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  1. I don't think she will go to the MTV EMAs ever again. For her MTV EMAs = drama, and she doesn't want that anymore.
  2. I think she will continue to be more private. We will never get a 1989 era again. But let's hope she will promote TS7.
  3. For the long run a low-key era is great. She can snatch wigs with TS7 again.
  4. I knew she wasn't going to do anything when she said "There will be no further explanation. There will be just reputation." And I think it was a wise decision. I just wish she and her team would choose the right singles. The Reputation era would be much more successful if they choose different songs as singles.
  5. Really, it's impressive They date since October 2016 They probably live together in London since December 2016 He is already her second longest relationship They even spent more time together than she did with Calvin because she was on tour when she dated Calvin It's amazing, because she is one of the most famous persons in the world and the media is thirsty af Notting Hill, who?
  6. I hope Taylor and Joe still get some sunlight. TMZ probably follows them 24/7 because new boyfriend pictures will make TMZ a lot of money.
  7. Taylor will release Joenne instead Joanne