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  1. my losing streak I fear... any who run the world (girls)
  2. that is so dark sided... I care I will avenge you also pretty hurts
  3. I Care omg wtf??!? are we hearing the same two songs y'all
  4. hold up im so sorry I was here..
  5. idk if anyone here has seen the instagram post theory but if 1989 does end up coming in June, there were 2 months between Love Story (TV) and Fearless (TV), so I could see her repeating the same schedule, but may doesn't seem out of the question entirely, either way this bitch is insane and I love it... since I'm also insane I've mapped out potential release dates for each re-recording album drop (if the insta post theory turns out to be true) if anyone cares to take a look and either laugh when they're all wrong or Venmo me $5 when they're all right
  6. part of me kind of wishes she'd done the extended high note she did at the ACM awards in 2010 but I get that she wanted to do a near perfect replica of the songs and honestly im not complaining! queen served vocal maturity and growth
  7. self titled: Mary's Song Fearless: Untouchable Speak Now: OURS!!! Red: Sad Beautiful Tragic 1989: I Know Places Reputation: So It Goes Lover: It's Nice To Have a Friend (top 3 Taylor songs btw) folklore: epiphany/hoax evermore: right where you left me/ivy
  8. it's literally perfect, from the vocal maturity to the mixing to the production... the little new touches and flairs... my only complaint is the gasp from the YBWM bridge is missing but I guess that just means she managed to get all the way through without gasping this time! queen of breath support
  9. pretty much the same since the album dropped, seaux: 1. alice 2. babylon 3. replay 4. sine from above 5. enigma
  10. AHHH IM SO EXCITED im rooting for Cracker and Eureka, I honestly can’t wait to see them in action!
  11. Omg f just figured out how to do statuf updates! happy ne w Years everyone!!! ♥️♥️ A 2018 resolutionis to be more activr outside of cal!

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      king of statuf updates

  12. I hate ha met gala dress What were her and Vogue thinking
  13. NEW LINK! https://www.periscope.tv/w/afALKTF4ZUVXeHlCZGJWUVB8MWt2S3BMbmVacGJLRWihDv9qKScQ3V7OaBjEpIZ7xDnPq8PIBxft0W6tIaDl
  14. her new hair is my EVERYTHING