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  1. Glad we all agree sweetener is her best album
  2. I am blaming the holidays on my business we’ll see what the comeback round has in store ig
  3. Very happy 2 people didn’t submit oh wow
  4. I was so proud of them together too! There’s few songs about technology that aren’t cynical and like “kids these days” so I panicked
  5. I struggled really hard to find a third song, and then I had no time im so sorry I failed you
  6. Also very happy with @Infrared's comments to me so far I miss asking for your entries before each results show lol
  7. This’ll be hard but we love a good challenge
  8. The judges comments made me VERY happy yes
  9. Stan the best show ever Over The Garden Wall

  10. Ok! Makes sense, thank you! We’ll see what I pull out this week
  11. @Divine Can I ask for some words? I can’t improve without any criticism
  12. Once everyone leaves the office and it’s just me I’m gonna write it up and send it! Before 10 I promise
  13. omg sobble oprah4 

    1. Hylia


      Yes my child oprah4 

  14. Thank god it’s midnight eastern time I’ll probably get it in at 9 pm tomorrow. Have my idea ready to go though
  15. Your avi is so stannable

    1. Hylia


      So is yours

  16. Why can’t @SWINΞ stay forever 

    1. SWINΞ


      Why am I leaving cry4

  17. King of nintendo switch friend me
  18. Stream Lauren jaureguis more than that 

    1. Mitski


      look at us supporting the girlies

  19. With you as my muse, anything is possible It’s no longer a haiku