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  1. Apparently I'm going to pride in Paris tomorrow cheer1

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Aidan.

      An LGBT icon attending pride yes!

    3. Sylk

      queen of gays

    4. Anna-wa

      YESSSS cheer1 HAVE FUN cheer1 

  2. Discussion

    Wtf I want this
  3. Are you in London yet? Did you bum a fag with some chavs by the loo yet, or were a pair of blokes too busy snogging, leaving you to just bugger off? rih1 

    1. TattooedHeart

      Screaming! I'm in scotland, but I'm Paris bound today wub1

  4. Celeb News

    omg she looks in the mirror and the editor draws a heart around her, it's almost like I made the commercial
  5. I'm dying in a vat in the garage @Dr. Slay

  6. Event

    I feel like @Taylor and I would look good as a couple
  7. Event

    Ikr? One of my faves Generous
  8. @Coca-Cola I can't sleep, come rub my tummy 

    1. Coca-Cola

      i'm on my way wub1


  9. Event

    What are your faves?
  10. Event

    I'm on phone, it's slower
  11. I love hurt, I think the buildup is nice and not too extra
  12. I'll have to remember to check these out, I loved your last one