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  1. Discussion

    but lover you're the one to blame all that you're doing
  2. Discussion

    the fact we only have Green Light... like bitch go make a video. we're bored.
  3. Discussion

    This Is How We Do teas, but I do want it set in The Louvre. Not sure if you're allowed to film in there tho.
  4. Discussion

    The Louvre should be a fall single with a gorgeous video
  5. Discussion

    google that line pls
  6. Discussion

    i'll take the fall and the fault in us
  7. Discussion

    this one outsold
  8. Discussion

    imagine thinking a greeting is "random things"
  9. Discussion

    i'm confused too since he has no friends
  10. Discussion

    interesting that you finally replied 3 days later... and yet i'm the one who wasn't here. where were you for 3 days, cunt?
  11. Discussion

    btw we were supposed to keep this section active while Hannah was away and you were nowhere to be found
  12. here

    Me when @Taylor gets banned


  13. Discussion

    @Hannah loving you's a bloodsport btw