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  1. Really, it's impressive They date since October 2016 They probably live together in London since December 2016 He is already her second longest relationship They even spent more time together than she did with Calvin because she was on tour when she dated Calvin It's amazing, because she is one of the most famous persons in the world and the media is thirsty af Notting Hill, who?
  2. I hope Taylor and Joe still get some sunlight. TMZ probably follows them 24/7 because new boyfriend pictures will make TMZ a lot of money.
  3. We have no proof she is working on TS6 We don't even get 'I just saw Taylor Swift in a park in Nashville' tweets It is tragic But I hope she has a great time, wherever she is and whatever she is doing
  4. Taylor is laying low since November. Last paparazzi candid is from begin January. Last time people saw her was begin February at her only concert of 2017. Since then, only 1 fan thinks he saw her in Nashville but no one else has seen her ever since the concert. Why is she MIA, how did one of the famous women in the world disappear like this and when will we see her again? Discuss.