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  1. We are all here just waiting for your ankle to finally heal
  2. That was fake news... FerGod reached out to Pabllo
  3. Being behind bars made her talented! You should seriously consider locking Belinda up btw
  4. So... the CAL legend herself, FerGod, just performed Sua Cara with Pabllo Vittar AND FUCK, IS THIS REAL LIFE?
  5. I don't understand how can you possibly be mad at her, since it's not really fault that she's got Fibromyalgia I did travel all the way from South Brazil to Rio only so I could attend the now cancelled show, but I know her well being comes first Wishing a speedy recovery to Gaga and a safe trip back home to all the fans that came to Rio 💜
  6. After hearing the breaking news, I've decided to go out and enjoy Rio Still sucks to know that she's suffering from muscular pain again (hope you get better soon, Gagaloo 💜)
  7. But I didn't edit any post?
  8. here


    Rihanna NYFW17 is literally me


  9. And I thought cockroach was the most resilient animal on Earth, guess rat is too
  10. I didn't mean THIS to happen: But wig at CAL finally getting the recognition it deserves Does Maxence know he outstreamed LaNO? I'm making sure to DM him about it
  11. Nothing yet?
  12. If you're not looking for interesting and just wanna talk: https://www.rabb.it/ItsEdu
  13. If you want a season to last for less than a week and not get the week-end charts, maybe that's a good idea xD