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  1. the demo 100%. the album is just so slow compared to the demo. kinda wish the demo wouldn't have leaked until a few weeks after album release.
  2. Daenerys


  3. Daenerys


    Free Woman Enigma Stupid Love catch me bopping to them all tho
  4. Daenerys


    impossible the fact that i should have paid more attention to Haus Labs and the promo videos
  5. Daenerys


    stunning literally STUNNING
  6. Daenerys


    i might... but your set is making me want a darker themed set did you use instagiffer for the gifs? the way your sig is 1000/10
  7. Sour Candy and Fun Tonight. I don't think she'd release all 3 features as singles, so I think Sour Candy has the bigger possibility to smash. I also think Fun Tonight is one of the safer options (and it's one of my faves). The demo of Free Woman I would have definitely said, but I'm not sure about the album version. I would love for a lot of music videos even if they don't become singles.
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    kinda fuming that my avi is SHITE compared
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    What is your Chromatica trinity? Chromatica I Alice Stupid Love Rain On Me Free Woman Fun Tonight Chromatica II 911 Plastic Doll Sour Candy Enigma Replay Chromatica III Sine From Above 1000 Doves Babylon
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    @Luca the way your set snaps so hard
  11. Daenerys


    ROM #1 please