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  1. Game

    I'm going to say Single: April 7th (even though it's already been said twice, I just really feel it ) Album: May 5th
  2. Rumor

    I'm here for this concept! If this is for a video from this era, I'll live! I like that she's starting to get more creative with her video concepts!
  3. Other

    Keep it! The final BTD version is better!
  4. Just watched Moana for the first time! I was NOT ready for that! cry8

    1. Princess Aurora

      It's a beautiful movie clap3 

  5. THANK YOU! Sober and She Got Her Own SNATCHED my wig! Esta Noche isn't cute... glad she decided to keep it!
  6. Okay that's what I thought! Plus why would she register it as Architecture NOW if it was an old song?
  7. People are starting to say that BAR is and UV outtake? Does anyone know if that's true??
  8. You deserve it! You're an angel!
  9. Haha yeah! I got drunk and fell asleep in the limo on my way here and nobody bothered to wake me up! Apparently I'm up for elimination or something?? Hopefully I get to stay tho! I'm ready to party!
  10. I'm @Vintage Music FKA Black Beauty! Nice to meet you!
  11. At least it's not last!
  12. For now.... Vote to save me!
  13. Obese legends rule the house
  14. Poor @Milk
  15. a Perfect Illusion