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  1. Album

    omg teas of me watching too many live videos of Me & My Girls and Better Together when we only had like 6 songs. I knew ALL the choreo to both
  2. Album

    omg I've seen the He Like That video so many times now
  3. Album

    lonely night is still my fave tbh
  4. Discussion

    they're like a 7/10
  5. Discussion

    omg I was so confused reading "11/10 album" I was like "not with THOSE songs" I need to learn how to read
  6. Album

    me too! when i first listened to it I thought it was ok and not really anything to write home about but by the third listen or so, I REALLY liked it
  7. who wants to volunteer to bring me food?

    1. SWINΞ

      NY is about 15 hours away, think you can hang tight till I make it?

    2. TattooedHeart

      I'm 3 hours east of the city, I feel like I could do 16, but 18 is intense 

    3. SWINΞ

      Yeah sorry 15 was a hard limit for me ohno1 lol

  8. is the concept "the artist listed is not singing the songs"?
  9. Album

    tbh I think it's got the best sound and it's the most consistent! I like it a lot more than I expected to
  10. I wanna post the Saigendy but I don't want to post your photo in the public section so pretend it's here

    1. Saiga

      omg what's the Saigendy? PM me because I don't remember wub

  11. getting a facebook message: cry7 

    finding out it's not @Simón. because he's asleep: bLNExjl.gif

  12. show up in my honor if I can't make it
  13. I wanna shower but I'm in a motel. Will I get murdered if I shower? Pls answer, I'm dirty :( 

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Jae

      I'm never joking when it comes to safety cheryl1 

    3. TattooedHeart

      it was a cabinet so there was no test to do 

    4. Taylor

      Just blast LWYMMD while you're showering and no one will fw you