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  1. The new one, but it took a second to get used to her pose being the opposite way
  2. Debut: Should've Said No Speak Now: Enchanted Red: All Too Well 1989: Style reputation: I Did Something Bad
  3. Style Coney Island don't feel like ranking the rest because they're classics
  4. The Last Time Coney Island I Wish You Would All You Had To Do Was Stay Superstar You're Not Sorry Innocent If This Was A Movie Breathe Cold As You So It Goes... Dress The Man
  5. sadly, the writers died unexpectedly. HBO has confirmed they WILL wait for GRRM to finish writing the books before continuing the series.
  6. All at once. The last show I actually enjoyed week to week was Game of Thrones.
  7. watch it be taken down 10 seconds before it's supposed to premiere
  8. Less than a half hour.... let's go Love Story Taylor's Version
  9. what about April scheduling all of Ron's appointments on February 29th??? i forget the date, but it's because she thinks it's a fake date AND OF COURSE DONNA IS A LEGEND