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  1. Daenerys


    you're welcome period
  2. Daenerys

    god i have such a headache from this while ride of 50 minutes
  3. Daenerys

  4. Daenerys

    is that emma's arm?
  5. Daenerys

    sis what you doin
  6. Daenerys

    fuck my life
  7. Daenerys

    thank god i didn't make it a thread like originally intended too omg
  8. Daenerys

    omg dragged @Hyun. for like 5 pages and made a Dear FOTPer for him.... sending in another round in PM is gonna be so awkward
  9. Daenerys

    i stan tahjy again very well said
  10. Daenerys

    @Hyun. got his way in the end... he never wanted me to play
  11. Daenerys

    i'm a martyr literally a martyr