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  1. here

    you always knew how to push my buttons


    1. Juinae

      You give me everything and nothing (n n n nudes)


  2. the drag writes itself
  3. omg King Maraj better pull out a win
  4. Going off topic? @Hannah. get those penalty votes ready
  5. None because you're underage, sis
  6. I was just thinking the same thing about your joke being "sarcasm"
  7. Some friends
  8. People have gifted me my VIPs
  9. Sarcasm doesn't translate well on the internet
  10. How concerts usually work is that you pay money for a ticket/seat and then attend the concert on the date. It's easy to understand after someone explains the process tho.
  11. They still bought a ticket so Ari still won, I guess!
  12. Game

    it's a cute 8