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  1. @Ronlop
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  6. I'll be playing @Ronlop
  8. These off-season messes are the reason I live and breathe. Y'all better shape up or ship out, we ain't going anywhere!
  9. @Ronlop dont do this to the game. you're just hurting it at this point. truthfully? it comes off as if you care more about your websites than you do about the game, us (the players), and whether or not we're motivated or enjoy the game. I don't think we've all ever been on the same page, but we are now. You are KILLING the game with these breaks. Please look past your pride, and continue the game without the websites for the timebeing, and implement them later. EVERYONE has taken a hit to their morale and motivation for the game
  11. the constant breaks are just cutting down player morale and motivation even more. What's the point of long breaks if nobody's gonna be playing when the break is up? the people have spoken! we need to start this Friday
  12. y'all, if this game ain't return by next Friday, bye bye any activity. you're killing the game. who knows how long the websites will take @Ronlop? @ this rate, everyone can do without them. Can't we just continue without them UNTIL they're done?