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  1. Maximus Records Jessie J Can WMG send the contract? oh boy. I know I shouldn't be doing this. @Bleachella @Harry Styles
  2. Join to watch the official first teaser of Create A Flop.
  3. Join!
  5. I absolutely love the lyrics Alex!
  7. omg I need more reeses
  8. Only music videos, audios and special performances (SNL, Award Shows, etc) are uploaded
  9. KWORB CAL UPDATE (23/4/17) CAL TUBE UPDATE (23/4/17) (Views Only! Comments will be updated when I get back home) Important notes! - @Edu Lethal You was not uploaded to CAL Tube. Take care of that or was this deliberately done? -The power rotations for this week are final! -Some songs experienced significant drops in South America and Australia due to like 17 songs being extremely close to each other.
  10. And the winner of this CAL Randomizer is... @Alesus 'Vibrations' by Bella is the chosen song. It will be featured on the new commercial for the entire month. Congrats!
  11. CAL Randomizer is back! -What does it mean? A special event that will give a boost to your song/album/artist. It can be anything but the point is that it was not planned! -This week: The chosen song will be featured on the new commercial for the upcoming anticipated movie 'Rough Night' with Scarlett Johansson. The movie is out in June. The commercial will play in all cinemas and US & UK TV for an entire month (Until May 22). Which song? That's where we pull the CAL Randomizer. I will use the Top 20 in USA iTunes currently and using a free randomizer website: . It will include the new releases by Lindsay Lohan, Madonna & Christina Aguilera since there was no update yet. The song that gets picked will be the song! Join here to watch which song will be chosen!
  12. Not Lorde tweeting this sfdlkjd A reflector indeed
  13. glkjdf you didn't come off bitchy, no worries :hug: