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  1. This is my favorite thread

    1. TattooedHeart

      I still come here out of habit 

  3. TattooedHeart

    Keep it
  4. Hello everyone, I am so bored and I would like a nap. If someone could please come bring me a pillow and and maybe a book light that would be much appreciated. Thank you, TH
  5. Hello friends I am bored

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    2. Urbanov

      let me watch it then xx don't get too bored at work legend

    3. DW

      Same but sleep will save me yas1

    4. SWINΞ

      6 hours ago, TattooedHeart said:

      KING OF MY LIFE I miss you

      What the fuck ari9

  6. TattooedHeart


    What if I just started sobbing uncontrollably RIGHT now
  7. me and @SWINΞ wrote you a book

    Image result for hearts meme twitter

    1. SWINΞ

      Omg I didn’t realize it was finally published!! yas2 

    2. TattooedHeart

      Omg I love you guys so much oprah4 

  8. TattooedHeart


    omg I can't wait!!! I'm doing pretty well! I started work again so I'm more excited to do shit on my computer again. Maybe my Revival.zip is upon us
  9. TattooedHeart


    I’m finding it hard to be as active lately, lack of motivation ig. How are you??
  10. TattooedHeart


    You rang
  11. Ariana clearly has more taste than her fans
  12. TattooedHeart