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    Wishy Washy, forgettable RnB - she reminds me of a cross over of Vanessa Hudgens and Jade from Little Mix. Song doesn't really take off, the hook isn't strong enough - it's like an Ashanti reject 3.6
  2. MrPopPants

    Thank you for taking the time to read! What I love about reviewing and reading others is the clashes in opinion and that's a factor that makes music such a great thing! To be completely honest with you, when I've heard the album through a couple more times, my opinions will probably completely change, I can see myself falling in love with "Man in the moon" but on first impressions I wasn't overly impressed haha Have you got a review? I'd love to read!
  3. Genuine question: If Amy Winehouse was alive today and still making music, do you think Adele wouldn't have taken off like she did?

    1. Michael.

       I am better than that hoe wyd. um2 

  4. MrPopPants

    Britney 'Glory' 2016

    Britney Spears 'Glory' 2016 Album Review For the Physical Deluxe review click here: https://talkabouttunes.wordpress.com/2016/08/29/britneyglory2016/ 1. Invitation (B.Spears, J.Michaels, J.Tranter, N.Monson) Instantly, this sounds like a zen track from Britney with an Asian twist to it. “Here’s my invitation baby” works great as an intro and literally invites the listener to engage in the journey Britney is providing with Glory. “I just need you to trust me” actually makes me nervous as to what to expect, she is keeping her cards close to her chest with ‘Invitation’ it’s calming yet the anticipation in the track is like a slow build to track 2 – it’s really easy to get into and a perfect album opener. The track is soothing, with a heavy beat and slower paced vocals – a treat. 6.5/10 2. Do You Wanna Come Over? (M.Larsson, R.Fredriksson, J.Michaels, J.Tranter, S.Chila) OK… I wasn’t expecting such a swift change in theme – the beat and ‘Justin Timberlake‘ style guitar riff sounds quite dirty, musically and the clumbsy vocal arrangements coinciding with the sounds of cans opening work really well together and it’s very Ke$ha meets Timberlake. This is definitely a sound I wish to hear more of from Britney – the sound is engaging from start to end and the song takes several twists and turns… I could definitely see this as a single and Britney sounds very good on the track. Could this be classed as ‘Outrageous’ part 2? 7/10 3. Make Me (Ft.G-Eazy) (B.Spears, M.Burns, J.Janiak, G.Gillum) Now this is the track a lot of people would be waiting for seeing as it’s the lead single from the album. The change in pace is welcomed and resembles the same ‘zen’ vibe from track 1. The heavy chorus really compliments Britney’s light and fluffly vocals and makes for a nice juxtaposition. The builds “Wan’t you to move” also set the choruses up a treat. G-Eazy’s appearance is needed I think, it sounds like one of those typical instrumentals where a rapper will pop up, but I feel it enhances the sound and it’s the only credited feature on the track list. I feel this single is another one to add to ‘classic Britney‘ 8/10 4. Private Show (B.Spears, C.M.Williams, T.Winfrey, S.Smith) As soon as the track starts, the background sounds really resemble something from a circus and this track wouldn’t have been out of place on Britney’s ‘Circus’ album; these sounds carry the song and it’s really enjoyable to hear Britney’s vocals in more of a raw form – she sounds really strong and it reinforces the ideology of this track being a female empowerment anthem. The chorus is particularly catchy and really keeps the listener engaged, leaving them wanting more. However, the vocals really start to grate by the end of the song “Put on a private show” particularly. 7.5/10 5. Man On The Moon (J.Evigan, I.Juber, P.Ryan, S.Fox, M.Lomax) The instrumental to this track is exceedingly catchy, I could happily listen to that on its own. However, with the vocals, it kind of makes the whole thing seem ‘wishy washy’ until the gorgeous falsetto notes “On the Moon” kick in. It kind of feels like a 2003 B-side, lyrically relating to a more vulnerable Britney. It has a lovely sentiment to it nevertheless. 6/10 6. Just Luv Me (D.Omelio, M.A.Hoiberg, J.Michaels) Wow – as soon as the track kicks in, it holds so much resemblance to Justin Bieber’s‘Company’ from the arrangements and the robotic sounds in the background. It’s actually hard to shake it from my mind. I love the way Britney sings in this track, it’s sultry and teasing, whilst singing from an endearing and vulnerable point of view. Towards the end of the track, the repetition of ‘Just Luv Me’ becomes irritating and starts to resemble a track from Fifth Harmony’s 7/27 album. Another mid-tempo mellow track. 