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  1. I can't believe this is happening, we waited four years for this moment I remember being here for the 2016 thread and watching our hope slowly get crushed before our eyes... I was so pessimistic about this election because of that but now I just don't see how Trump wins this
  2. just noticed my cry for help in the midst of vicious cyberbullying is your sig laura1

  3. logging in to say seven is one of her best songs ever, everything about it is fucking beautiful... like what the FUCK taylor
  4. I'm kinda shook tbh, I never thought she would see this much critical and commercial success in 2020 Very deserved though, Chromatica is a serve and gets better with every listen
  5. If Sour Candy doesn't start with "Blackpink in Chromatica" I will throw fits
  6. The way it took me three listens to realize that, not my proudest moment I love pretty much everything he touches from Lana to Taylor to Bleachers.. if that makes me a basic gay I'm proud to be one
  7. When I first listened I was extremely underwhelmed ngl but the more I listen the more it grows on me I'm still not feeling Heartbeat, Window, Felt This Way, and Stay Away (sorry king) but maybe they'll grow too My favorite songs on Side A & B being produced by Jack, I kinda need her to work with him on a full album
  8. @Hyun. What are your faves? Comeback, Now I Don't Hate California After All, Summer Love >>
  9. that's gossip, what you on money don't talk, rip that song gossip, babble on battle for your life, babylon I don't know what the fuck she's saying but girl I am living
  10. Can't wait to hear Babylon in 2 weeks, I've been hyped for it since JULY. I just know it's gonna be so bad it's actually good.
  11. @Cosmic @Tahj Damn Daniel SLAPS
  12. of course i'm streaming soty
  13. Bey section lives once again
  14. Screaming Did you watch the documentary btw?
  15. Same! I don't like some of the new lyrics like "we were just that good, it was just that good" and "Topanga's hot tonight, I'm taking off my bathing suit" but I really love it overall
  16. It's definitely near the bottom of 4 but I don't think it's one of her worst, Best Thing I Never Had outworsed
  17. Literally her worst song along with Daddy Even during ST and Lemonade she gave us visuals and performances so I didn't care about the lack of promo, but EIL deserved so much more
  18. Sasha Fierce is the worst album ever recorded, I agree
  19. The "era" was such a mess too, the fact that it was listed as a "Beyoncé & Jay-Z" project on some platforms until it tanked, then it was "The Carters" everywhere will never not be funny to me Plus they really dropped it and let it die, they performed like 3? songs on some tour dates but that's it
  20. It truly has no bad tracks if we ignore Salud Obviously it doesn't come close to 4, ST, or Lemonade but it's still really good. EIL > The Gift
  21. Do you still use Everything Is Love btw? I feel like everyone collectively forgot about it but I still bop
  22. This sounds cute, can't wait to listen in 2046 when Brooke releases her album!
  23. The bullshit's for the birds, girl, that's the word, girl The high life's not only for the Kardashians, bitch You better tighten up and start cashin' in, bitch It's Brooke Candy, bitch Escaping this forum? Kinda like you know who escaping music? Okay I'm done xo
  24. Y'all upvoted and quoted me at the same time... dupes confirmed? All Night is my fave, but I didn't really hate anything except Brooke Candy's existence on Big Racks... so unnecessary I can understand why you're looking forward to more music from Bree, since you know who won't be giving you any...