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  1. 1. Folklore, Taylor Swift Folklore is best listened to alone, on a long walk at sunset, as the wind picks up and the memories and feelings rush in. You have to presume that was Swift’s intention. After exploring the upper reaches of pop maximalism on her recent projects, she makes a powerful about-face on Folklore, an album that’s as much an experiment with emotional delicacy as it is a lush take on the intersection of folksy storytelling and contemporary pop. Swift has been a public figure for well over a decade, but never before has she sounded so consistently vulnerable, so at home in
  2. folklore - Taylor Swift Chromatica - Lady Gaga After Hours - The Weeknd Future Nostalgia - Dua Lipa The Album - Blackpink
  3. BEST EPISODE OF THE SERIES the first one i felt like rewatching right after i finished watching
  4. oh i'm the same way... i have to complete the collection unless i lose EXTREME interest like with Westworld... can't really be bothered to buy s3 when i didn't even finish it dd
  5. omg have to watch last week's episode in a little bit... i'm so excited
  6. Boombayah 28 - Whistle 10 Playing With Fire 22 Stay 16 As if It Your Last 36 + du du du du 26 Kill This Love 24 How You Like That 20 Lovesick Girls 20
  7. Timothee Kristen as Dua's host... she won. that episode will be praised to the heavens
  8. saw this on my phone and forgot when i got on my computer i don't necessarily collect them, but if a movie i like is coming to it then i'll buy them. i think they're EXTREMELY well made, but only get what i'm interested in from them Birds of Prey... @Divine approves. Have you seen Rise of Skywalker yet? You probably have and I just forget which is very common for me... ask Hannah
  9. the way she SHOULD sweep and win every award
  10. Moonstruck's Criterion blu ray arrived a few days i'm so happy also bought animated Mulan and live action kinda slow lately what about you?
  11. my In The Weeds vinyl arrived today
  12. Boombayah 28 Whistle 10 Playing With Fire 22 Stay 18 As if It Your Last 32 du du du du 26 Kill This Love 24 How You Like That 22 Lovesick Girls 20
  13. Future Nostalgia: 20 Don't Start Now: 24 Cool: 22 Physical: 30 Levitating: 34 Hallucinate: 24 Love Again: 40 Break My Heart: 22 Boys Will Be Boys: 2