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  1. he's got somethin' special
    he's got somethin' special
    i can hardly breathe, somethin's tellin' me
    tellin' me maybe he could be the one


  2. Daenerys


    so excited for this
  3. Daenerys


    Red is overrated
  4. her Blinding Lights is coming
  5. I was thinking about how they haven't worked together since the Femme Fatale era, which will be 10 years next year. Would you be here for an album where he produces a few of the tracks?
  6. this album is just hit after hit after hit
  7. and when i felt like i was an old cardigan under someone's bed you put me on and said i was your favorite
  8. Daenerys


    SEE! the people have spoken. I’m locking this thread and deleting this game.
  9. Daenerys


    you're bones
  10. Daenerys


    i think Dani is probably fun to watch when she's backed into a corner, but working with the big alliance which includes Nicole? oh she had to of known her stock would PLUMMET good lord
  11. Daenerys


    @GlenCoco i'm going to make sure you don't see tomorrow
  12. Daenerys


    1. my tears ricochet - STJ 2. my tears ricochet - Gabe. 3. my tears ricochet - Max 4. this is me trying - Ghostface 5. my tears ricochet - chris 6. my tears ricochet - Royalty 7. my tears ricochet- Mandy Candy 8. this is me trying - Maria 9. this is me trying - Glen Coco 10. my tears ricochet - CharnyBoy 11. this is me ruining a flawless album with this track - Daenerys 12. 13.
  13. Daenerys


    the way i screwed over @Hyun. just to be eliminated next