5/10 7. Clumsy (T.Riley, W.Felder, A.Niceforo) Yes… Here we go, builds from the beginning, and a killer vocal arrangement and a gradually building instrumental – Femme Fatale Britney is back! The theme of the track is very playful indeed and the way Britney sings the track in almost a rushed manner really emphasises the song’s message and you can picture a music video for the track, with Britney being tossed all over the room. An album gem. 8/10 8. Slumber Party (M.Larsson, R.Fredriksson, J.Michaels, J.Tranter) Rihanna is that you? The beat is reminiscent of a Rihanna track, with the urban body roll vibe. Listening to the track, it’s hard to think that Britney hasn’t done a song with this theme before, it’s cleverly written and talks of the naughty side of a ‘slumber party’. I do find the track very middle of the road but I wouldn’t skip it – it’s very engaging.5.5/10 9. Just Like Me (B.Spears, J.Michaels, J.Tranter, N.Monson) I always do it. I judge the song before it’s played based on the title, and I had no idea the song would include “She looks just like me” and be from the perspective of a scorned lover and the previous relationship – I assumed it would be a raunchy kind of song and I must say it’s nice to hear a song like this from Britney, the vocals are floaty and it keeps the listener engaged. 5.5/10 10. Love Me Down (E.K.Bogart, A.Goldstein, J.John, J.Karpov) A different direction from Britney now, more urban and I’m not sure if it’s working for her or not… I feel the song has a lot of potential but it’s too Gwen Stefani and not enough Britney. In fact this would have been perfect for Gwen’s album “The Sweet Escape” but I don’t feel it suits Britney or her weak vocals very much. Having said that, Britney sounded very good in the middle 8. I like how the track goes in several directions and almost sounds like 3 songs stitched together. 7/10 11. Hard To Forget Ya (O.Gorres, I.Kirkpatrick, B.Coney, D.Andrews, E.Drewett) Now I feel indifferent about this track – I love the verses and the pre-choruses/builds are amazing, providing a perfect sense of anticipation, but the choruses are just horrendous; the beat is too heavy with clumbsy hooks, Britney sounds bored and it’s very ‘Beat dropping trend chaser’. What a shame. 4.5/10 12. What You Need (B.Spears, C.M.Williams, T.Winfrey, S.Smith) A trip to the 60’s to open this track with a kick ass vocal from Britney is always a good way to start a song. Also, kudos to Britney on that vocal, she sounds amazing and it’s quite raw. The hand claps in the chorus really boost the songs energy (Like it needs boosting anymore) but I wish they made more of the choruses, they are quite on par with the verses in term of production and need lifting just a little bit more, but it’s a sound that I think suits Britney very well and it’s contagious as hell. 7.5/10 For the Physical Deluxe Review click here: https://talkabouttunes.wordpress.com/2016/08/29/britneyglory2016/
  5. MrPopPants

    I'll have to go with a 6.2 - It's such a mature yet fun sound for the group and showcases another side to them - I was particularly glad to hear Niall singing (Even if there is some sort of effect/playback type thing behind his voice. The builds and bridges are great!
  6. MrPopPants

    7.4 - The song is contagious, but I feel she embarks on a path to shock for the sake of it, the verses are jaunty and unpleasant to hear, she sounds drunk on them. However, the builds and choruses are great! I like the dance influence mixed with an experimental sound... it was however, a very bad representation of ARTPOP Unfortunately it's forgettable when looking back on her discography.
  7. MrPopPants

    What a mess of a song. I have no idea what she is saying, the jarring noises are putrid and the structure is non existent. 0.1
  8. 1D Niall explodes at fan after taking a photo of him sleeping on plane: https://talkabouttunes.wordpress.com/1d-niall-explodes-at-fan/ ari1

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    2. MrPopPants

      I know right lol!  I'm not sure where I stand on this whole thing. At the end of it all, Niall is a celebrity and is to expect behaviour like this, it could have been a lot worse - and let's be real, if he accepted a selfie offer, he wouldn't be in this position. Yet again, it's invasion of privacy and creepy as shit. What do you think @Entea?

