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  1. Create A Label: Season 7

  2. Create A Label: Season 7

  3. Create A Label: Season 7

  4. Create A Label: Season 7

    @Robert. A BOP
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  8. Create A Label: Season 6

    Anyone on rabbit?
  9. 2017 CAL EMAs

    'Now He's Gone' is so so good!
  10. Create A Label: Season 6

    Announcment Guys, I am very very sorry but I have to say that I am resigning as a host again. And this time it's official. I know it's a joke by now.. but I have to be honest with myself and I have to get rid of what I feel is toxic for me. The thing is...when I re-launched the season, there was alot of excitement in the air and the motivation is as high. I promised myself to keep the updates per week low than usual and so I did. But it just isn't the same anymore guys. The drive, my motivation and my commitment for this game is not how it was in past. I'm not sure it ever will but I think I need to be honest with you guys as much as possible and say that I can't keep up with this anymore. It doesn't have to do with the CAL Tube/ Encore updates because those actually are the fastest updates for me. It really has to do with my capability in reading all of your articles, then doing the Kworb updates and everything that follows that. I read every single one of your articles and it's hard at times. I spend hours a day even when I try to minimize the amount of updates I do because I get invested in it too much. It's toxic for me. I need to be completely invested into this game if I want to host and well I am simply not anymore. Maybe I've changed, I don't know.. I'm sorry for re-launching this season. I feel shit for that and I was sure I'll feel the same as I did in Week 1 but I just can't invest in this anymore. I really pushed myself to finish this week properly and I've actually came into this decision just a couple of hours ago. I know some of you will hate me for this because you've worked on your album releases and I so much want to hear them and read them. But please understand my position- I can't commit to this. And I don't want to do the same mistake again by re-launching this. I'm not a stable consistent host anymore mainly due to my real life and just basically my interests have changed and my near future is going to change too. I'm so deeply sorry. I hope some of you could understand.
  11. Create A Label: Season 6

    WEEK 8- OFFICIAL CAL CHARTS XYLON DEBUTS AT #1 THANKS TO SPS KWORB CAL IS NOW UPDATED! iTunes USA, Singles WW, Albums WW, Radio & Overalls are now updated ( go here: http://kworbcal.byethost4.com/OverallsS6.htm) http://kworbcal.byethost4.com/ AND CAL TUBE IS ALSO UPDATED! http://fotpcal.byethost18.com/ Please write down how much you earned this week. 1 Single Copy= $1 1 Album Copy= $5 Please write it this way: Post your earnings! Do not post articles for the new week until I say so!
  12. Create A Label: Season 6

  13. Create A Label: Season 6

  14. Create A Label: Season 6

  15. Create A Label: Season 6