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  1. Diamond


    Yes Not that it matters much anyway
  2. Diamond

    Lana Del Rey - The Greatest Charli XCX (f/ Clairo & Yaeji) - February 2017 Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus & Lana Del Rey - Don't Call Me Angel Lana Del Rey - Fuck It I Love You Normani - Motivation Taylor Swift - Lover Lizzo & Missy Elliott - Tempo Charli XCX (f/ Christine and the Queens) - Gone Bree Runway - All Night Grimes & i_o - Violence
  3. Diamond


    Sent my rates! I tried to sabotage a certain song because I know y'all will overrate it but it hurt to give it a 0, the lowest I could go was 5
  4. Diamond


    @Madonna I'm confused, I wasn't tagged but Highway Unicorn was? Am I still in or...
  5. #DiamondWasRobbed omg who started this 😍😭
  6. Diamond

    Cross You Out, February 17, and Silver Cross
  7. Diamond


    I think this is just alright on first listen, I can see some songs growing on me though! Right now it doesn't touch my top 3 (Pop 2, Number 1 Angel, True Romance). Cross You Out, Silver Cross, and February 2017 are my faves atm. Shake It sucks but it made me laugh so I can't shit on it too much.
  8. Diamond


    click slaps and @Liam is just mean </3
  9. Actually really love this song + video I was expecting a mess but all three served tbh
  10. Why couldn't Miley get stuck in traffic on the way to the video shoot so I could admire the two other GODDESSES without her ruining it
  11. Why does it bother you so much
  12. Diamond


    Not all Beyoncé stans are the same! Are we removing @Beyoncé's vote or..? I'm voting Government Hooker too so everything stays the same. 1. Government Hooker - Fletch 2. Government Hooker - Madame X 3. Judas - Venom 4. Government Hooker - Diamond 5. Government Hooker - Luca 6. Government Hooker - CharnyBoy 7. Government Hooker - Chris 8. 9.
  13. Diamond


    I'm aware of how this game works, I'm Edge of Glory not Highway Unicorn though