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  1. Glad we all agree sweetener is her best album
  2. I am blaming the holidays on my business we’ll see what the comeback round has in store ig
  3. Very happy 2 people didn’t submit oh wow
  4. I was so proud of them together too! There’s few songs about technology that aren’t cynical and like “kids these days” so I panicked
  5. I struggled really hard to find a third song, and then I had no time im so sorry I failed you
  6. Also very happy with @Infrared's comments to me so far I miss asking for your entries before each results show lol
  7. This’ll be hard but we love a good challenge
  8. The judges comments made me VERY happy yes
  9. Stan the best show ever Over The Garden Wall

  10. Ok! Makes sense, thank you! We’ll see what I pull out this week
  11. @Divine Can I ask for some words? I can’t improve without any criticism