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  1. Thicclor is my religion 

    1. Hylia

      Thiccly is my religion

    2. Taylor

      All 3 of you thicc legends


  2. TattooedHeart


    My avi is the best one yes
  3. TattooedHeart


    "looking like a goddess" how is this different from usual??
  4. BPD so his feelings for her are enhanced and cloud his judgement, but yes let’s not make fun of him!!! I too would be this excited to be dating one of the biggest pop stars rn not to mention she’s literally perfect 🤷🏻‍♀️
  5. Tattooed Heart while already a masterpiece is enhanced live 💘
  6. TattooedHeart


    I’m yelling at “my inevitable big mess” what skeletons you got there troye 👀
  7. I'm watching Game Night and yes come sit with me and watch movies! Where are you going, I'll come meet you there
  8. you guys are doing too much, he's got like 1000 tattoos he'll be fine, let him be obsessed with his gf