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  1. @Ronlop keeping flo and Sam, dropping CaKe for Years & Years
  2. i'm in
  3. y&y will never have a manager like Queen Ballsak again
  4. can we get some sort of updates in the thread instead of just links to rabbit chats? something that everyone can read regardless of when they are online
  5. Heeeeeectooooooor 👀
  6. oh she's back well the game would have to brought back to functioning REALNESS first but fingers crossed a host comes thru and off the top of my head, pop girls still available are... demi, sia, sza, carly rae jepsen, nicki, kylie, pink, kesha, cardi b, little mix, gwen
  7. "Sam Smith leaks sex tape with Maluma, confirming his homosexuality" try me host
  8. i'm here for #HostHector Even though that would mean there'd be 80% less articles posted each week without him playing.
  9. i blame this cursed image
  10. well that sucks
  11. because that's like half our population jk it isn't actually for people who think we are that small, we're small, but not that small n just sell out our stadiums, they're like 30,000 - 50,000 n
  12. not Lana snubbing New Zealand like every other pop girl
  13. @Lucky17 we're losing a legend thank you for your kind words and thank you for always bringing your amazing talent to this game. i knew ever since christina milian opened for sam smith a couple of years back you were going to be an incredible player and i'm glad i got to work with you. best of luck with anything and everything you tackle next, all the best georgie!
  14. I liked it! it was good, especially considering it was your first time. The writing was descriptive and gave a pretty good vision of what was happening - could've had a few more interesting visuals, but my Sam Smith set was the same, I just grabbed images from an existing performance without changing much - sometimes you just don't have time to do that so I get it. The whole "world peace/stop violence/poverty" moment/speech with the white flag and stuff was a little cliche, but it's always a good idea to try and do something with your performances - having something happen in the performance to set it aside from just any other festival set (or awards show performance etc.) is smart. Often people try stunts or things to drum up hype (usually doing something a bit controversial and risky) but it's also beneficial for artists to try and make statements like that (positive reactions from the GP) - and it's smart for Shawn to stay away from anything too controversial when he's still new. Maybe just try to focus it a bit more next time, with a bit more of a clearer purpose as opposed to just trying to make a really general statement ("theres so much violence/poverty etc. in the world") for the sake of making a statement. Overall, good first set! Definitely some positives and some things to improve, but you'll only learn and get better as you keep playing!
  15. I titled mine 'Sam Smith - Live at Glastonbury 2018'