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  1. the exclamation mark in the title kind of has me screaming a bit
  2. Self-Titled: A Perfectly Good Heart Fearless: Tell Me Why Speak Now: If This Was a Movie Red: The Last Time 1989: I Wish You Would Reputation: So It Goes... Lover: I Think He Knows Folklore: illicit affairs Evermore: long story short/coney island
  3. it's honestly such an underrated track that gets hate for no reason Break my soul in two looking for you But you're right here
  4. coney island ivy willow champagne problems gold rush
  5. i love how in the beginning it's mostly storytelling and then the end is the pay off is a great superhero fight i will be buying the blu ray if they ever release it! oh yes!
  6. PLEASE i actually loved it so much! (yes i did look at my phone a few times!) but i did it in the episodic parts way. watching 4 hours straight through was NOT happening. but the last hour was... AMAZING
  7. it's possible tbh... i heard good things about it
  8. god she's such a fucking legend
  9. Breathless... omg if it's her cover from the Hope For Haiti event this with her much more improved vocals now... a collapse
  10. I feel like I don't deserve you tonight It's in the way that you hold me I don't deserve you tonight It's in the things that you show me I need you, don't let me go Need you, don't let me go
  11. I might start watching it tomorrow night, but I'll definitely split it up in the parts because my ass is NOT watching a 4 hour movie I've heard amazing things tho so I'm a little hyped
  12. when i made the mistake of asking what everyone's favorite lyric was... no noise literally no noise
  13. it will be played at the end so everyone knows they can leave and don't have to listen to it
  14. cardigan, august, betty literally coming to outsell any other television series that would be put out
  15. omg thread idea... which folklore/evermore track would be a great limited series omg
  16. No Body, No Renewal... it would have been cancelled halfway through season 1! champagne problems would've gotten renewed after episode!
  17. I'm happy and sad S3 i think hit the mark, but I also would've liked a 5th season to truly wrap everything up I feel like they're gonna have to cram so much in to the last 8 episodes to truly finish it
  18. someone is mad still doesn't change the fact that Taylor Swift - folklore is ALBUM OF THE YEAR