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    ZENDAYA PERFORMS ON DANCING WITH THE STARS (North America) Full excerpt below. Zendaya has been conjuring quite the storm lately. All eyes seem to be on her, the media and fans alike curious to see what her next move will be. The lead single to her next album titled “BOHO” can attest to that, since it is by far the singer’s biggest solo hit across all platforms. The song has managed to climb all the way up to the #2 spot, and has sold over 1,700,000 copies worldwide thus far. The song seems to be one of the defining hits of the summer, and has opened the doors for many opportunities. One of these opportunities is a brand deal with fashion retailer H&M, for a campaign that also features the “Secret” singer, Shawn Mendes. Things are looking the brightest they ever have for Zendaya, and the brightness is showing no signs of diminishing. The young star is slowly but surely proving herself to be a force to be reckoned with, and is continuously proving that she is an artist that should be taken seriously. Zendaya proceeds to promote her music all across the globe, amidst the newfound success that she is seeing. The singer is back in the United States after a short stint in Europe and the United Kingdom. To kick off the week, she performed on the popular competition show, Dancing With The Stars. While there, she performed her smash hit BOHO with some of the professional dancers/trainers that make up the cast of the currently airing season. She also mentioned her H&M deal and collaboration with Shawn Mendes afterwards in a short interview. PERFORMANCE Preceding the performance, the host of the show hyped up Zendaya. He listed her achievements and such, the crowd punctuating his brief introduction with applause. Then the applause died down. The dance floor/ballroom performing area is decorated with tacky 80’s decor, with some bright multi-colored neon lights brightening the polished wooden floor. The camera veers over a makeshift curtain entrance to the main area, almost as if it were an entryway to an exclusive club. Zendaya steps through the curtains with a group of friends, as the now recognizable instrumental of “BOHO” started to play. Zendaya immediately burst into song and choreography that was synchronized with the other women, all four of them moving to the middle of the stage. Throughout the song they dance and are eventually joined by male dancers, Zendaya taking turns with them to do complex ballroom dance moves. The performance ends with red confetti raining down onto the stage, a staple of most performances of the single. The host rejoined Zendaya on the dance floor for a brief interview. “BOHO is such a blast to perform live! I’m always coming up with new ideas for it, and seeing those ideas come to life is so cool. It’s amazing.” she said, when asked about performing BOHO. The host then went on to ask her about the H&M campaign that she is involved in. “Working with H&M is really fun! Shawn Mendes and I just dropped a new single for that, so be sure to check it out! I think the song is a little different in terms of sound for both of us, but I think we were able to pull something spectacular off. I loved working with him on it.” After that answer, the host reminded the viewers that they could purchase or stream BOHO and DESCENDING on all music listening platforms.
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    posting so they aren’t confused shjsjs
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    ZENDAYA Singles: $529,850
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    ZENDAYA x H&M ANNOUNCEMENT! (Worldwide) With great enthusiasm, we can finally announce Zendaya’s campaign with H&M. Tagging along with Zendaya for the new campaign will be blooming superstar, Shawn Mendes. While promoting the Fall collection for the fashion brand together as a duo, the pair hopes to promote the message of acceptance and individuality in the form of fashion. The idea for the campaign is simple; allowing others to display their oddities and what makes them different in a positive manner. This is something Zendaya is Shawn are both passionate about, and hope their fans will follow the same values that they will be encouraging. “Shawn Mendes was an obvious choice to do this campaign by my side. He always stands up for the overlooked, and that is something I admire in a person. He also has a natural knack for modeling menswear, so that’s a plus!” Zendaya said, about the deciding factors on picking the artist to do this particular campaign in company with. “Secret” is the most recent hit single by Shawn, a powerful song with a strong message that ties right in with the core ideas of this H&M campaign. Zendaya, who is currently promoting “BOHO”, is just as outspoken. She has championed feminist ideals, calling out the media for their bias towards female figures in the music industry. She has also used her performances this era as a means of self-expression, putting all of her emotions on the stage. An example of this is her performance on Rising Star Brazil last month, where she called the media out directly for printing false headlines, ultimately using her name as clickbait during a time where it was considered trendy to do so. Teaming up, Shawn and Zendaya make an obvious tag team of activists, committed to fighting for what they believe in and what they think is right. The campaign also comes with a few exciting events that will be taking place this month. This weekend, the pairing will be releasing the long-anticipated collaborative effort together. Tying in with the name of the campaign, this song will be titled “DESCENDING”. A snippet of the instrumental in this song can be heard in a video Zendaya tweeted, where her and Shawn are both seen modeling for photos that have been placed on H&M’s website. The music video and performance premiere will be taking place on August 20th, on The Voice USA. You don’t want to miss it, so make sure to set a reminder so you remember to tune in to the show! Or, record the episode on your DVR. The music video will also be available for viewing on H&M’s official CALTube channel at midnight on the same night. The pairing will have their face plastered on billboards that will be placed all across the globe, from every corner of the world. A concert being held later this month will also be livestreamed on MTV. More information regarding the concert can be found on H&M’s website, or by contacting H&M directly by calling their toll free support number.
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    PROFILE PHOTO + HEADER CHANGED (profile photo should be changed on connect as well @Ronlop when you get a chance to)
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    Individuality and self-expression are two values we hold dearly here at H&M. Style is just one of the many ways to express that. Keeping that in mind, we strive to cater to the uniqueness of every person that shops at our stores. Of every shape, color, or background. That is why we have chosen to work closely with Zendaya and Shawn Mendes: Two of the fastest rising artists in the music industry, who share the same core values as we do. Zendaya is bold and loves to speak her mind, never afraid to speak her truth. Shawn champions for those whose voices go unheard, so everyone has the same opportunity of being represented. Together, they make the perfect representatives for the H&M brand, and the perfect role models for today’s youth. As of 1 PM Eastern, August 15th, Zendaya Coleman’s and Shawn Mendes’ work with us is now being made public. The campaign with the two artists has the pinpoint goal of spreading the message of H&M through promotion online, as well as billboards across the globe that will be put up within the month. The duo will also be debuting their new single with us, and its accompanying music video on the 20th of August. To cap things off, we will be live streaming a concert that will be held on 5th Avenue, New York City on MTV. Shawn and Zendaya will both play a setlist with a total of seven songs each, including a live performance of their anticipated and soon to be released collaboration. Details about receiving entry to this event will be revealed soon, so stay tuned to be the first to know! We hope that with this, we are able to capture your attention and achieve the important goals of spreading accepting eccentricity, and allowing others to express their unique fashion sense however they choose to do so. Zendaya and Shawn will be the featured photos on our website during this time, modeling the clothes we will be making available for the upcoming Fall season. More of these exclusive photos can be found in high quality on both of the artists’ personal social media accounts. Both Zendaya and Shawn had their own photoshoots, wearing clothes that we offer in which they felt represented their personal styles the best. All of the items being worn by the artists can be found on our online shop, or at a H&M retailer located near you. Click here to find our current locations. These official accounts include Twitter, and the photo-sharing app Connect. Follow us, Zendaya, and Shawn for more information regarding this exciting campaign. All potential inquiries about upcoming events that will be taking place (live concert held in New York City, time of the music video premiere and more) can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page. For further help with any questions that cannot be found on that page, you can contact us by calling our support number, 855-466-7467 (Toll-free). We offer customer service 24/7. Click here to see more of Zendaya and Shawn.