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  1. I’m sorry that I’m coming in here to say this but I literally read harry styles
  2. Anyway I like this I'm gonna answer this seriously Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande - I mean...I've listened to it a lot, I may be a LITTLE sick of it, but I do keep going back. I just love her, my tiny queen Ariana Red - Taylor Swift - I couldn't live without State of Grace, All Too Well and Holy Ground tbh! 1989 is a real close second choice though, if I could bring both I would Impossible Princess - Kylie Minogue - I'm gonna need one depression album, I'll take this one! Anti - Rihanna - Her best album, yes, snubbed at the grammys, deserved all the awards it wasn't nominated for!!! Daydream - Mariah Carey - I saved this one for last cause it's fucking HARD honestly I need Forever but I'd miss Outside so much wtf I'm taking this too seriously I'm STRESSED
  3. Inside Out is the only good song on the album though
  4. Weeks on the BB200: 01. Barbra Streisand - 1.824 02. Taylor Swift - 1.075 03. Madonna - 1.052 04. Aretha Franklin - 971 05. Mariah Carey - 868
  5. Celeb News

    Finally can’t wait!!!
  6. This isn't for you, this is for US

  7. I always loved this one
  8. Taylor Swift Is A Legend

    I love @Taylor queen of videos queen of being pretty queen of pop queen of country queen of 4chan
  9. I know wig I feel that
  10. I love big Sean aka Leonard
  11. I’m a nice lady I deserve better
  12. My thread got locked before @Simón. even saw it, aka the only reason I made it, I am shocked and upset 

    1. Kuba

      Fotp threads being locked? in this economy?? fall9

    2. Music Meister

      damn that got hostile fast dead2

  13. adult life is difficult I spend a lot of time wishing for a do-over