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  1. every time you call me crazy

    i get more crazy

    what about that



    and when you say i seem angry

    i get more angry

    and there's nothing like a mad woman

    what a shame she went mad


  2. 33 minutes ago, Dennis Reynolds said:

    I think April is my second favorite character after Ron rip4 It's hard to pick after that. One of the best jokes involving all the characters is when Leslie gets each of them perfect gifts, among them a painting of April having slain the Black Eyed Peas and a button that shuts the doors to Ron's office which brings him to the verge of tears rip4 They're all so well established that it's really funny when any of them do something out of character, like when Ann is drunk talking about how Andy has matured and now some other girl is gonna reap the rewards and she declares "That's bullshit!" before awkwardly sipping at her drink lmfao1 

    ANN PERKINS giveup1 THE QUEEN THAT SHE IS giveup1 

  3. 1 hour ago, Dennis Reynolds said:

    Ron Swanson is a legend rip4 From the same swivel chair episode I also love when he initially sees it and just says "What the fuck is this?" rip4 Also when he throws away his computer after April tells him about cookies and Google Earth, and there's also this:



    what about April scheduling all of Ron's appointments on February 29th??? i forget the date, but it's because she thinks it's a fake date lmfao1 AND OF COURSE DONNA IS A LEGEND

  4. 14 hours ago, Dennis Reynolds said:

    @Daenerys so I got my Roku and thus am able to watch The Criterion Channel oprah15 Only watched Local Hero on it but I can tell I like it already, it's wonderfully categorized by decades, stars, filmmakers, genres, etc. So aside from the bizarre inconvenience of me being forbidden from watching it on my TV with an HDMI cable connected to my laptop, I really like it bebe1 

    and how are you liking your Roku? i love mine, but being an Apple whore... have definitely thought about switching to AppleTV down the road bebe1