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  1. Lupita, The Farewell (Awkwafina especially), J.Lo, and Greta (for directing) snubs are disgusting!
  2. Diamond


    Not yet 😭 I was planning on catching up this weekend. The entire gang being there makes me excited to watch though!
  3. Diamond

    Don't Call Me Angel outplunged
  4. Diamond

    1999's catchy hook made it a top 13 hit in the UK, thank you very much
  5. Diamond

    Does she really think people listened to that song to hear her pathetic attempts at rapping? Please, they wanted to hear the catchy hook only Godli XCX could create
  6. iirc, Cara Buono said filming starts in October a few months ago? Obviously this might not be true/things could've changed but I'm betting on a November/December 2020 release.
  7. Diamond


    I wasn't expecting much but I actually liked it! I love Sarah, Evan, Kathy, and Frances to death but I like how fresh this feels. There's obviously going to be some midseason twist, there's no way the entire season will be this Friday the 13th remake I saw some theories about what we're seeing right now being part of a movie but I really hope they don't do that, it would just be the slasher version of Roanoke
  8. Diamond


    Screaming Did you watch the documentary btw?
  9. Diamond


    I think this is just alright on first listen, I can see some songs growing on me though! Right now it doesn't touch my top 3 (Pop 2, Number 1 Angel, True Romance). Cross You Out, Silver Cross, and February 2017 are my faves atm. Shake It sucks but it made me laugh so I can't shit on it too much.
  10. Diamond


    click slaps and @Liam is just mean </3
  11. Diamond


    I really didn't like this one omg Even some questionable Sunny episodes get at least a giggle out of me but I was stone-faced the entire time Is Dennis going to be in all of the episodes? I haven't been keeping up with the news tbh. I really hope so, the show wouldn't be the same without him.
  12. Diamond


    I still need to watch the rest of Season 13 I watched the first four episodes and pretty much disliked all of them so I lost interest I plan on catching up soon and watching Season 14 as it airs though!
  13. Why couldn't Miley get stuck in traffic on the way to the video shoot so I could admire the two other GODDESSES without her ruining it