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  1. Wtf at this announcement? Let's ban donald trump and all other personalities that have people bothered since it's so grave.  ayumi1 Bye

  2. xPIKACHUx

    Celeb News

    They are quite evident
  3. Oh please. She needs to go take a nap. Next thing you know she'll be branded the new outspoken social warrior
  4. xPIKACHUx

    Celeb News

    I think it's obvious that the album isn't being delayed because of a collab. More like for other reasons
  5. You rats. She literally just tweeted that she was leaving.
  6. Oh look you can finally scroll through status updates dead7

  7. xPIKACHUx


    He has a new video out recently no?
  8. Queen of the Underground nat2

  9. xPIKACHUx


    She pointed out the similarities between his video and Yung Rapunxel. He tweeted those tweets today. She went Awf!
  10. xPIKACHUx

    Celeb News

    That's exactly why they're most likely focusing on promoting it. Poor Dw
  11. xPIKACHUx

    Celeb News

    LOL. Her team is scrapping it after the blowup from Into You. Poor DW.
  12. She should permanently remove it. Just a suggestion.
  13. xPIKACHUx

    At least Ariana has some consistency to her voice