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  1. Diamond


    the song is safe but a bop and the video is fun despite having a $2 budget... it seems like she has a coherent vision for this era so far and i am living! off to a good start, hopefully it stays this way 💕 the way i might regret posting this in a few weeks
  2. Lupita, The Farewell (Awkwafina especially), J.Lo, and Greta (for directing) snubs are disgusting!
  3. Diamond


    Not yet 😭 I was planning on catching up this weekend. The entire gang being there makes me excited to watch though!
  4. Diamond


    1. Marry The Night - Eclipsa 2. Marry The Night - Regine Filange 3. Bloody Mary - CharnyBoy 4. Bloody Mary - Diamond 5. 6. 7.
  5. Diamond

    Don't Call Me Angel outplunged
  6. Diamond

    1999's catchy hook made it a top 13 hit in the UK, thank you very much
  7. Diamond

    Does she really think people listened to that song to hear her pathetic attempts at rapping? Please, they wanted to hear the catchy hook only Godli XCX could create
  8. iirc, Cara Buono said filming starts in October a few months ago? Obviously this might not be true/things could've changed but I'm betting on a November/December 2020 release.
  9. Diamond


    1. Scheiße - CharnyBoy 2. Fashion of His Love - Diamond 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
  10. Diamond


    I wasn't expecting much but I actually liked it! I love Sarah, Evan, Kathy, and Frances to death but I like how fresh this feels. There's obviously going to be some midseason twist, there's no way the entire season will be this Friday the 13th remake I saw some theories about what we're seeing right now being part of a movie but I really hope they don't do that, it would just be the slasher version of Roanoke
  11. Diamond


    1. Black Jesus + Amen Fashion - Liam 2. Black Jesus + Amen Fashion - Fletch 3. Government Hooker - Madonna 4. Government Hooker - Chris 5. Scheiße - Ghostface 6. You and I - Merryem 7. The Queen - Madame X 8. Government Hooker - CharnyBoy 9. Government Hooker - Diamond 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.
  12. Diamond


    Screaming Did you watch the documentary btw?
  13. Diamond


    Yes Not that it matters much anyway