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  1. Hey you guys, I shot a casual video for This Is What You Came For with my best friend today! Check it! https://www.instagram.com/p/BE7CofdnArM/?taken-by=nillsie

  2. Flying into Amsterdam tonight! Slé bey6

  3. My body is ready to bust out in da club to dis
  4. More like Slay Something, k w e en.
  5. Slay. I may do Thailand in the fall for my bday. Two of my friends are currently there and the pictures make me envious!
  6. I don't need a sugar daddy, darling Most of my friends are single and cute, but alas not rich I'll be going to Tokyo soon, but no backpacking, that seems scary af!
  7. Last international place was Costa Rica, but over seas it was Germany I think. Going to London on the 25th!
  8. Stripped Back to Basics Tour Your Body This season of The Voice About me? I'm a thot that travels the world
  9. Hey little Legendtinas, hope you have room for one mo!
  10. Ay yo bae, what yo instagram is?