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  1. Discussion

    a LEGEND being mistaken for another LEGEND
  2. I mean nothing is confirmed but it's very likely, I expect something this fall tbh
  3. all of our faves are releasing this year omg, will we survive?
  4. B*yoncé hasn't done anything, not even an OOTD Instagram post since December 29 but... we're hanging in there
  5. oh is it time for your monthly visit to the pits of hell again?
  6. Other

    Rank Song 1 Brooklyn Baby 2 West Coast 3 Black Beauty 4 Flipside 5 Cruel World 6 Shades of Cool 7 Old Money 8 Florida Kilos 9 Ultraviolence 10 Is This Happiness 11 Fucked My Way Up to the Top 12 Sad Girl 13 Money Power Glory 14 Pretty When You Cry 15 The Other Woman 16 Guns and Roses flawless top 8
  7. Bizarre

    imagine waking up to this omg
  8. Review

    glad you liked... some songs ig my trinity is Bated Breath, Aquarius and Cold Sweat Feels Like Vegas, Bet and FSOTM is the second trinity
  9. Review

    Aquarius, Bet and Cold Sweat are fantastic, 11/10s, SOTC, etc
  10. oh wow tea SGG was my favorite ballad though
  11. @Anna-wa I like Camila's album btw! Not a big fan of the ballads but She Loves Control, Inside Out, In the Dark and Into It are really good!
  12. Inside Out, Havana, In the Dark
  13. Bey All Night 1+1 No Angel Gaga The Edge of Glory Speechless Heavy Metal Lover Lana Terrence Loves You Brooklyn Baby Black Beauty Kylie On a Night Like This Put Yourself In My Place Say Hey Lorde The Louvre Ribs Hard Feelings/Loveless Charli Lock You Up Take My Hand Roll With Me
  14. allie, max, and ariel... omg