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    Sony Music Spokesperson: "We clear oneself with the use of Lana Del Rey's "Midnight" album cover as part of our promotional campaign for Sony Music Of Excellence on CBS network. "Midnight" was an album that reached immense success and acclaim thanks to Sony Music's constant investment and support. Sony Music cares deeply in influencing the young generation in music and hoped to do so with showing Sony Music's achievements. We condemn any act of copyright infringement and strive for loyalty not only inside our company but also outside of the company."
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    Benefit event which will take place in Los Angeles honoring Sony Music artists and fundraising money to support the artists of the future. "Sony Music Of Excellence" will be arranged entirely by current CEO, Angela Buffalo, also to show the world what Sony Music has to offer and fix the reputation it got over the years. The show will be headlined and hosted by Harry Styles and will air on CBS on May 1, 2018. (12 PM EST) Only Sony Music artists will be allowed and will receive the awards. Message from Angela: "I'm very honored and excited to organize Sony Music's own awards show. We will not only be rewarding our artists for their commitment, loyalty and hard work but also fundraising money to continue support the next generation of the music industry. We will hopefully show the world what Sony Music really has to offer." @Love So Soft @Beauty Queen @Harry Styles @Hector @RebelHeart15 @tigerlily13 @Joanne @Michael. @Oriane @Party Monster @Royalty @Music Meister @Eglė
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    BELINDA | NEW SINGLE Raining Blossoms Written by: Angel Sonix, Max Martin Produced by: Max Martin Uploaded to all platforms including iTunes & Encore. @Hector
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    Belinda's brand is blocked to use for business ventures and promotion of products until the 21st of August when contract can be canceled with no harm or lawsuit pulled against Belinda.