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  1. All three are deserving of course but Lemonade being so low + behind 4 is... questionable
  2. Diamond


    1. Marry The Night - Eclipsa 2. Marry The Night - Regine Filange 3. Bloody Mary - CharnyBoy 4. Bloody Mary - Diamond 5. 6. 7.
  3. Diamond

    Don't Call Me Angel outplunged
  4. Diamond

    1999's catchy hook made it a top 13 hit in the UK, thank you very much
  5. Diamond

    Does she really think people listened to that song to hear her pathetic attempts at rapping? Please, they wanted to hear the catchy hook only Godli XCX could create
  6. iirc, Cara Buono said filming starts in October a few months ago? Obviously this might not be true/things could've changed but I'm betting on a November/December 2020 release.
  7. Diamond

    Take My Hand Unlock It Track 10 Roll with Me Lock You Up Vroom Vroom Babygirl I Got It Drugs Cross You Out HMs: Silver Cross, Femmebot, Delicious
  8. Diamond


    1. Scheiße - CharnyBoy 2. Fashion of His Love - Diamond 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
  9. Diamond


    Hey flop! Girl you have done it again. Constantly lowering the bar for us all, and doing it flawlessly. Out of the entire top five, I wanted Cinnamon Girl to win the least but it's still great so I can't be too upset
  10. Diamond


    I can see these noms happening, the others... not so much Maybe Brown Skin Girl too? Rooting for legend though 💋
  11. Diamond


    The material...
  12. Diamond

    oh you're too good for a 30 second monster truck orgy outro?
  13. Diamond


    living for your loving best song ever recorded
  14. Diamond


    Norman Fucking Rockwell - 115 (+) Venice Bitch - 145 Cinnamon Girl - 35 (-) The Greatest - 125