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  1. Bought my copy of Vogue today It looks great
  2. Loved the video now I have the song on repeat
  3. I'm lowkey really excited for Sansa this season I'm going to pretend what happened to her last season was a dream and enjoy her slaying again I feel the same way about Bran, but this season, he's one of my most anticipated because of where is story is I'm already behind on my rewatch of season 5 I'll start it this weekend and catch up, I can't believe it's so close Oh slay That's so nice to hear because on TPZ we had to make 1,000 posts each month to keep the sections safe After a while it got so annoying because some months many of us
  5. That does not mean she had to do it for the 1989 era 1989 era was her true first pop era and she won AOTY, the era deserved to end better than this I lowkey would have been fine with a tour-esque video, but add like behind the scenes of making the music videos during the era and like behind the scenes of the 1989 photoshoot. Just so it wouldn't be a complete tour video, you know? It would have been a compilation of everything from the past two years of the era and a nicer send off if she didn't want to make a new video.
  6. In Hell checking out places to rent when I die
  7. Gia wishes She should just hack Kirill's account and do it herself
  8. @Lemon Do you know if you have to get a section to 1,000 posts for it to be saved? Or are all the sections her permanent?
  9. Only like 11 more days Starting tomorrow you can watch an episode a day from season 5 and it would bring you to premiere day I think I'm gonna do that tbh
  10. Oh poor Gia LG5 is going to bring traction to forums that aren't dead
  11. omg really? Keep it dead, mostly everyone has moved on So true about Jaymes
  12. The Out of the Woods video should have closed out this era Not a fucking tour video
  13. And now we never will because OGG fucking closed I should have went and saved all the gifs before it closed
  14. I've seen every trailer, seen every set photo, every clip they've released I just can't help myself tbh They've made us wait 10 months so I'm like just trying to get my dosage of GoT as much as I can I do think it would be much more fun and exciting coming into the season completely blind of seeing anything You're doing it the best way. I wish I had that strength This season is coming for everyone A lot of people didn't like season 5, but I think if you take out Sansa's rape and her storyline, it's a pretty solid season. Obviously not their best, but e