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    Spotlight flopping aww love that for me Also isn’t it wonderful how some players can get away with not updating their playlists while others have to come up with a strategy to regain followers? Never change CAL ❤️
  3. Edu

    Should I? Bitch didn’t even bother to open iMovie and place an instrumental over an artwork
  4. Edu

    Not Tampa Bay Times DNDJSHDSJ
  5. Hmm it isn’t in my country tho
  6. Edu

    FUCK this new Beyst song contains the lyric ‘he wanna give me that vitamin D’ like ??? has Dicso been ghostwriting for her?
  7. Edu

    Normally I don’t really pay attention to lists like that but girl are these numbers off ‘Dreamelt’ sold considerably more than stated above it was close to being certified diamond before (mysteriously 👀) disappearing from the charts