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  1. I LOVE YOU DENNIS REYNOLDS and thank you for letting me keep my avi dd


    1. Dennis Reynolds

      Dennis Reynolds

      I know- you know what, forget Han Solo, I LOVE YOU TOO. And you earned the permanent VIP Premium!



  2. i can't spell it for shit thank you google and thank you Bey
  3. Taylor stomps on everyone
  4. #HyunIsOverParty @Hyun.


  5. @Hyun. you stupid bitch <3

    1. Hyun.


      this is why daenerys went mad

    2. Daenerys


      she was too ahead of her time

  6. this album... whew I'm fully a stan. Sour Prom was such a fun concert and it solidified Traitor as her BEST song.
  7. i have to agree with it being Evermore
  8. obsessed with these hard hitting lyrics... they're legit 3 for 3 in terms of collabs
  9. She didn't pick up her yogurt, who does she think she is? I'm the king!
  10. it should be in jail... if it takes up a spot on the AOTY winning album 1989 i'll fume
  11. the "Everything Has Changed" song ruiner made absolutely NO points
  12. giving Coney Island my 300 points i fear