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  1. Did someone call for a resurrection?? legend1

  2. Slasher! All Stars - Welcome & FAQs

    I haven't been able to be active for a WHILE, but I'm finally back and I'm ready to win!
  3. Song vs. Song - Lana edition

    Coachella vs Guns and Roses
  4. Discussion Lanamosity

  5. Album Katy Perry | Witness | June 9, 2017

    Wait wtf? How has it not leaked yet?? I thought we had it already!!!
  6. Single Little Mix | Power (feat. Stormzy) | May 25th, 2017

    The album version is 100 X better because it doesn't have the feature! I love this song! Kinda disappointed that it was ruined with a feature tho....
  7. Single Fifth Harmony | Down (feat. Gucci Mane) | June 2nd, 2017

    Work From Home's wig is still in tact, but it's still a CUTE ass song! "You the type that I could bake for, cuz baby you know how to take that cake." YAS LADIES!
  8. Discussion How do you feel about the Lust for Life album cover a month and a half later?

    For some reason I think the cover looks PERFECT when it's paired with the green disk/vinyl??
  9. Song vs. Song - Lana edition

    Florida Kilos vs Brooklyn Baby
  10. Discussion Favourite Lana live performance?

    I absolutely LOVE this performance! She goes so hard and you can tell that she's really FELLING it!
  11. Celeb News Lust for Life out July 21

    Something seems so fucking strange and off about this whole situation....
  12. Discussion Lanamosity

    Hopefully! Friday is so close! We don't have to wait much longer!
  13. Discussion Lanamosity

    Someone on LB is trying to say that the album has leaked??
  14. Song vs. Song - Lana edition

    Florida Kilos vs Go Go Dancer