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  1. Edu

    Why is the pedophile trying to engage with us still 💀 Just leave already
  2. Cardi B scared the fuck out of me
  3. Edu

    1 hour until SB where's everyone ???
  4. Edu

    Not when we're talking about the inventor of glacial R&B!
  5. Edu

    Lindsay about to snap in Antarctica
  6. Edu

    Aww I adore you Alvin the fact half of the emojis didn't load on this trash phone tho n
  7. Edu

    So today both my bike and phone got stolen on my way to school I would like to ask Ron to freeze Lindsay and her current chart position until my new phone arrives I do know it's a lot and not even completely sure that it can be made but please I have an album to drop in a few weeks and it wouldn't be fair to have all my progress taken away because of this Thank you fats