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  1. Edu

    Can you try and find me a group code? That seems to be the new way of entering a room on the app 💀
  2. Edu

    Emojis aren’t working @Ronlop
  3. Edu

    Except I only talk designer makeup 😘
  4. Edu

    I can agree that I’ve seen better days when it comes to deals, but that’s about to change soon!
  5. Edu

    How could you get ready to face some competition if I was to start another campaign with a car manufacturer?
  6. Edu

    Get ready to face some competition then 😈
  7. Edu

    By ABH you mean Anastacia Beverly Hills?
  8. Edu

    I’m dying
  9. Edu

    Can’t believe Ron convinced Kanye f****** West to do the voiceover for these announcement videos