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  1. Daenerys


    this is aging like one of the finest of wines
  2. no way that your best set is a small ass avi of Tom Nook ajpdsoifjads


    1. Luca

      Not this omfg, I'm obsessed with him 

  3. Daenerys

    Web Series

    Euphoria an actual serve but go off so it's a bit spoilery but!
  4. Daenerys

    Web Series

    watched euphoria special... letting that vibe sink in for a bit. but will definitely watch soon.
  5. Daenerys

    Web Series

    episode 3 out now and Kathryn Hahn outsold Vision 100x over
  6. Daenerys

    Web Series

    you spelled Kathryn Hahn wrong
  7. Daenerys


    Taylor and Gaga Taylor and Lorde Britney and Gaga The Weeknd and Dua Rihanna and a recording booth
  8. and how are you liking your Roku? i love mine, but being an Apple whore... have definitely thought about switching to AppleTV down the road
  9. skipped around on Friday and wasn't really feeling it, but Vibez remains amazing.
  10. DaBaby obliterating Dua... no one saw it coming but it still happened
  11. Daenerys


    FOTP didn't deserve a BLACKPINK section
  12. "Mark Ronson teases" oh okay
  13. Daenerys

    want new Star Wars content so badly