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  1. Bleachella

    u know there’s overalls on kworb right
  2. Bleachella

  3. Bleachella

    why are you still here? u claim to have better and more important things to do yet stay here, pressed and bothered.... jealously is a disease. I know ur not talented but not everyone is :/
  4. Bleachella

    normally I wouldn’t say shit because I don’t really care but this just rubbed me the wrong way this defeatist attitude of yours is really really getting tiring. like at this point I’m really beginning to wonder if you take any pride in what you do?? you claim to want to improve but honey you’re gonna stay right where you are if every time you release something/post something you make some self deprecating comment about how you can’t wait for the horrible review/nobody laughs/etc., and then ending it with “but I’m PROUD! ♥️♥️ love & peace” like do you expect anybody to quote you with pity and praise?? Are you just fishing for compliments and approval? because looking at your metacritic score obviously your plan isn’t working. I genuinely DONT understand the intention behind posts like these. Are you expecting pity?? like are you a masochist do you just enjoy getting dragged I- and don’t bother with the apology or the “omg it was never my intention!” post after this. dont say something DO something because the whole “pity me, look how bad I am/can’t wait for the horrible reviews ” shtick you’ve been perpetrating for the last year and a half is really getting old
  5. Bleachella

    ATTENTION ALL PLAYERS! As you may or may not know, CALTube has been taken down due to Ron leaving. And unfortunately, Mary & I were not able to gather all of the videos that were uploaded on the site and save their views and likes & dislikes. Obviously remembering all of these numbers by memory is impossible, so we're asking you for help! By the end of the week, please tag Mary & I in a post with a list of all of the videos uploaded on your respective CALTube account(s), including thumbnails and a rough estimate of the views. Please do not overexaggerate the views, because the likelihood is (especially for recent videos and the top 10 videos of all time) that I remember around what the views were. This is similar to what we did a few months ago, so please use your previous posts of this manner as a reference for what we're asking! Please try and have this by the end of the week, or as soon as possible obsessed @Harry Styles @Joel @Hector @Edu @Love So Soft @Beauty Queen @ryjapo @Robert. @RebelHeart15 @Jon. @Flippy @Harry_CAL @Eglė @tigerlily13 @Lucky17 @Royalty @Oriane @Cosmic @marsblyr @Kuba @Maria @Bleachella @8Bit Heart @Michael. @Party Monster@Surrealism @Alesus @Fanta Thailand
  6. Bleachella

    That literally made no sense, it fits your lyrics! begone, vile creature.
  7. Bleachella

    Your promo team status means nothing here. CAL is rid of a putrid toxin, may it flourish forever!
  8. Bleachella

    hi ladies!!! both la la land and three billboards outside ebbing, missouri were robbed for Best Picture and that’s just tea! Have a great night
  9. Bleachella

  10. Bleachella

    down for it finally playing on my local radio? It’s more likely than you think my wig is queefing congrats baby!!!! ♥️♥️
  11. Bleachella

    Y’all are all wrong, La La Land OUTSOLD, OUTACCLAIMED, and OUTOSCARED.
  12. Bleachella

    hello la la land is the best movie musical ever made. dont even @ me
  13. Bleachella

  14. Bleachella

    the week wasn’t open yet??? 50 negative updates for everyone who posted an article!
  15. Bleachella

    wow wow