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  2. @hector she's gonna pull a flowin'!!
  3. According to them, it's a new song that wasn't released yet "regarding the content of one of them, a new song has not yet emerged, there was a problem with the production of the competition."
  4. Source: https://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-5477583,00.html Transalation: First publication: A new crisis between the Eurovision Song Contest and the Queen of Pop. Ynet found out that Madonna's representatives sent a list of songs that she is expected to perform on stage in Tel Aviv - and one of them is objectionable among production officials. The director general of the public broadcasting corporation called on them not to interfere in the singer's artistic election Meanwhile, in recent days it has been reported abroad that Madonna filmed a clip for a song due to be released next month and stated that it was "a political clip that would lead to controversy." This is not an official report and it is not clear whether the song Madonna wanted to perform on the stage in the Eurovision Song Contest. ________________________________________________________________ What is she planning?
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    your room is closed again!
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    2018's Eurovision winner First Eurovision winner to cross 100m views with the winning song #1 on the Billboard Dance charts a trendsetting icon
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    Eurovision winner Netta is changing the world one second at a time.
  8. She also made the company sell for the first time their own XXX Large swimsuits for women as part of the deal. When will your faves?!
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    sis your room is closed!
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    The side headlines
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    omg I'm glad you're okay. I hope you will have a quick recovery. And if you won't be doing this week's charts, just letting you know that you've been a very consistent host this season so good job! And keep it up!