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    ZENDAYA INTERVIEWED ON 96.1 KISS FM (North America) This year has been one with abundant success for Zendaya. For the first time ever in her four years signed under Brevity Records and Warner Music Group, her solo work is seeing long-lasting prosperity on the charts. The song that put her on the map, “BOHO” has been downloaded nearly 2 million times worldwide and reached a significant peak of #2, only bested by pop-phenomenon Mariah Carey. The song went on to reach plenty other accolades, like being streamed over 1 million times on CALTube and Encore, and the music video being nominated at this year’s Video Music Awards. Zendaya has received two other nominations as well, including nominations for Best New Artist and Best Collaboration video for her promo single “Descending” with international star and activist Shawn Mendes. To wrap it all up, Zendaya is also performing at the show alongside KYLIE and Ariana Grande in an eclectic medley-trio performance, which will showcase the three artists’ unique qualities and capabilities as performers. Visiting the 96.1 KISS studio located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Zendaya stopped by to discuss the Video Music Awards and gave a few cryptic details of her finished and currently unrevealed 2nd album. ON HER NOMINATIONS Let me just say that being nominated for anything is like… such a great compliment. But being nominated specifically for the Video Music Awards? It’s so, so cool. This is the award show that I grew up watching as a kid, watching acceptance speeches from all of my favorite singers. Now that I’m in that position myself as one of the nominees, it’s kind of crazy. I’ve been nominated for other award shows, so I would be putting up a front if I sat here and said it was shocking and started sobbing. But it’s still very heartwarming. So many people are voting for me and I couldn’t thank y’all enough. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Winning an award or two would be the icing on top, but everyone I’m nominated against is just as deserving. I wouldn’t be mad if I lost to them. ON HER PERFORMANCE I was just talking about how being nominated was crazy. How crazy is actually being a performer at the Video Music Awards?! See, this time I can sit here and say that I’m shocked and start tearing up a bit, because I have never been a performer at an award show. I’ve just never had that opportunity in the past. But now I do, and could not be more excited. I’m so freaking nervous about it too, but nerves are normal I guess. I’m doing a medley-trio thing with Kylie and Ariana. So yes, we will all be performing our own songs. I saw that some people were confused about that, so I just wanted to clear things up. We’re wrapping things up in rehearsals in a few days. We can’t wait for you all to see what we put together. It’s going to be kind of weird since we’re all so different and unique from each other. It’s weird in a really fun and exciting way though. I’m performing “BOHO”, of course. Can’t leak what the others are doing. ON HER UPCOMING ALBUM Yeah, I’m releasing an album. There won’t be any delays this time, no scrapping, and no hiatuses that last almost an entire year. This album is something that is actually happening, and actually coming out soon. It’s done and sent off to Warner so they can approve it. Now, we just have to decide on when we’re going to release it and a promotion strategy. I plan on revealing the name and tracklist once that’s all settled. The album has twelve songs and three collaborations. You guys already know two of them: Shawn and Ariana. The third one is with a rapper called Cardi B. She did a few features a while back and I really liked her energy in them, so I contacted her and asked if she wanted to hop on a track for the album. It’s a really fun, sexy song. Right now, it’s actually my favorite. I can’t stop listening to it.
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