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  1. Did someone call for a resurrection?? legend1

  3. For some reason I think the cover looks PERFECT when it's paired with the green disk/vinyl??
  4. I absolutely LOVE this performance! She goes so hard and you can tell that she's really FELLING it!
  5. Something seems so fucking strange and off about this whole situation....
  6. Hopefully! Friday is so close! We don't have to wait much longer!
  7. Someone on LB is trying to say that the album has leaked??
  8. I'd literally just rip photos/gifs right from google
  9. I literally have ZERO set making abilities, so IDK if I should do this
  10. Yosemite sounds like such a cute concept, and it's so nice to hear that she feels like she is comfortable with her life and fame now! I agree with the song descriptions getting old! I'm already kinda like "okay... but what about the rest of the album?" I feel like her releasing the tracklist through interviews is very deliberate, but I think it's starting to limit the amount of content in each interview.
  11. Thank you for the transcript! Yeah, I feel like Yosemite and GBA will be two singles, or just stand out tracks on the album.
  12. TRANSCRIPT: Pretty dry tbh! What do you guys think?
  13. The Elle UK interview is so incredibly dry!
  14. Oh wow! She looks like Chuck in this video!
  15. Coachella - I Did This For A Quick Coint
  16. Have we seen this picture before????????????????????????
  17. OMG I HAVE SO MANY NEW THOUGHTS ON THIS! Okay, so from 2:18-2:21 there's this little instrumental moment that is SO cute to me! The meaning of the song is so beautiful and loving and I'm so happy she gave this to us! This song has grown on me a lot and I absolutely LOVE it!
  18. Okay it's actually starting to grow on me....
  19. Coachella - I'll Never Perform There Again After LFL Flops
  20. Coachella - Rushed For The Album
  21. ISTG if there is no release date in Elle UK, I'm gonna FIGHT her!