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  1. Even though I personally don't like the song, he deserves this. Congrats to him.
  2. Halcyon


    So, basically a rerelease of BIYA with the addition of KTL (the song)? I would love to have the Japanese versions of the other KTL tracks as well but I'll take it.
  3. Halcyon


    Happy for him.
  4. This was the song that made me officially stan her. Can't believe it's been 5 years already.
  5. Halcyon

    Celeb News

    A nightmare, literally a nightmare.
  6. She really should reschedule or cancel the remainder of the tour if it's stressing her out this bad. Her mental health should come first.
  7. This is coming from the same person who favors Borderline over Touch It, so no.
  8. Halcyon


    Happy belated birthday legend @Daenerys! Wishing you so much love and positivity, it's what you deserve.
  9. This song truly aged like the finest of wines. She did what she had to do, and she delivered.
  10. I can see myself buying the black vintage shirt on the left and the GIAW one, but the rest are... questionable.
  11. Halcyon


    Talent always prevails!
  12. Halcyon


    Wouldn't mind either way because I gave them both big scores.
  13. Halcyon


    Bloodline coming to snatch, we been knew!
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    Should've been #5 instead of Bad Idea.
  15. Halcyon


    Bad Idea? #5??? The bridge alone is #1 worthy i-
  16. Halcyon


    NASA at #6? What kind of bullshit sksks
  17. Halcyon


    Honestly TUN aged like milk. The trash has finally been taken out!