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  1. I'll try and do this as drama-less as possible... I am afraid I need to leave the hosting job again. I am really truly sorry. Thanks everyone who contributed these few weeks and in general, thanks for taking part in this game. This just isn't for me anymore, this time it's final :/
  2. https://www.rabb.it/Ronlop
  3. RADIO UPDATE Since there won't probably be a Kworb update until Friday when charts come, here is a radio update so you'd know how your songs are doing in radio and the chosen PR this week. http://kworbcal.byethost4.com/Radio2.htm
  4. I never realized the fact I live in Israel and your parents are from Lebanon was ever an elephant in the room honestly so you're kind of surprising me with that dskfjd But that's sweet of you. You're an amazing player and CAL will be very different without you. You've improved so much and you are really a player every host would wish for and I'm really really glad I got to host several seasons with you playing. You are remarkably creative and you know how to be funny and witty but still be serious when needed. I'm going to reserve Celine Dion and Christina Milian for you just in case. But I wish you best luck in whatever you are going through irl and hopefully we'll still stay in touch <3
  5. You did not just make Lindsay tweet that to the moonkids dfkjksfdsd
  6. No, it's not the same thing. Signed under a corp, the corp also gets a share off the money as well as Live Nation because the investment is divided. (35% share for the artist). As an independent artist, you have to book tours under Live Nation but you choose the investment. If you will invest 95% in this tour, you will most likely get a 95% share. And the numbers you chose were two digitst so it didn't make sense. For example, you had MSG as a full capacity of 20. Try to insert them without a comma, you probably wrote them like this: 20,000 so just try: 20000.
  7. You control the source. You have the ability to change them for the better. #PromoteOnlineKindness
  8. As an independent artist, you need to contact Live Nation so the investment in a tour will be shared. Especially when you're touring arenas. Also, I deleted the tour you uploaded on CAL Tube because you inserted wrong numbers. Hope you can fix it next time.
  9. Zendaya is your blood-artist. You can't drop her, unfortunately. But you could still sign Miley
  10. https://www.rabb.it/hectorj91
  11. CAL TUBE UPDATE (20/2/18) http://calweb.byethost7.com/
  12. I'd suggest just to upload it to vocaroo and then download it from there and upload it to Encore
  13. She's taken :/ Unless @Edu is willing to give her to you.
  14. It didn't upload. Are you sure you uploaded?