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    1. Stars Are Made To Shine

      When Kesha is releasing new music again and you're hoping this means no more "Why does she have a section" BG threads:


  2. can't relate, can you?
  3. you know what, just find another way of affording that new domain y'all are just simply not worth of my time
  4. your season had that much going on at once? sorry but I doubt it I believe there is a reason why y'all jumped the sinking ship that was ATRL and joined our version of the game "leaped up" as in going top 20 yet still remaining below some 6 month old single that hasn't received any promotion ever since? the tired talk about awards... save it everybody knows how they don't really measure anything, but current popularity
  5. there's a reason why ron is the host and you are not the game is coming back soon as most of us already know that since it was confirmed by the host himself and if you really want to talk about failure... why don't you look at yourself and that #48 debut single (which came out after a massive #1 and had tons of hype to rely on)
  6. I hate to repeat myself, but in the case I must because you just don't seem to comprehend... enough with the stupid arguments, ricardo look at the bigger picture and quit being such a brat
  7. inaccurate x2 I don't feel like explaining why lethal you performed the way it did (#1 debut on iTunes, not everyone has that) about encore, ron wouldn't be interested in hosting another season if it wasn't for it yes, the game could've been running just as fine without a streaming feature, but its implementation is what made the game exciting again for him instead of discrediting his hard work, sit patiently and wait until Saturday
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    You got a fetish for my love


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  10. After witnessing Godney herself live tonight, Ron has decided to bring CAL back immediately
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    We love a legend!