    3. Entea

      Well people have to stop thinking of them as firstly celebrities and start thinking of them as people. I wouldn't want people taking pics of me without me knowing, never mind while I'm asleep. As a fan they should have understood where Nialll is coming from and that he didn't want to be disturbed as he was sick. Then again if my fave was sitting next to me I wouldn't resist the temptation ny1

      I'm defo on Niall's side tho jj2 @MrPopPants

    4. MrPopPants

      Fair. Very fair! 

  9. Excellent! Just browsed over the rules - so I can only submit mine after Wednesday?
  10. MrPopPants

    I just can't get into old school Christina, basically anything from Stripped to Lotus is where I'm at. Let There Be Love is one of my faves.
  11. MrPopPants

  12. Spice Girls leak 'Song For Her' Not going to be a single brit2


    Emma DreamSmasher Bunton
    Still my fave though

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    2. MrPopPants

      Same, I assume it will leak soon though jj2

    3. Vertigo-go

      I thought that Sun article had a link dead2 Why does shitty tabloid have a leak but real fans don't oprah13

    4. MrPopPants

      PREACH! I'm dying to hear it!

  13. MrPopPants

    Britney vs Katy - Singles Review

    At last, 2 of the biggest names in music have premiered their new tracks online,Britney’s Make Me (ft. G-Eazy) and Katy Perry’s Rise. Both tracks are the lead singles from the pop princesses’ respective new eras, Katy’s 4th studio album and Britney’s 9th – but who has the edge? For the audio and our single reviews, keep scrolling! Britney Spears – Make Me (Ft. G-Eazy) When the track kicks in, the song sounds as though Britney is going in a very different direction to what we have become accustomed, yet she still manages to keep an aspect of the ‘Britney sound’ we have grown to love. The introduction supplies high pitched sounds to what you’d expect from Justin Bieber on his ‘Purpose‘ album.Britney then joins us with some very sweet and untampered vocals which sounds as though they have just come from 2004, old school Britney is making an appearance here and it is welcomed with open arms. It’s nice to hear Britney in a vulnerable light on a mid-tempo lead single as opposed to her previous offerings (Work Bitch being a prime example). With that being said, this doesn’t mean the track is dull at all, the bridge comes in with the perfect build, both musically and vocally and the beat drops to a sultry and ambiguous “ooh ooh” which is a great hook and pleasing to the ear. The featured rap is nice and gives the song a real modern feeling, but I can’t say it adds a great deal to the song – I’d prefer a break down from Miss Spears herself but it serves it’s purpose. The song is a grower and I imagine a sexy video will really enhance the track. Sounds Like: Cheryl’s ‘Only Human‘ crossed with Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry‘ and the Saturday’s ‘Missing You’ 7.5/10 Katy Perry – Rise Roar part 2 is on the horizon people. ‘Rise‘ is another example of what Katy Perry does best, which is a sleuthing empowerment track which slowly takes a hold of the listener and has the potential to cling on to the radio circuit for months to come. The track contains different vocal arrangements to keep the listener enticed, the faster paced bridge flows perfectly into the slower chorus, which is complimented by a darker background instrumental. The track sounds fun to sing along to, but I can’t help but feel the song is rehashing a sound that Katy has already exhausted and by the end the choruses become drab. Vocally Katy sounds very strong here, with great adlibs and belty choruses – this will become an anthem for people everywhere. Sounds like: Katy Perry‘s ‘Roar’ crossed with ‘Dark Horse’ 6.5/10 Sorry Katy, but Britney just takes the crown on this one! Blog entry from: https://talkabouttunes.wordpress.com/2016/07/15/britney-make-me-vs-katy-rise/