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  1. MaxeNOce having more followers than the established pop legend Lindsay Dee Lohan is just not realistic @Ronlop
  2. Excuse me ‘Jam’ is the definitive proof that socialites can put good music out
  3. I just finished writing a new song that I am incredibly proud of Let’s hope it will see the light of day
  4. Rihanna and Tinashe are from completely different worlds
  5. A bigger one than ‘Love Lies’ is at the moment
  6. ‘2 On’ was also a hit
  7. There’s nothing Normani can do that Tinashe can’t There’s your answer
  8. I must applaud Katy for doing this Most Brazilian singers didn’t even bother to say something about Marielle’s murder, so it’s major to have someone like Katy shining a light on it
  9. Celeb News

    Talent won
  10. Celeb News

    You misspelled Ally
  11. You mean This isn’t gorg? Look at how the collage is not disturbing and how the shade of purple compliments my poop when I have diarrhea
  12. This It probably goes well with the theme of the album, but it does look like an outtake Miles better than the cover we got
  13. My favorite song on ‘hfk’ getting single treatment And go off! Rat could use another stan btw
  14. Poppy outsold