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  1. Bleachella

    This was a tough decision to make. Two girls who I both love dearly are up for elimination, and the weight falls upon me (and 6 others but mostly me) to decide their fate... Ultimately, I must go with what my heart feels is right. I love this queen with all my heart and she will always be a star, no matter the outcome of tonight and what the other girls decide. The girl I am choosing to send home is....
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  3. Bleachella

    happy fucking birthday to me
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  6. Bleachella

    That’s nice but the thing is if this is gonna drag on for the whole week I don’t want the Oprah interview to be delayed to like, Wednesday, because I had planned to debut the trailer alongside it. Is there any chance I could post it myself?
  7. Bleachella

    When is the Oprah interview coming?
  8. Bleachella

    @Ronlop you’ve been summoned
  9. Bleachella

    Lorde Earnings singles - $3,820 total - $3,820 – touring - $44,756,250 @Ronlop
  10. Bleachella

    hey babes, did you upload the video on caltube yourself? ron doesn’t do that for us. also, if I remember correctly, the video was only a few sentences short with two gifs. articles need to be at least 400 words long to be counted! Hope this clears some stuff up
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    @Ronlop is the week open or not?
  13. Bleachella

    @Ronlop Here are all the changes/surprise songs/special guests. I can go more into detail if u would like, just lmk
  14. Bleachella

    HQ Version for those that aren't ants:
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