already rip 3

    3. Count Olaf

      52 minutes ago, Chris Morlock said:

      are ya ok sis? 

      already rip 3

      better then before

      53 minutes ago, *Starlight* said:

      So your back?


    4. Bright Moon

      What do you mean?

  7. tumblr_nm9t2kRj1I1qhzi2jo1_r4_400.gif


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    2. Aidan.

      Literally me. I'm going to a concert tomorrow and must prepare myself both mentally and physically

    3. TattooedHeart

      Omg I love grace what is this from 

    4. Juinae

      It's from her TV show that she had for a short while on E! I believe.

      I remember being a fan of her back then and tuning in even though it wasn't very good.

  8. That Taylor reign just won't let up


  9. Gaga: "Hello, welcome to Starbucks! What can I get you?"

    Me: "Yeah hi, I'd like The Cure music video please."

    Gaga: "Listen up, you little bitch..."


  10. That was a beautiful and breathtaking concert. Seeing Ariana get up there and sing, after what had happened, makes me very emotional yet honored to be an Arianator. It's honestly the most beautiful thing ever, to see us come together in harmony and celebrate the angels that were taken from us way too soon. And seeing that we raised over $9 million from this concert alone, makes me so happy and so so proud. Love truly wins. ❤️

  11. We're gonna be alright. ❤️

  12. A true fighter. You're now at peace, Sonja. 💔


    1. jacs vs looser

      OMG, she passed away already? that's so sad. :( 

    2. rosekesha

      NOooooooooo I really hope she is alive 

    3. rosekesha

      I'm tearing up biology can be the cruelest thing in the world 

  13. *My All starts playing*



    1. Hylia

      I only stan talent sorrih!

  14. When last.fm makes everything a Zayn song


  15. #Halcyon4BestSets #Halcyon4MostUnderratedMember


  16. tumblr_ooj0y9QzEL1qff2ilo2_540.gif


    1. jacs vs looser

      That whole piano segment was beautiful oprah4


    1. Aidan.

      lg6 coming already? jay1

  18. @Taylor: "Can you make me an avi?"



  19. xfq96o.png

    1. H.O.N.E.Y

      Yass Contess LuAnn slays. cry6

    2. The Velvet Rope

      Me listening to this track