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    I got 95/100.
  2. Halcyon


    I got 80%.
  3. Halcyon


    I got 12/15.
  4. Halcyon

    I got 24/39. That was a lot harder than I initially thought.
  5. Halcyon


    Don't think I've ever posted it here, but here is my trinity: Love Again Levitating / Hallucinate Boys Will Be Boys There is not one bad song, even Good In Bed grew on me after a few listens. Album of the year!
  6. Halcyon


    The 2nd one would fit great.
  7. Halcyon


    I'm sorry for going offline. I literally had the whole day planned yet I was dragged out at the last minute. Imagine how tired I am. But it's nice to see that talent eventually won in the end, even with that petty ass 0. Thanks for hosting @Divine, and stan NTLTC for clear skin!
  8. Halcyon


    Knew Better deserves better.
  9. Halcyon


    Now Everytime isn't up there either??? Y'all's taste is questionable.
  10. Halcyon


    R.E.M and Bloodline not being in the top 10? This is a crime.
  11. Halcyon


    Oh I'll be here this time, yes! Well...
  12. The Dangerous Woman and Sweetener vinyls look gorgeous!
  13. He looks so much better. The fact that the studio listened to the fans and took the necessary time to fix the design is truly remarkable, it's not easy to do all of that. I felt quite nostalgic watching this considering Sonic was my childhood, so I'm definitely gonna watch the movie when it premieres.
  14. I'm not even surprised at this point. Saying that you don't care if your underage son fucks a village but suddenly giving a shit if your adult daughter breaks her hymen because it's "God's honest truth," doesn't make you a good parent; it makes you an uneducated, misogynistic piece of shit who shouldn't be having children.
  15. I really hope she does take a break. It's what's best for her mental health.