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    I’m the generous queen (just ask miss ellen)
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    WEEK 9 IS NOW OPEN. Post your earnings! @Chapman @Harry Styles @Hector @Edu @Love So Soft @Beauty Queen @ryjapo @Robert. @RebelHeart15 @Jon. @Harry_CAL @Eglė @tigerlily13 @Lucky17 @Royalty @Cosmic @Kuba @Maria @Bleachella @8Bit Heart @jaxswim @Frontline @Poker @Surrealism @Alesus @BlueBalls @Worldwide Angel @Roller Skates @Michael. @Lukros @Quill @joebiekong
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    WEEK 8 CHARTS https://calhub.wixsite.com/kworb/calx-singles https://calhub.wixsite.com/kworb/calx-albums https://calhub.wixsite.com/kworb/charts SINGLES- - Lana Del Rey maintains hold at #1 with 1.952m SPS - Lorde debuts at #2 with Hereditary (2019) at 1.707m SPS, Lorde's biggest debut since Good Girls. - Kelly Clarkson debuts at #6 with Better Days at 1.472m SPS (a career record) - Preacher marks biggest sales week for a male single at #4 with 1.670m SPS. - Soap on Skin and Red Room rebound at #11 and #14 respectively, with 1.069m and 825k sold. - Dying Light rises to #12 with 1.060m SPS after electrifying GRAMMY Medley. ALBUMS- - Lana Del Rey sells 1.849m SPS, holding at #1 by a hair. - Album of the Year winner Christina Aguilera re-enters at #2 with Desperately Seeking Christina selling 1.722m, a career best for Christina. - M&Ms rebounds at #5 with 1.079m SPS, the highest sales week since debut, and Lorde's highest sales week in over a year. - Mariposa Negra achieves highest sales week so far, with 930k at #7.
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    that’s not what you said you piece of shit. you very CLEARLY fucking said “nobody cares enough to respond”. meaning nobody (read: the hosts) cares enough about you to respond to your Corp pms. that’s not at all what you fucking meant or you would have worded it like you just FUCKING did which are two different fucking messages. lets not fucking move on. I’m sick of fucking busting my ass to come in the thread and be met with this shit and passive aggressive messages about “when’s my Corp going to reply? i feel like I can’t do anything.... 😬”. I’m sick and fucking tired of it- if you don’t like my fucking season, QUIT. Some already have. Just hope that Ron will come back and host for y’all one day. I’ll continue running things the way I have which, aside from everybody collectively deciding not to play which is 100% out of my control, I’ve ran a pretty fucking consistent and great season so far. Shape up or ship out.
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    Listen you little piece of twat. dont you ever dare fucking insinuate that I don’t care - I have busted my ass for a month now picking up the fucking pieces of this game for your sorry ungrateful asses, organized the fucking Grammys, and delivered kick ass updates, media articles, and a new fucking game mechanic for the Grammys. Nobodys fucking received any Corp pms in ages because as helpful as Mary is I’m pretty much doing this all by my fucking self. you can barely even release a fucking mediocre ass single without hector orchestrating the whole fucking thing for you. to insinuate that I haven’t been responding because I don’t care is fucking repulsive. you don’t know how much I’ve been busting my ass to get this game back on its feet, only to be met with nobody fucking playing and guess what? I’m still fucking hosting. But I’m sure as hell not going to put up with little shithead teenagers like you running your mouth when you don’t even know shit. fuck off. the corps will fucking respond when they’ll respond. if you want to take the fuck over go the fuck ahead, I’d like to see you try.
