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  1. predicting the sky is blue isn’t difficult!
  2. I think we’re best to assume the game is never coming back
  3. glad we’ve come to a consensus then! @Hectorhost also sis we hosted for a while 3 days and did absolutely nothing productive what is this “fully committed” mess
  4. And to be completely honest, the few times the whole “lets vastly change the game to eliminate sales or reset the history of the game” idea has popped up, it’s always been from players who aren’t the most successful. and honestly this whole shtick of “I’m a flop lol!!! So let’s rework the game in our favor” thing is kinda ew Jesus, gross™️... like if you’re gonna be complaining about being a flop, do something about it? that’s my two cents.
  5. you should host
  6. When you retcon something you basically erase the previous history of whatever it is (could be movie, comic, game, or in this case the history of CAL) and ignore it and start brand new, which is what you were proposing unless I’m mistaken? In which case ignore everything I’ve just said lol
  7. Whats the point of CAL without the sales? Then it’s literally just ppl making albums for fun lol the entire purpose of CAL is not only to create quality material but for it to be an actual game as well. This isn’t Pop Industry y’all. I’ll have to gracefully abstain from this idea edit: also this retcon idea of the CAL World that’s been building for the last 4 years is gross and should never happen.
  8. I would count on the game being over for good now
  9. kool
  10. On day two (Monday), I’m guessing!
  11. https://www.rabb.it/dylanxo
  12. nah it’s all good! Like I said, it’s on me since I never told y’all but the order doesn’t really matter anyways (lord knows my set won’t be done until 11:59 PM on sunday anyways )
  13. The order was supposed to have been this but I guess that wasn’t really clear in my tweet- i think it’s all good but Lorde will be closing the day.
  14. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/gun-control-laws-safer-united-states-streets-classrooms It would mean the world to me if u guys took 5 seconds out of your day and signed this petition!! It’s so important and change needs to be made. have a great day/night/whenever you’re reading this ♥️