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  1. Rihanna - Bitch Better Have My Money on July 4th, 2015
  2. Never Forget You by her and MNEK reached #13 in the US, though. OT: This song is a bop, and she has potential to be the next pop girl. Her voice is amazing if you hear her live, and her style/personality slays. I hope she sees more success in the future.
  3. Mine are: The Fame Monster Pink Friday LOUD
  4. #3AlbumsThatChangedMyLife is currently one of the top trends on Twitter. What are the three albums that changed your life?
  5. andy here

    Illuminate is on Spotify. cry6

    I'm not ready. cry6

  6. Not half of the interview being about One Direction. Their impact.
  7. You got: 45+ You long for the days when records were actually records and mixtapes were on actual tapes. I'm 18.
  8. If he had hired black girls who already had dreads, they wouldn't look ugly sis. These white girls look like they have grinch fingers on the top of their head.
  9. andy here

    AHS taught us why we shouldn't be on our phones and drive. clap1

    1. ♚Missy♚

      Kathy Bates the indestructible jj1 

  10. andy here

    Perfect Illusion was on my local radio. antm1

  11. You can masturbate in public, but same sex marriage is illegal? What?
  12. andy

    This is why I never drag other pop girls' numbers. I hope this isn't true, but I honestly don't think it's far from it. I don't care that much, I just hope it doesn't effect her album and it's release date.