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  1. YES YES YES @Wonho changed the OP to have the official tweets so no one gets confused about FOLKLORE IS THE OFFICIAL ALBUM OF THE YEAR
  2. apparently she's only performing cardigan... we'll see tho
  3. AOTY: folklore SOTY: cardigan ROTY: Don't Start Now BNA: Megan Thee Stallion Pop Solo: Don't Start Now Pop Duo: exile Pop Vocal: Future Nostalgia Would honestly be 100% okay with Taylor losing everything if it meant winning only AOTY
  4. exile would still be top 10 to this day if she had made it the 2nd single
  5. cowboy like me still hasn't CLICKED with me like it has for almost everyone else. Love all the songs you hate minus happiness. It's not BAD, but I can take it or leave it. Closure isn't a fave, but also not a skip for me. The only true skip for me is the HAIM garbage collab. It kills the most perfect vibe of tracks 1-5 for me.
  6. this actual serve right here tho i'd switch champagne problems to spot 5 tho because the song gives me Christmas season vibes
  7. Turn the album into a full era with singles + promo singles/basically an album campaign.
  8. The Fame Monster (Brunette/Blonde) Chromatica Born This Way (Deluxe) Joanne The Fame ARTPOP Born This Way (Standard)
  9. "it's wrong" tell that to the police bitch! they're on the way
  10. what did you think i'd say to that? does a scorpion sting when fighting back?
  11. do you see the Mod notice on your post or only other Mods? cause that'd be sad if you can't see it