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  1. WEEK 2- OFFICIAL CAL CHARTS BELLA'S VIBRATIONS HITS #1 Bella came to us with the release of her EP 'Stargirl' in early 2017 which managed to sell around 350k as of today. But now she officially earned her first #1 hit. After blocking Lindsay Lohan's comeback single 'Lethal You' and topping the radio charts for already 9 days in a row whilst being on Power Rotation for three weeks in a row, 'Vibrations' finally topped this week's charts and became Bella's first song to do so. The song sold 721k copies worldwide this week, making it sell a total of 1.6m copies as of today. After topping the charts last week and becoming her fourth single to do so off 'Arcane', 'Simmer Down' by Mariah Carey drops one spot with 578k copies sold worldwide. Despite being removed from Worldwide Radio Power Rotation last week, it still managed to garner an additional 15m Aud Impressions this week making it garner a total of 134.78m Aud Impressions in just 22 days. The song had already sold 1,833,000 copies worldwide in total. Oh look who's here. It's Ariana Grande! After several failed attempts to break the one-hit-wonder prophecy and the problems with previous management, Ariana finally manages to prove to all of the artists out there to never stop trying. After debuting at #16 last week, 'Heaven & Hell' has grown to be potentially one of the biggest summer records of 2017 with over 76.65m Aud Impressions in just 13 days and being top 10 in all major markets worldwide, something Ariana didn't manage to accomplish for almost a year now. The song sold 554k copies worldwide this week and is officially certified Gold. Kelly Clarkson earns another Top 10 hit with her brand new single 'Who You Love' off her upcoming album 'ANALOG' which is set to be released next month. Despite not being displayed on Power Rotation, the song still managed to get impressive first week figures with 31.2m Aud Impressions in just 7 days, currently peaking at 6 on the radio. The song marks Kelly's official comeback to the music scene after months of absence since the release of the Grammy winning album 'Masquerade' which sold over 3.4m copies worldwide in 2016. Harry Styles is also back to the scene but this time with two brand new songs! 'Moonlight' was added straight to Power Rotation on its release day, what led it to garner over 25.61m Aud Impressions in just 7 days. In comparison to Styles' previous lead single 'Bloodstream' which debuted at #5 and became the signature song of the British star, 'Moonlight' disappoints and debuts at #11 with 278k copies sold worldwide. Time will tell whether this song will truly take off like 'Bloodstream' did back in 2016. The second song 'What U Wanna Do?' debuts at #26 on this week's chart with 53.9k copies sold worldwide. KWORB CAL IS NOW UPDATED! iTunes USA, Singles WW, Albums WW & Overalls are now updated ( go here: Net Worths, Campaigns and Artist Section will be updated later on (probably tomorrow morning). Please write down how much you earned this week. 1 Single Copy= $1 1 Album Copy= $5 You cannot post new articles until you post your earnings!
  2. After around 2 months of hard work, Encore is finally here. Meet CAL's first ever original music streaming service. This is the homepage. Here you can take a look on all of the most followed playlists. When you release a song in Encore, your goal is for it to be on as many playlists as possible for a bigger exposure ---> bigger gains in streaming. Today's Top Hits, New Music Fridays and Total Top 20 are the default playlists. They are currently the most followed playlists so if your song ends up being in a high position in these three playlists, you're up for great streaming updates. Some of the playlists are organized randomly, some are organized according to the total streams, gains or upload date. You can make certain deals with certain playlists. For example: You want your song to debut straight at #1 on 'Summer Party' playlist, you contact Encore through @CAL Business and arrange the deal. These deals are temporary only, meaning you will not be able to create a deal that would keep your song #1 in a certain playlist for a decade. @Joanne don't even try it. If you'd like your song to go up in a certain playlist, you'd need to promote/encourage the fans to stream the song only through that specific playlist. If you want to make a playlist that is not an album or EP on Encore- it'll cost you $15m as of the moment. You will be able to control it and choose the positions of each song that was picked by you. The more you are constantly interactive and active in your playlist, the more followers it'll start to gain. Who knows? Perhaps you'll end up surpassing even Today's Top Hits followers and become the #1 most followed playlist. Creating a successful playlist gives you incredible power in-game but it will also bring alot of politics into the game which can be intense at times. As you can see in the bottom left, the artists bubbles are sorted according to who has the most Encore followers. The more followers you have, the better. This is how you can easily moderate your artist's streaming power. If your artist is in one of the bubbles, you can calm yourself because he/she is one of the Top 10 most followed artists in-game. (The current Top 10 is not final at all!) The banners will also be available to purchase through @CAL Business. Banners give your song/album great exposure on Encore and are always worth the purchase. Once you click on a certain playlist, this page opens up. It will give you info like the playlist followers, playlist streams and where the playlist is currently ranked. Yes. You can actually play your songs. This is not a drill! It is a nice feature added because you will now be able to actually listen to other's tracks. By clicking on the three dots next to every song , you will be directed to the release article link. An Encore tab is also added into each of your CAL Tube channels. You could easily check out all of the released Encore songs by that specific artist. If you'll scroll down a little, you'll be able to check all of the playlists that were uploaded by that specific artist. Reminder! A playlist can also be albums and EPs. This new version of CAL Tube/Encore will allow you to finally upload your videos/songs yourselves! Each one of you will receive a username and password for accessing CAL Tube. Do not share the password with anyone else! You don't want to get hacked by players who want you flopping 1. Video Title- A video title name must follow this format: Lorde- Unified Glory (Official Music Video) Lorde- Unified Glory (Audio) Lorde- Reflection Medley (Live at The Grammys 2016) ... 2. Video URL- you must insert the video url (the article/release article link on FOTP) 3. Video Play Time- The length of the video. For example: 3:45, 2:35, 5:42, etc. 4. Video Image- You must upload the thumbnail image of the video. Don't include a Vevo sign or a CAL Tube sign to it. 5. Video Description- This will appear on the video's description. It's smarter to include album/EP or song's links on iTunes/Google Play/ Encore for further promotion. You click Save Changes. The video won't be immediately uploaded, it will be moderated and checked before being visible. I hope this is clear so there won't be any "Wait I juSt UplOaded My ViDEO ON CAL Tube and it doesn't APPEAR. Rigged host!!!! Ronflop!!! Answer me!!!" remarks from you guys Be patient. 1. Song Title- A song title name must follow this format: Unified Glory Sick Sick Vibrations Lethal You ... 2. Upload Song- You must upload an actual mp3/wav file. The song should be instrumental only! 3. Song Ordering- Here you insert the song's position in the album/EP. For example: If Vibrations is the third song on Bella's upcoming album 'Nihilism', then you will need to insert "3". To upload an album/EP, you will need to post in the thread the title, cover artwork and the track-list. For all the independent artists out there, uploading an album/EP will cost you money. ($300k per track so a 10-tracks-album would cost $3m). 4. Description- This functionality currently is not visible so need to explain it. 5. Song Link- You must insert the url of the release article that was posted in the thread. If your songs/videos won't be according to this format, they will simply be deleted! A special thanks to everyone for helping out and bringing ideas! This wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for you guys. The one who's mostly in-charge of the website's design is @Edu so big thanks to him. If you have any questions, ask now please! To all the new players who just joined, I was very busy working on Encore so now I'll be able to respond to your private messages!