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  1. @KC7 Can you update us on whether you're able to release ANALOG today? The banners are booked for you so I'd like to know!
  2. It hasn't been officially put out. I'll do it soon properly!
  3. Whoever wrote Review #5 stans for Unified Glory @Bleachella "connect the dots" "connect the dots" "connect the dots" Congrats on the 80 score Dylan!
  4. METACRITIC | SEASON 6 Lorde- Eclipse (EP) @Bleachella Read reviews here: http://kworbcal.byethost4.com/Metacritic/Eclipse.html
  5. It will be shown on the next CAL Tube update
  6. @Cosmic Add Electrify instrumental into Radio release article. And please format your tour announcement in text + the way it appears on Kworb Tours. http://kworbcal.byethost4.com/Tours.html For example! And post it along the tour announcement. Including text version of the introduction of the tour!
  8. There are things to handle through CAL Business and a few other things so please wait patiently until I open Week 6
  9. WEEK 5- OFFICIAL CAL CHARTS Lorde has conquered not one week but two. The six times Grammy winner released her anticipated EP, 'Eclipse', this week and it ended up beating previous album 'Speed Of Light' debut sales thanks to Streaming. How did the star who was deemed to follow her peers, Beyonce and Lindsay Lohan, surprise us? Here's a little recap to last week. The two singles off the EP, 'Good Girls' and 'California Dreaming', topped the #1 and #2 WW chart respectively in less than a hour. 'Good Girls' ended up debuting at #1 this week selling 1.98m copies (including SPS) and 'California Dreaming' at #2 with 1.3m copies (including SPS). Good Girls' also debuted at #1 on the Encore charts last week with over 29.2m Streams in a week which is the biggest Encore debut since the launch of the new streaming service. 'California Dreaming' behind but still with big streaming figures in its first week- 17.3m Streams. And...if that's not enough! The worldwide superstar also managed to break her own Vevo record with her new video for 'Good Girls' which managed to garner 119.1m views in 24 hours. [Breaking her previous record for her music video for 'Dangerous' which also managed to garner 119.1m views in its 24 hours run last year]. It's foolish to think that a massive campaign which included an iTunes Take-Over, CAL Tube Take-Over , Encore Take-Over, Time Square Take-Over, Commercials on Primetime Telivision, Snapchat filters, appearance on Ellen and a X Factor USA performance which garnered impressive ratings would help fulfill the 'Lost Queen' prophecy. What brings us to this week... The star released her EP in her kind of way, throwing a huge release party, taking over Time Square and appearing on Saturday Night Live. The take-overs everywhere continued this week as well and the EP, which racked up 622k pre-orders and broke the most pre-ordered album/EP in 24 hours [298k pre-orders], shot up to #1 with a huge gap from the #2 selling album. The EP ended up selling 1.1m Pure Sales and 1.3m copies including Streaming. It's important to mention that the EP is the most streamed album on Encore and the biggest album/EP gainer with 107.3m Streams in one week which equates to 214k sales. This marks the biggest debut for an EP/Album since the release of Mariah Carey's magnum-opus 'Arcane' in January 2017. Lorde managed to dominate CAL Tube as well with over 586m views in just two weeks [354m for 'Good Girls' and 232m for 'California Dreaming']. The residency tour which is set to launch this week is also now completely sold-out and Live Nation confirmed today that there are talks about expanding the tour worldwide very soon. Although the EP's metacritic score is still not up, sources tell us most of the reviews are positive which further points on the EP as a nominee for this year's Grammy Awards. But the excitement and happiness quickly turned into sadness and sorrow following the horrific attack at Madonna's 59th birthday party at Plaza Hotel in New York City which shocked the entertainment world after the attackers were confirmed to be singers Fergie & Brazilian pop star Ali Ali which found success in the United States with her single 'Fog Light' a couple of months ago. Brendon Urie was confirmed to be among the 40 injured people and as of now, he is still in critical state. The news regarding Brendon quickly made it to Twitter and #PrayForBrendon garnered over 100k tweets with the male singer's biggest hit 'Oblivious' rising up the iTunes chart and Encore chart. 'Oblivious' finds itself this week at #16, re-entering the Top 20, at this week's charts selling 180.4k copies worldwide including SPS. His platinum-certified album 'Lost Love In Vegas' charts at #3 this week selling 93.6k copies worldwide, thanks to 'Oblivious' gaining over 3m streams on Encore. Aside from that, the host of the party, a 59-year-old woman named Madonna who is also a singer-songwriter and even released an album four weeks weeks ago, re-peaked this week on the charts with her album 'Comatose' charting at #9 selling more than its debut week. The album sold a total of 17k copies as of today. The Milian Mascara: Summer Lash pre-sale last week racked up 371k units but this week it was released. The iconic line proves itself once again with a massive debut week with over 802k units sold worldwide thanks to the Billboards and wide promotion globally. According to LO'Real Paris spokesperson, 55% goes straight to Christina, making it a $16.5m revenue for the superstar this week alone. Lindsay Lohan who signed a deal with Encore to serve as the face of their company. Part of the deal's terms include 'Lethal You' being exclusive only on Encore starting from this upcoming week. Another term was that Lohan would earn 15% of all of Encore's streams (SPS) per week until the end of their contract, meaning Lindsay earned $36.2k this week. Mariah Carey continues to sell with her Beats Headphones line titled 'Passion Ecstasy Headphones' which sold additional 54.1k units this week which is a $11m revenue for the worldwide superstar. A total of 415k units of the line were bought since its release three weeks ago. Lana Del Rey continues to sell with her Barnes & Noble collaboration book 'Blue Fell From The Sky' which was released two weeks ago. This week, 22k copies of the book were bought making it a total of 188k copies bought in just three weeks. Lana Del Rey earned $704k this week. KWORB CAL IS NOW UPDATED! iTunes USA, Singles WW, Albums WW, Radio & Overalls are now updated ( go here: http://kworbcal.byethost4.com/OverallsS6.htm) Net Worths, Twitter Followers and Campaigns are also updated. Artist Section is not updated. It is updated every two/three weeks. http://kworbcal.byethost4.com/ AND CAL TUBE + CAL TWITTER IS ALSO UPDATED! http://caltube.byethost9.com/ Please write down how much you earned this week. 1 Single Copy= $1 1 Album Copy= $5 Please write it this way: Post your earnings! Do not post articles for the new week until I say so!