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  1. ryjapo

    GUYS HOLY SHIT im in Auckland to see Florence tonight and I just went past her on the bus she was just there, walking down the street looking like the fucking goddess that she is im so shook right now
  2. ryjapo

    ISSUE 02 - JANUARY 2019 DOUBLE ISSUE FULL SPREADS: PLEASE OPEN SPREADS IN NEW TAB AND ZOOM IN TO READ --- Thanks to @Ronlop and @hector for being a part of the second issue (and first double issue) of Caliber! Enjoy everyone!
  3. ryjapo

    yall active twitter bitches really showed up today whew
  4. ryjapo

    ISSUE 01 - JANUARY 2019 FULL SPREADS: (OPEN IN A NEW TAB AND ZOOM IN TO READ) --- Hope you guys enjoy the first issue!! Thank you to @Harry_CAL for being a part of the first interview! Sorry this first issue a little short/lacking content. Future issues will contain more news, reports and interviews (with both cover stars and up-and-comers). I will be approaching artists to feature in the magazine, however, if you have a good reason why you think your artist should cover a specific issue, please send me a PM. CALIBER Magazine is released once every two weeks (mid month, then end of month). In terms of cover stars/interviews, CALIBER seeks artists with 'things going on' - so around the time of new releases, peaks in popularity, in the middle of scandals/feuds/news.
  5. ryjapo

    ATTENTION PLAYERS If anybody would like to submit a full page advertisement for the back cover of an issue of CALIBER Magazine, I'm open to submissions x It's Letter size (215.9 by 279.4 mm) and it can be advertising an album/single/product/partnership and/or tour - up to you really. I'll pick within the next 24 hours, if I get more than one sent to me, I may hold them for potential future issues instead (if they are still relevant by then). Just PM me your ad (a mockup or even final version would be ideal) and then I'll do a randomised draw!
  6. ryjapo

    don't have to try anything when you're around kid go write an article or something x
  7. ryjapo

    oh look disco's downvoting again... what a surprise
  8. ryjapo

  9. ryjapo

    THE 61st GRAMMY AWARDS BEST DRESSED Our best dressed of the night has to go to Britney Spears. The 'Flesh' singer looks right from head-to-toe - the dress fits her like a glove, the colour is gorgeous on her and she has accessorised perfectly. Great choice for The Grammys. Our runners up - first, Jessie J. Talk about living the fantasy! She's looks breathtaking in this Valentino gown. Is it a bit much for The Grammys? Maybe, but there's no denying she looks beautiful. And then we have Belinda (with Maluma). What a picture-perfect pairing! Sleek, simple and stunning. We have to give special mention to Belinda though - even though Maluma looks great! - there's something about her peered back look that just serves power and we're here for it. --- WORST DRESSED Sorry Shawn Mendes, but this just wasn't your night. While it's refreshing to see men stepping away from the boring black and white tux on the red carpet, this gold glittery blazer with matching bowtie looks like a Las Vegas nightmare. Seriously, he looks like he's about to ask me if I want to play Roulette. For the runners up, first we have Miss Kylie Jenner. The look itself is rather plain and not really befitting of the Grammys, but good Lord - anybody is going to look plain next to a giant surrealist clock!? We could have forgiven this look, but the Dali-inspired accessory took it straight to "really, girl?". And then we have Brendon Urie. Again, it's different and that in itself is refreshing, but there's something about this leather daddy meets He-Man outfit that looks very budget sex shop. Maybe it was best to leave this one in the bedroom. --- That's all for our Grammys Red Carpet Report! Stay tuned for more news from Caliber Magazine - including an announcement about our first issue! Coming soon x
  10. ryjapo

  11. ryjapo

    FLORENCE ARRIVES ON THE GRAMMYS RED CARPET Florence didn't give any interviews, she's on vocal rest for the next 12 years.
  12. ryjapo