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  1. welp
  2. okay, then i'll keep zendaya but sign miley.
  3. @Ronlop hi i'm dropping zendaya for miley cyrus.
  4. ZENDAYA PERFORMS AT DAY TWO OF GLASTONBURY Following the previous performance, the stage was rearranged for Zendaya's. The stage was bordered with pink heart-shaped bulbs, slowly blinking on-and-off. Two larger decorative pieces shaped like hearts sat on both the left and right sides of the stage. They seemed to be made of an almost crystal-like material, glimmering as the stage lights shined down onto them. The microphone was decked out with pink glitter, as well as the microphone stand. Zendaya made her way onto the stage from the side, smiling and waving to the audience as she took her position behind the microphone stand. All of the lights on the stage were turned off except for a pink-tinted spotlight that kept Zendaya visible. A piano began to play softly as Zendaya gripped tightly onto the microphone in front of her. "How are you guys feeling... Good? I hope so. Do you mind if I start this off a little slow for you all? With a new song off my album? I know most people don't start these things off with ballads, but it hasn't been released yet, and I felt the time was right to start revealing some of the tracks I've been working on. This one is very personal to me... It's called White." Zendaya began to sing along to the piano, the lyrics being very blunt in its subject matter. The lyrical content depicts a young person in a troubled state of mind, debating whether their life is worth continuing, or if it should be cut off short. The song was cut halfway through after the first chorus and transitioned into a cover of Coldplay's classic "Fix You", with more instruments joining in. The heart-bulbs were turned on for this portion of the performance, symbolizing a more hopeful state of mind and a brighter future compared to the one depicted in "White". Abruptly after the song has been completed, all of the lights instantly turn on and the band begins playing a live rendition of "Heart". "Now, let's have a little bit of fun... Shall we?" Zendaya pulls the microphone from the stand as she sings, and the camera pans to show that audience near the stage have been given balloons in the shape of hearts to toss around during the song. During the chorus Zendaya is met with backup dancers following her and doing choreography alongside her as she walked across the stage and interacted with the crowd. The second half of the song Zendaya switched things up and started to sing the Spanish lyrics of the song. She was met on stage with J. Balvin who assisted her in performing the South American exclusive remix of the song. At the end of the song Zendaya continued to display her apparent habit to kiss random people onstage as the pair locked their lips together for a few moments. "Give it up for J. Balvin, everybody!" He then gave her a hug before exiting the stage. The next song to be performed was her current single "Bad", as the live band began to play it. Zendaya walked back over to the middle of the stage with her backup dancers, displaying her not oftenly shown ability to perform difficult choreography during the verses. When the chorus came, Zendaya walked over to the microphone stand and slid down it in a scandalous, lecherous manner before intentionally knocking it over. Dancers grabbed her by the hands to pull her up to her feet to continue the performance full of choreography and crowd interaction. The next song to be performed during the set was an older single from Zendaya's discography, "About U". The backup dancers exited through the back of the stage, and the lights returned to a dark red. The singer walks back to the middle of the stage for the intro of the track. She sang the verses of the song while strutting around the stage with a hand on her hip, her expressions animated and exaggerated. Once the bursting chorus hits, Zendaya encourages the crowd to dance along, jump, do whatever comes to mind. As long as they're having fun with her and keeping their energy up. A song as energetic wouldn't be complete without choreography, so Zendaya performed some for the final chorus of the song. The crowd responded with cheers as the lights dimmed down. A blinding spotlight resembling heaven's lights shined down right onto the center of the large stage, revealing Zendaya standing in the middle. The beat for "Jubilee" began to play and the camera focused on Zendaya and her fixed, dramatic gaze towards it. She sang and kept her eyes locked onto the camera, while it followed her as she strolled to the left side of the stage, finishing off the first chorus before making her way back to the center. After finishing the next few parts, a pink fog began to spray into the room, filling the room entirely by the end of the song's bridge. This provides for a very unclear, and mysterious atmosphere as Zendaya is hardly visible to the audience as the sings the song. During the final chorus, pink confetti that sparkled slightly as the minimal stage lighting hit them rained down onto the stage.
  5. Posting my set later today (I'm eastern standard time and in school) when I'm not busy. Let's hope Zendaya is able to top this performance!
  6. i change my mind about scrapping Bad as a single btw zendaya's going to end up releasing half the album before its out if i do
  7. hihi i know i said i was leaving but i'm gonna try to play ARTIST Zendaya After coming off her biggest hit and first ever number one single, Zendaya will focus on promoting upcoming solo work. "Bad" had been demoted to promotional single status, and the official third single from Zendaya's album will be released soon, possibly this coming Friday. "Heart" (the album) will be released March, regardless of the single's chart success. Music, not the bling. Zendaya will look to further her brand in South America as well, and will be contacting companies for possible endorsements. With the worldwide success of "Bottle Games" she will also be looking to increase her popularity in other parts of the world as well.
  8. Sorry, but there is no way I'll be able to juggle this, work + school anymore. Maybe I'll see y'all soon.
  9. The music video opens in a spacious white room, bright lights lining the perimeter of the ceiling. Other than Zendaya standing in the center, the room is completely desolate and devoid of any activity. Her outfit is vastly different from the rest of the room in its color, causing her to stand out more than she would have without it in the empty space. Her jumpsuit was deep red, the color of red wine with her lips painted the same shade. Her hair was slicked back, and cropped at shoulder-length. It was a professional, well-put-together look that matched her expressionless mien perfectly. Suddenly a glass surface, a cube of sorts, arises from the ground. On top of this surface is a device that resembles a touch-screen tablet, though it is also transparent. Zendaya takes a step forward and carefully taps on the screen once with her manicured index finger. In response, a pop up that read "BEGIN SIMULATION" was displayed, the options being Yes or No. Clearly having done this before, she nonchalantly chooses the Yes option. The white walls start pixelating and forming images around her, with her entire body doing the same. It was seemingly all part of the process as Zendaya was suddenly transported to another area, wearing an entirely new outfit. Now the singer was in a luxury hotel room, overlooking a vibrant city that resembled Tokyo's nighttime skyline. It was a breathtaking view, second to none other than Zendaya's slender frame that was accentuated by the figure-hugging, sheer robe she was donning. Her hair was cut in a bob, colored pink. She was staring out the glass window in awe. It could be assumed that she had done other simulations in the past, but has never been to this specific location. The scenery was all new to her, so she gave herself a brief moment to take it all in. The whole entire city was hers to do as she wished with no consequences, and that fact never got old. Each time brought a different experience, with new memories that only she would remember. Beside her a flurry of pixels came into sight, and materialized a shaped that looked like another person. It was another woman around her age, dressed similarly to her with her hair styled the same. The title of the song then was displayed, as the opening of the track began. The rest of the music video had various scenes of the pair Zendaya exploring the simulated city with her fabricated companion. The final scene was the most prominent due to it featuring the two making themselves comfortable in a hot tub in the shape of a heart, the perimeter of it lined in pink LED light that vaguely brightened the dark room they were in.
  10. Wish I could be promoting, but this week has been hectic. Will be back next week. Bad WON'T die. Nope, not on my watch.
  11. ZENDAYA EARNINGS $92,011