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  1. Beymosity

    also can we take a minute and appreciate the song of the year?
  2. Beymosity

    I forgot about Holy Water and SEX lmfao. "Yeezus loves my pussy best" and mentioning golden showers is actually horrifying. Also screaming at dying crow, savage but you didn't lie I only use RoL and Bedtime Stories now tbh, I was really into her last year but not so much this year Agree 100%, and I'm actually surprised she isn't getting dragged for it? I love my fave but she deserves it! Next time she comes out with a song about feminism, people probably aren't going to take her seriously. I might sound like a snowflake!!1! or whatever but I just really hate Eminem and I'm really disappointed with her. I would expect this fuckery from Gaga or something, but not Bey.
  3. Beymosity

    Can we talk about how Burning Up is excellent and one of her best songs? I slept on it for such a long time then one day it randomly hit me! It should've been a bigger hit than Holiday and Borderline tbh. Also I was shocked when I joined this forum and saw people stanning RH? Hold Tight and Ghosttown are the only songs I like. Those lyrics are truly tragic, and let's not forget this cringefest I'm drinking a soy latte I get a double shot-e It goes right through my body, and you know I'm satisfied I drive my mini cooper, and I'm feeling super-dooper Yo, they tell I'm a trooper, and you know I'm satisfied I do yoga and pilates, and the room is full of hotties So I'm checking out the bodies, and you know I'm satisfied I'm digging on the isotopes This metaphysic's shit is dope, and if all this can give me hope You know I'm satisfied Do you have an album ranking? I'll share mine because I have an obsession with ranking things Ray of Light > Bedtime Stories > Confessions > True Blue > Erotica > Music > Madonna >> Like a Prayer >> Like a Virgin >> Hard Candy > Rebel Heart > American Life/MDNA (can't decide which one is worse). The first 7 are all really good though, it starts going downhill with LAP imo Now that I think about it, this year is the first time I've experienced Bey disappointing me with a release (I don't like IASF anymore but when it came out I was young and tasteless so I enjoyed it). Walk On Water is not only a terrible song, but working with Eminem is disgusting and makes her look like a hypocrite. I'm still not over it!
  4. General News Charles Manson FINALLY dies at 83

  5. Beymosity

    btw I'm stealing this for future use, I'm actually cackling rn
  6. Beymosity

    I like her debut, and I actually love I Know It I don't like Physical Attraction and Everybody though. 90s > 80s >> 00s > actual garbage >> Halsey >> YouTuber music >> 10s for me. I love you so much more for hating American Life, I can't believe some people on here actually think it's her best and want a 2.0? It's one of the cringiest albums I've ever suffered through Literally all of her albums have at least 100+ scrobbles on last.fm, while AL is rotting with only about 30 scrobbles. It's what she deserves! that sucks, i'm really looking forward to it and I'm tired of being disappointed this year smh!
  7. FOTP Big Brother 7

    Diamond... legend... revolutionized the floater movement BB3 - 7th place | one of the iconic Witches BB4 - 4th place | legendary floater, had everyone pressed, all other floaters in future seasons referred to as "the Diamond of BB_" BB5 - 6th place | my revival era, first season as an actual threat, fan favorite! BB6 - 2nd place | eliminated like 12 times but kept coming back like Chucky BB7 - ... anyway... Diamond... legend
  8. FOTP Big Brother 7

    they're serving 12 year old fangirls who send death threats to other people when their fave doesn't get their way I'm actually really sad about this game ending, I met most of my forum friends through here during BB3/BB4 and even though this season wasn't the tea, I still enjoyed rotting here every day at 3pm NYC time with y'all for 5 seasons! @Hannah thanks for hosting this season, you did a great job as always and I'm still impressed that you haven't fully snapped and killed some of these bitches yet, it's truly commendable!
  9. FOTP Big Brother 7

    omg congrats @Lust, king of TAG and now Big Brother!
  10. FOTP Big Brother 7

    sorry queen but I voted for the person I feel made the best game moves and wasn't eliminated before, love you
  11. FOTP Big Brother 7

    now that's what i call... UNpredictable!
  12. Beymosity

    @ me when Nekci comes up with lyrics as good as "fuck on your bitch like I'm Hefner / she sip on my pussy like nectar"
  13. Beymosity

    Here's a few... Ray of Light, Bedtime Stories and Confessions are my favorite albums. The Power of Good-Bye, Sanctuary and La Isla Bonita are my favorite songs. American Life is actual shit and is the definition of overrated. True Blue is great, LAP only has a few good songs on it and Angel is one of her best 80s tracks.