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  1. It gives me Cinnamon Girl vibes, I'm obsessed
  2. just noticed my cry for help in the midst of vicious cyberbullying is your sig laura1

  3. Poor Keesha looked STRESSED the entire season omg... and I FORGOT ABOUT LIBRA We gotta find a way to get her in the house QUICK
  4. I stopped watching after BB18 so I have no idea who some of these people are... but I'm tuning in for those QUEENS I think I liked Keesha too but my memory is poo so idfk
  5. DA'VONNE AND JANELLE Nicole 🍅🍅🍅
  6. logging in to say seven is one of her best songs ever, everything about it is fucking beautiful... like what the FUCK taylor
  7. The way everyone (including myself) forgot about it after two weeks I went back to it a few days ago and remembered how good it is... I stan every song except 713 and Friends
  8. Paparazzi Poker Face Summerboy Bad Romance Speechless Dance In the Dark Marry the Night Government Hooker Judas Heavy Metal Lover You and I The Edge of Glory Venus Sexxx Dreams Just Another Day Shallow Always Remember Us This Way Rain on Me 911 Babylon This was way harder than I expected I tried to include as many 2013-2018 songs as I could but there's just too much excellence on TF/M + BTW
  9. I'm kinda shook tbh, I never thought she would see this much critical and commercial success in 2020 Very deserved though, Chromatica is a serve and gets better with every listen
  11. Stupid Love, 1000 Doves, Plastic Doll All three are listenable though
  12. BTW > TFM > ARTPOP > Chromatica (for now) > The Fame >> Joanne Chromatica definitely isn't perfect but it's just so FUN it's easy to ignore the flaws here and there. I think it makes up for the past seven years of torture she put me through
  13. 911 Babylon Rain on Me Alice Sour Candy Replay Free Woman Sine from Above Fun Tonight 1000 Doves Plastic Doll Stupid Love Enigma
  14. I am so HYPED for 911 and Sour Candy
  15. my burning question finally answered
  16. If Sour Candy doesn't start with "Blackpink in Chromatica" I will throw fits
  17. 4 DECADES OF #1s I'm so happy for Megan omg she really deserves this
  18. If it leaks late Wednesday or Thursday I'll just wait, but if it comes tomorrow... well
  19. Leave Godli XCX out of this, she did this in quarantine
  20. The way it took me three listens to realize that, not my proudest moment I love pretty much everything he touches from Lana to Taylor to Bleachers.. if that makes me a basic gay I'm proud to be one
  21. When I first listened I was extremely underwhelmed ngl but the more I listen the more it grows on me I'm still not feeling Heartbeat, Window, Felt This Way, and Stay Away (sorry king) but maybe they'll grow too My favorite songs on Side A & B being produced by Jack, I kinda need her to work with him on a full album