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    I just really hope she promos more
  2. what type of bum bitch shoot her friend over rap


  3. christyalmeth

    literally ANYONE Ed is that annoying guy on campus with an acoustic guitar "just get laid by hot chicks, dude" his writing is nothing special when it's meant for high school girls to obsess over (see numerous songs he wrote for One Direction) they're all about how he (as homeless 1 shower a year serving sensitive frat guy) can save this girl so out of his league with just his chode penis and being a lovable douche not much to boast about talent wise, he's just this generation's uglier John Mayer
  4. Talkin bout your money long and your foreign sick Why you ain’t help your bro hide his cum from forensics
  5. christyalmeth

    I went to her last tour and had a really great time, the crowd was fun but still filled with 12 yo cliques from a dance class their momanger makes them take, tho Especially with this era you can tell she is trying so hard on the stage to grow away from her child star image it borderlines on cringey even though I did enjoy Dangerous Woman The tour is actually just like HM Tour with a step up in production with a more sexualized feel Maybe if she did some better choreo and had stuff like confetti cannons or elaborate stage pieces to entertain it would be better
  6. christyalmeth

    how can you be a fan of rap, whether you're here for Nicki or Remy, and just ignore the fact Remy BODIED HER It doesn't matter about sales, jail time, who they slept with Remy came at Nicki with BARS and LYRICS like a real rapper, I mean I like Nicki and everything but it's clear to see Remy took all her damn pink wings and then some I'm waiting to see what Nicki has to say, but imo I think no matter what she does she either loses credibility or Remy comes back harder the Barbs can try to make all the excuses they want, but Remy was spitting facts with skill It makes Nicki look like the whack bitch Remy thinks she is to the average person If she's really out here like the queen of rap why is she posting what Beyoncé thinks of her and leaving her finger pressed hard on the L key instead of going into the studio and dragging Remy her damn self???????
  7. christyalmeth

    Celeb News

    I never liked Pewdiepie and never understood his videos or found them funny, but since I'm not his demographic it makes sense Making Nazi and Hitler jokes, in the comedic sense, is so overdone and not funny anymore to me it's just being controversial for the sake of being controversial, without saying anything new He's really just trolling the SJWs in his videos bc extreme left media thinks he's a nazi, that's all The triggered side of the internet are taking the damn bait it's just a damn YTer who uses Nazi jokes to troll the extreme left and his 12 year old audience thinks its funny
  8. The father of pop is truly showing our faves what they should have done Thriller is honestly the most perfect album of all time and to think it's still going to keep selling and our faves can barely get platinum
  9. this really is me, like damn Adele is such a hive she needs to get a FOTP account she would get along just fine with us she even used the word stan in her speech, i'm shook cause what if she has a hive twitter account but in all honesty i love this and it was really sweet of her to do! I love Adele and respect her more now, it's just a shame because she doesn't deserve to get dragged. it's not her fault. it's the academy's fault. I know the feminist tumblr blogs buzfeed & salon will probably be salivating at the teet to criticize this or somehow call it problematic!
  10. christyalmeth

    anyone who has ever been to a club knows this iconic bop
  11. god Piers is such a grown up frat boy deplorable asshat I honestly think he says these things just for trolling now he's so obviously looking for a reaction it's verging on parody
  12. christyalmeth


    I'm a sucker for Trapyoncé, a DJ Khaled produced beat & HOV making references to his marriage I'm obsessed with this song and it's such a great turn up/car song! I think it's so infectious and hooks you, I love when Cockyoncé talking about her 2 decades of success and how much winning it's a mix of great vocals and good rap lyrics by Bey which I never though would happen! my fave is: Money don't make me happy & a fella can't make me fancy I think this is what I expected from 7/11 and is better, 7/11 is straight club drunk song This is just a great beat with some with BARS
  13. christyalmeth

    I really just think the Grammy's and the academy should have guidelines for what qualifies as AOTY that's really the problem and also race is a problem since only 3 black women in history have won AOTY award the Academy does have a track record of ignoring black albums like Janet's Rhythm Nation 1814, Mariah's Daydream, & MJ's Bad which are arguably deserving and impactful in their years and as time goes on, the AOTY award doesn't reflect the trends cause personally this snub isn't as bad as the Beck one was, though. The Beck win is a serious sign of how backward the Academy can be sometimes I'm not going to call it racist because Beyoncé lost, but it is a problem these albums by black artists win the subpar awards instead of the major ones like some separate but equal tea. I really do think it's a problem though, it's like the Oscars kind of
  14. christyalmeth

    we can agree to disagree on Lemonade being overrated or not but the point of the album, especially in our political atmosphere in the US, is to empower black people and black women especially if you don't see the racial commentary, you can see how raw Beyoncé was emotionally Especially with the Lemonade Film, each song is about how she and women in general go thru the cycles of breaking up/getting cheated on In all of my years being a Beyoncé fan I would've never thought she would release an album so personal and emotional As Adele in her speech said, it's a side to Beyoncé we don't see at all bc she is so private. So to let us know how vulnerable she can be and the different emotions she felt, really made me think it was better than 25. Mostly why the hive is reacting the way we are is bc when BEYONCÉ was (in my thoughts snubbed) by Beck it was oh sales don't matter it's about artistry Now with Adele it's about sales and not artistry, what more do you want from Beyoncé to do IMO, the reason why it's so unfair is because it strengthens the message of racial tensions the album in the first place. I really do think the industry is mad at Beyoncé for not following what they do: Like she is against Apple Music and big streaming, using TIDAL instead She does surprise releases instead of traditional route She barely promos if that and the gets outrageously high critic scoring This era was different because it feels so weird, those who love Bey love this album and those who don't, still liked it It was weird to see it lose since most people liked it and were in agreement WE thought it was a shoe in for the win because in a sense this was Beyoncé's most perfect album I really think the Academy is setting a message that they don't like how Beyoncé does this and they want her to be more conservative when it comes to releasing I'm not mad at Adele at all, I even think she didn't want the award for herself I loved her speech and as a fellow stan I respected everything she said