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  1. TattooedHeart


    5 I'll never listen again but it's cute!
  2. TattooedHeart


    Pete Davidson is really soty huh
  3. TattooedHeart


    I dreamt you into my life look at my mind
  4. TattooedHeart


    Apple Music is failing me :((
  5. TattooedHeart

    DisneyRejects is my fave username of them but I believe your Joel era will be iconic
  6. Poor Migos, Quavo is already releasing solo music rip4 

  7. TattooedHeart


    Can’t wait for Taylor swift to EGOT
  8. TattooedHeart

    5sos outsold
  9. TattooedHeart

    Me and Derin were married before I got there Adorable? I guess he was just born like that!! we did thank u
  10. me: I'm gonna try and use tumblr again!

    *accidentally deletes my blog*

    me: laughcry1 

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    2. Nobody

      I've been using my Tumblr blog since 2011 and I never figured out how to delete it lol but I still love it

    3. TattooedHeart

      @venus It was a really stupid mistake, I assumed by the urls that one was my old one and the other was the new one without doing enough investigating and then I deleted the old one which was the one I wanted to keep cause it had videos and was following more people laughcry1 

  11. TattooedHeart

    Hot Stan @Aidan.‘s dog!
  12. TattooedHeart

    Oomfs is a furry