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  1. OMG I'm shaking Hannah back at it again
  2. so it's the systems fault
  3. eat a fat dick you obese cunt
  4. how come y'all didn't tell me sooner, I had no idea @Onika it was an honest mistake forgive me
  5. how many is the limit?
  6. no it was the one I just had earlier, it was 4 pics of Tove Lo but nothing explicit or sexual
  7. Hey guys! I just got a WP for my signature not sure why tho
  8. Game

    11 Also I'll be finishing up the singles rate tomorrow!
  9. Game

    a cute 9
  10. Had an amazing birthday! Thank you for the birthday wishes! wub1 

  11. Are we allowed to have slight areola in our avis? Asking for a friend


      k but this is a serious question

  12. Tbfh whatta whore
  13. Honestly tho, Nicki Clique dying off
  14. I just don't wanna flop hoe, thank you
  15. bc I'm flopping for filth on the fan fave list I probs wont be as active tomorrow/today bc it's my bday