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    your plane didn’t crash? :/
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    THE NEW RULING CLASS For about two years, the most powerful artists in the world have remained a constant. Mariah Carey, Lana Del Rey, and Lorde. However, fresh faces have threatened to take Lorde's spot, most notably, for about a year now (during 2018, a year where she remained mostly quiet). From Maxence (Rest in Piss) to Ariana Grande, to Beyonce, to Brendon Urie. None were successful, and none have been. However, it seems it's Maluma who finally reigned supreme amongst all his contemporaries and managed to nab a spot in the highly elusive "Olympus". However, it's not Lorde's spot he's taking, nor Lana's. It's Mariah's. So why the change? Well, in the music industry, a game of ups and downs, expect the unexpected. Maluma has been on the cusp of breaking through to Olympus for basically his entire career. His explosive debut album Maniac is the best selling debut era of all time, selling over 50 million records. This also makes it one of the best selling eras of all time period, a feat unmatched by any other male artist. But fate has never been in his favour, first with Mariah getting the Super Bowl and becoming essentially untouchable, later with Lorde revitalizing her career with M&Ms, and then with Lana releasing her smash hit Running From Love. Olympus seemed too far out of his reach for him to ever feasibly reach it, bar any unforeseen circumstances. Well, unforeseen circumstances happened. At the very end of 2018, Mariah Carey released a magazine article with Jessie J for V Magazine. While in theory, a good idea, exposing Mariah's sexual side to a brand new audience in anticipation for her double album Faraway Love/Fatal Touch. However, the magazine was a colossal failure. Mariah suffered tremendous backlash following an article published by The New York Times exposing the magazine's problematic nature went viral, leading to widespread radio blacklists of her music, her smash hit Treasure and album pre-order for Faraway Love/Fatal Touch freefalling on iTunes, and even costing her a performance at the 2019 GRAMMY Awards, which she pulled out of performing from following the performance. Things weren't looking good for the star- and following tone-deaf tweets by both her and Jessie J, it only worsened the situation. While many expected Carey's PR Team to be working in overdrive, for the last month we've had radio silence from the star, bar the tweets defending the article. This, according to many media and PR analysts, was for the better, as the hitmaker was being vilified in the media. Jessie J, real name Jessica Cornish, however, seemed to greatly benefit from the whole fiasco, her song Catch Me shooting up to #20 the week of the backlash. Cornish and Carey seem to still be the best of friends, at least according to Cornish, which troubled many fans who wished Carey to completely distance herself from Cornish. But fans and the media still held hope that Carey would retain her position in the elusive "Olympus", the elitist of the elite in the music industry. And, despite it all, it looked like she might. However, what the media didn't factor in was Carey's major absence at the GRAMMY Awards and Maluma's major wins. So how does Maluma play into all of this? The week before the scandal occurred, Maluma had just claimed his fourth #1 off his hit album Maniac, blocking Carey from a fourth week at #1. And the week after, Maluma stayed strong at #2, while also claiming the highest 24-hour figure for a male music video in history with his song Criminal. And even during Lana Del Rey's domination of the charts during her release week, Criminal still had a considerable hold at #11. The following week, he catapulted back to #7, whilst Carey's Treasure stopped charting - an unprecedented feat for a single with such a high debut. This brings us to January 11th- the night of the 2019 GRAMMY Awards. A night where Maluma performed his hit single to thunderous applause, and one where Carey was absent from - both in person and in the wins. Maluma took home the prestigious Best New Artist award, making him the second Republic Records artist and third male artist to do so, while also taking home the highest honour for an album campaign at the GRAMMYs, Best Album Campaign. His single Criminal and album Maniac is expected to receive huge boosts on the charts, with several magazines and publications toting him as one of the big winners of the night (one of only 4 artists to take home more than one trophy that night). So where does this leave us? Well, Carey's absence both on the charts and on socials will have repercussions that will be felt throughout the rest of her album campaign and her reputation as an artist, but not unfixable ones. The singer is expected to make a commercial return soon enough, although plans for a second single have been put on pause for now. Other artists are also eyeing the top spot in the music industry, namely Brendon Urie, Christina Aguilera (following her Album of the Year upset win, which was itself the catalyst for Lorde's own rise to Olympus), and Frank Ocean. Given Maluma's ascension into the upper echelon of not only the most successful male artist in recent history but also the only male artist to receive GRAMMY recognition for his album campaign, and Carey's both physical and award absence from music's most important night, it seems the latino singer will, and some argue already has, become the first male artist in history to claim his rightful spot in Olympus.
