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    it was actually a pretty fun era looking back. Five Foot Two documentary really adds to it since it gave such a behind the scenes look at the making of. Superbowl, Dive Bar concerts, the promo, Mark Ronson...
  2. she makes it look so EASY
  3. a 3 for a good song... i guess you give 2s to okay songs? i-
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    Physical Levitating Don't Start Now Break My Heart Hallucinate
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    i listened to the album for the first time in full a month or two ago and was blown away. Perfect is such an underrated classic tbh.
  6. The last three youngest Album of the Year winners, but which album is the best? Alanis was 21. Taylor was 20. Billie is 18 and currently holds the record. Jagged Little Pill vs Fearless vs When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?
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    i want it to be good /thread