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  1. Thin White Duke


    and some of my faves are still struggling to eat something at night. slay tho!
  2. Thin White Duke


    this is a truly reverse warholian experience
  3. Thin White Duke

    omg, i understood it, i think i was looking at the first page, what a mess Yayo (AKA) VS Mermaid Motel
  4. Thin White Duke

    Ride vs. Yayo (AKA version)
  5. Thin White Duke


    I don't really know, based on the title I predict a TOP 40 but that's just with the title... I don't even know what this song is going to sound like, i need a description, a single cover, something.
  6. Thin White Duke


    yep, and that's a fact
  7. Thin White Duke

    Celeb News

    i think it's alright, i mean, nothing too impressive - be alright is a cute bop tho
  8. Thin White Duke


    the off topic in here I hate Die Young so she betta hate it and give some love to ha only hit Blow
  9. Thin White Duke


    where's kylie tho
  10. Thin White Duke

    come from the death
  11. I stalked you bey1

    I gasped at your Hunger signature bey1


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    2. Thin White Duke

      indeed. Bowie's impact is beyond comparison, there's no single musician who was as impactful on music, culture, fashion or in media as Bowie was. Lou Reed was a great lost too, I was not the biggest fan of his work but damn I know how it impacted, I don't think I would be here without Bowie to be honest, he made me believe in music as a way to not just say ''i love you'' but in a way to portray emotions that are impossible to communicate with words but with the sound of something not human as a guitar or as a piano. After I heard about his death I just HAD to listen to Time, by far, my favorite Bowie song. I don't know I guess I would have never even listen to the music I listen to right now if it wasn't for Bowie. damn i mean he inspired every single fave of mine in some way it's ridiculous how impactful this man was and at the end what makes me even sadder but prouder is how he used his death as another way to share art. omg, like oprah4 i'm amazed by him i just WISH i was 1/18 of the artist he was and that's even too much

    3. Vertigo-go

      I also love his comebacks. He NEVER came back from hiatus with shitty recordings, not even average recordings. ALL artists that have a career spanning decades had horrible comebacks or half-assed compilations, and he has some acquired taste albums (I only recently learnt to love Tonight), but it's never something lukewarm. I couldn't believe a person without an album out for ten years plus could come back with The Next Day, it's such a wonderful record. It's the exact opposite of a comeback album. You'd expect retrospection on the olden days or recycled themes, but when I heard "Here I am, not quite dying", I was like HOLY SHIT. And that dynamic music video. No recent artist has done anything like this! It's totally one of his best songs ever, and usually I have hard time trying to choose even 3 best songs from anybody's fourth decade. I mean I haven't enjoyed a Rolling Stones album post 70s! I also love his work with my favourite people. Gary Oldman is my favourite movie actor, and they kinda look simillar too, and of course Tilda, who is like his female yang! Also, his amazing relationship with Iman. Probably the most attractive couple of people ever.

    4. Thin White Duke

      yeah that why his artistry is so respected, I don't know how he did it, but he managed to always sound SO DAMN different, albums after album, not matter what damn genre he did he always did it with a CLEAR Bowie signature but made it sound also refreshing, take Earthling or Let's Dance for example! i don't know any other 80s pop album that sounded like Let's Dance or another electronic album like Earthling, like omg, i just feel like he was seriously important

  12. Thin White Duke


    stop copying lana, stick with your clorophilia sh*t
  13. Thin White Duke


    Stop lying to urself, Pretty Girls is at least decent
  14. i know u bitch interesting1  AS? tienes el mismo user de last.fm alex1

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    2. frankgutz

      ya sospechaba yo que habia unos de haya por aca jj2 sle  que bueno que andes por aca oprah4

    3. Thin White Duke

      oprah4 el foro muere hermana, me tengo que alejar antes de que apeste a moerta oprah4

    4. frankgutz

      yo hui desde hace mucho pero porque pasaba mas tiempo en Gagadaily, el sub de Gagz ya estaba moerto desde hace mucho, luego me invitaron aca y ya tampoco voy a ahi oprah4 buena eleccion hermana oprah4 

  15. Thin White Duke


    i hope this means she's gonna give us her Erotica next era