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  1. Anton

    What's an xtina ?
  2. Anton

    96 ON METACRITIC (5 CRITICS). http://www.metacritic.com/music/lemonade/beyonce SLAY ME QUEEN ALBUM OF THE DECADE
  3. Anton

  4. Anton

    Formation is #1 on itunes US http://kworb.net/itunes/artist/beyoncC3A9.html
  5. Anton here

    Formation is #4 on i tunes now bey6

    1. Nick

      The world is getting in formation cry9

  6. Anton

    64 countries now But i thought it was gonna flop for sure ??
  7. Anton

    So will the total points be revealed ?
  8. Anton

    I think she was born in 57 BC
  9. Anton

    I always hide chocolate from my parents
  10. Anton

    Agatha Cristie
  11. Anton

    What's a five guys and what dumbass said that ?
  12. Anton

    I forgot Moo had stans here