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    I’m still here hoes
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    THE SNUBS, THE SURPRISES, AND THE PERFORMANCES Well, the GRAMMYs are over. But, if you missed the show and want a rundown of all that went on during the two-hour long telecast, you've come to the right place. We're going to be running down the winners of the night, the biggest snubs, surprises, and the legendary performances we witnessed that night. THE RIGHTFUL WINNERS While there was a fair share of snubs and surprises throughout the night, a lot of the winners at the 2019 GRAMMYs got their due recognition for their hard work throughout the year. For starters, Britney Spears winning her first GRAMMY Award for Best Music Video for Flowin'. While met with boos and gunshots, the star's win that night solidified Flowin's impact on today's cultural sphere. Maluma's win for Best Album Campaign for Maniac was another unsurprising win, with Maniac being the best selling male album of all time, and the second best selling debut album of all time, behind NEO (2016's winner of this very same category). Lorde's win for Song of the Year for her ballad Hereditary was another win we were happy to see, with the song being one of the best written of the year, and holding such a special place in so many people's hearts. Another such deserving winner was Lana Del Rey for Best Pop Solo Performance with Rosa. This was Lana's first one of the night, and a fitting one, given Rosa's ubiquitousness throughout the beginning of 2018 and the song's undeniably quality content. THE SNUBS Aside from the deserving winners however, this years GRAMMY Awards were full of some shocking snubs. Most notably, Mariah Carey, 6x GRAMMY Winner who was nominated for 7 awards (including Record of the Year, Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, and her first nomination in Song of the Year), left the night empty handed. This marks Mariah's first CAL Grammys without a single award, and one can't help but wonder if her recent controversy with Jessie J turned some GRAMMY voters away. Another surprising snub was Rihanna, who scored 3 nominations with her widely acclaimed EP Mariposa Negra, who like Carey, walked away from the awards show empty handed. Florence Welch, pegged to win Best Alternate Album, also lost all 7 of her nominations with her comeback record The Garden. Maluma, Brendon Urie, and Frank Ocean all collectively only got 4 awards (Maluma winning BNA and BAC, Urie winning BPD/GP, and Ocean winning BPVA), despite being the 3 most nominated artists of the night. However, probably three of the most surprising snubs of the night were Antisocialites getting shut out in Album of the Year, Misconceptions losing Best R&B Album, and Fuego losing Record of the Year. All 3 of these nominees were the media favourite to win their category- yet ended up losing out to Christina Aguilera (AOTY and BR&BA) and Lana Del Rey (ROTY). Which brings us to... THE SURPRISES Probably the biggest surprise of the night was Christina Aguilera's upset win in Album of the Year. While many industry experts were pegging either Antisocialites or Misconceptions to take the win this year, Desperately Seeking Christina blindsided most viewers by taking home the night's top honor. Another huge award that was a surprise to most was Lana Del Rey winning Record of the Year for her single Running From Love. Most were expecting Fuego (Maluma, Belinda, & J. Balvin) to take home the award, but Del Rey pulled an upset win, claiming the honor for the second year in a row. More surprises include Lorde taking home all 4 awards she was nominated for in a relatively quiet year, Red Room beating out the likes of Brendon Urie, Ariana Grande, and Frank Ocean for Best R&B Song, and while not undeserved, Maluma taking home Best New Artist, in which Maluma and Frank Ocean were neck and neck the entire race. THE PERFORMANCES Aside from any wins however, we were blessed throughout the night with stunning performances. Undoubtedly the best of the night were Kelly Clarkson's performance of her new single Better Days, and Brendon Urie's performance of Preacher, with special guests Ariana Grande and Madonna. Both Clarkson and Urie showcased tremendous stage presence and used their budget to the max, creating elaborate performances that were truly the highlights of the night. Other highlights were Lana Del Rey's performance of her smash single Forget Me, which introduced the show with an icy bang, and Kylie Jenner's eclectic performance of her latest song, Nostalgia. Lorde's performance was undeniably the most emotional of the night, as she gave a chilling new rendition of her Song of the Year winner Hereditary. Other performances by Maluma, Britney Spears, and Rihanna were spectacular. However, the one performance, that while not bad by any means, simply didn't live up to the production value and energy the other performers brought to the stage. However, there really wasn't a single bad performance throughout the night. And that was the 2019 GRAMMY Awards! Let us know your favorite performances of the night and who you thought was snubbed in the comments below.
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    jfndjdkfkcmw I love u sm u don’t know how much this means coming from you!!
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    RIHANNA PERFORMS STUNNING MARIPOSA NEGRA MEDLEY AT THE 2019 GRAMMYS Intro/Palm Beach Inhale Dying Light No Prisoner Posting for @Alesus
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    @Ronlop don’t be butthurt come back!!
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