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  1. Create A Label: Season 7

    CT isn’t being used for now, since this season is taking a more simplistic approach
  2. Create A Label: Season 7

    Where is ‘Analog’
  3. Create A Label: Season 6

    Digging this bath bomb aesthetic
  4. Create A Label: Season 6

    Ryan I-
  5. Create A Label: Season 6

    As if Nylon’s album didn’t out chart ‘Children of the Moon’ and make Brandon fall into a deep depression
  6. Create A Label: Season 6

    I’ll still be playing with LiLo and Tinashe ‘1 👁 Open’ went #1 in my heart btw
  7. 2017 CAL EMAs

    So proud of Madge
  8. 2017 CAL EMAs

    You’re welcome, Alvin
  9. 2017 CAL EMAs

    LINDSAY LOHAN ARRIVES AT THE #MALUMAEMAs The songstress has arrived wearing a degradê dress inspired by her own fans, the Little Blossoms. The gown, which had LiLo’s involvement in the creative process, is supposed to represent the strong bond that exists between her and her extremely loyal fans. It starts as a white dress, transitioning into a light shade of pink, eventually hitting the bottom in a color similar to magenta. During an interview given to E! News, Lindsay expressed her admiration for the United Kingdom - the first place where her comeback single in years ‘Stuck’ went #1 back in 2014. LiLo briefly talked about Maluma (tonight’s host) and how was the experience of starring on the music video for his song ‘Bad Habits’ along Britney Spears. Before exiting the red carpet area located next to the venue, she also mentioned how excited she was to announce the Best Video category and to introduce Troye Sivan’s performance with Shawn Mendes.
  10. Create A Label: Season 6

    I can’t be the only one screaming at this
  11. Create A Label: Season 6

    n At least we’re going out with a bang
  12. Create A Label: Season 6

  13. Encore Playlists

    1. Bottle Games 2. Toronto Trains 3. Stardust 4. Lethal You 5. Sinner’s Symphony 6. L.M.K. (Let Me Know) 7. Down For It
  14. Create A Label: Season 6

    Did it flop in 10 minutes? Dylan’s curse is real tbh
  15. Create A Label: Season 6