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  1. ITZ is still my fave Britney album
  2. chris

    YAAAASSSSS CHANEL SLAYING AS ALWAYS I am SO ready for this to come back I've missed it so much
  3. chris


    I hear "Tie me up"
  4. This is my favorite album of the year so far, I hope it does really good sales/chart wise. I wasn't around when it was released, had no way to the internet so can someone tell me how many copies it sold WW the first week?
  5. chris


    9 years later and it's still a bop
  6. chris


    I want her to punch me in the face
  7. chris


    I think she looks cute with bangs
  8. TBH this is really scary. As a gay man, I know this could happen to any one of us, at any time. And you'll never even see it coming. I really hate homophobes
  9. Who cares? The song isn't all that good anyways, it's not gonna be a hit or anything.
  10. chris

    It might be "iconic" where you live but I've never once in my life heard this
  11. chris

    Doesn't FOTP have rules against body shaming? IDC if you like her or not, calling her a whale, especially after everything she's been through with eating disorders, self harm, bullying ect ect. is just majorly messed up. Not cool. At all. Shame on yous
  12. chris

    I like xtina. I really love her. So why do I feel so offended
  13. chris

    Some songs were decent, but the album sucks as a whole. Nothing wrong with her new image, I just don't like her new sound.
  14. chris

    Me too! I actually didn't like the first season all that much but I LOVE this season. I actually created a thread about a week ago for the show, if you wanna talk about it with me
  15. chris

    That emote is perfect & Yaaaaaaasssss thank you! I'm completely addicted to this show