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  3. Welcome Veterans to Slasher All-Stars! I know this season has been long overdue and I know you're ready to start!!! It won't be as long as the other seasons, due to the fact that there's a lot less players! I'm going to try and keep most of the gameplay in a couple threads to limit clutter and allow more use in main threads and such, there will be a few changes for this season that will allow more of a fair play. What is Slasher All Stars? Slasher All Stars is a departure from the larger version of Slasher! All Stars holds about 10-15 people, of the most active and longest acting members of the game. A group of players are killers, and they have to vote on who to kill in the group of campers. Which means there are two teams; Slashers and Victims. A lot of this game has to do with PMs, so I hope those of you who sign up will commit to it and be available when the updates are posted, if not then please don't sign up! It gets irritating when people sign up and don't actually play because it doesn't help the players or benefit the teams! The game is short, shorter than a normal season, it takes about a 1 week depending on strategy and activity. Roles: VICTIM Victims don't get to be in a private group chat because then that would reveal who is a Slasher and who is not. The only way you guys can communicate is through the All Stars thread or PM one another. If you PM another player and they tell you their role it is up to you if you want to reveal it in the thread or keep it a secret. You all vote in the day time who the killer might be. If you're wrong you will be losing someone on your side, so know who to trust and who not to trust. SEER You’re an innocent victim with secret special abilities. Every night you can use your clairvoyant powers to learn one other player’s role. But be careful… Every time you use your power there’s a chance that your secret will be revealed to everyone, making you a target for the Slashers. As the seer you will have to PM the moderator (which will be me) and I'll tell you two possible roles for the player selected. Be careful though, players may not believe that you are the seer, and they might believe you are a Slasher trying to turn people against each other. COP You’re strong, you are powerful and protective. Every night you can choose to protect an innocent villager from being killed. However, you are not able to save yourself if the Slashers decide to kill you. Once you are killed, you will shoot at someone who you think might be a Slasher and kill them with you. WITCH The witch has the special gift to be able to make three types of potions. One contains poison, the other a resurrection, and another one contains a protection potion. Each night the witch finds out who is going to get killed. She can then decide to either protect that person or not. She can also decide if she wants to kill someone using her poison or to resurrect a previous victim. Unfortunately, making these potions requires a lot of ingredients and a lot of time, so these can only be made and used once throughout the entire game. The witch is also too scared to be burnt at the stake, so she is not allowed to tell anyone who the werewolves chose as their next victim. LITTLE GIRL You are a brave and noisy little girl who spies on the werewolves every night. You are PM'd the Slashers chat log every night but not revealed who said what or who is in the chat. This information could come in handy and might save someone from being killed if you do the right thing. You're main objective is too find the huntsman so you can save lives! SLASHER Slashers are all in a group message(s). You all vote on who to kill during the night and develop strategies through the PM. It is your job to keep your role a secret, nobody can know your role except for your fellow Slashers. In the daytime, Victims will vote on who they think killed their friend and Slashers will vote for whoever, if you are voted, they are closer to winning. How To Play: The game is split into two events. Day time and Night time. I know we all have different time zones so instead of actual day time and night time it will be fictional. I will have them in 12 hour periods to allow everyone a chance to vote and converse with fellow players. I will post a poll for when the most convenient times for you are and base the hours off that. In the day time, all players will chat in the thread and try to get to know each other as much as possible (to reveal if they're a Slasher or Victim), as well as vote to lynch a suspect In the night time, killers will vote in a private groupchat on who they want to kill while Victims are "asleep". After someone is killed during the night. In the daytime I will write an update and announce (as the narrator) who was killed as well as how and what role they were (basic victim, psychic, cop, etc) In the day time, Victims need to vote on who the Slasher is. They can also chat amongst themselves, even the killers pretending to be innocent. If they are right when voting, a killer is eliminated. If your wrong, you just killed an innocent member on your team. Private Groupchats are allowed amongst the Victims but I MUST BE ADDED INTO IT This often gets ignored but it's not an option. It keeps me in the loop and also reflects at the end of the season. How to win: All Slashers need to do is kill all of the Victims. Victims need to get rid of the all Slashers before it is too late. If there are more killers than campers then the remaining campers lose. Plain and simple! No Immunity This Season Wheel of Fortune: -Everyone's favorite mini-game has made a comeback after it's debut in Season 3 - You all should know how this works - You may only win one spin once a day, no more than that. EVER. - One person can get sabotaged multiple times, so be ready or be tortured No Group Challenges This Season The list of players that have been here for 3 seasons or more and have been invited to join this season are: - @Chapman. - @#Music - @fab - @Tampon - @Royale - @SWINΞ - @Ursula - @Beaux - @Anna-wa - @Cosmic - @Milk - @Vintage Music - @Malfoy (who I assume is Parker) Please let me know if you are able to patriciate!
  4. Witness cured my depression, cleared my skin, put money in my bank account, and raised my GPA to a 4.0

  5. Slasher!: All Stars (in progress...)

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