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  1. Celeb News Taylor Paparazzi Proofing Her Home

    Her castle crumbled over night so now she's reinforcing it with all the bricks they threw at her.
  2. Album Reputation Vinyl Up for Pre-Order on Barnes & Noble!

    It's $60! This is about to become the most expensive record I've ever bought. At least Taylor answered my prayers of not releasing it on standard black vinyl.
  3. Really? I doubt it's available in Canada though.
  4. That's So Raven, Lizzie McGuire, and other golden age Disney shows better be on this. And why is it only coming in 2019?
  5. Rumor Update: NO | Taylor to perform at VSFS?

    I don't think that China minds when stars come to perform in their country (as long as they sign that agreement not to be religious/political) but when it comes to a performance that is going to be recorded in their country and then broadcast around the world, I believe they're more rigid on guidelines. They're not going to allow someone to promo themselves internationally from China when they have "disrespected" the country before. So it makes sense why Katy is being denied now rather than a year ago. And according to the latest news report I saw, Adriana's (as well as a number of other model's including Gigi, one of Taylor's best friends) visa was being held up because of a "diplomatic issue". But if you want to attribute international political power/influence to Taylor/her team then I won't stop you. EDIT: Also the government of China let Gigi be the cover of Vogue China in March of this year after her "racist" incident that they're holding against her now. So the opinion of a country can change. Source: http://www.imgmodels.com/news/gigi-hadid-vogue-china-march-2017
  6. Discussion LWYMMD vs RFI?

    Look is the better song and video. RFI is cute but I can't listen to it more than once in a row because it's production is too harsh.
  7. Rumor Update: NO | Taylor to perform at VSFS?

    Katy isn't the only one who had her visa revoked (even Adriana Lima isn't being let in). Taylor does not have an in with the Chinese government, you need to stop reaching before you tear a ligament.
  8. Rumor Update: NO | Taylor to perform at VSFS?

    Inb4 her TS 1989 merch gets her Visa cancelled too.
  9. Celeb News Charli XCX scraps album

    No, I'm pretty sure that Atlantic refuses to release anything that leaks so they keep pushing back her album release and because of that more people leak songs. It's a never ending loop. Poor Charli probably just wants to be done with this album at this point though.

    I was dyin' in that getaway car btw.
  11. Wonderland

    Also, what song was she filming a video for in London? I still need to know.
  12. Wonderland

    I hope Taylor does something special for the vinyl release of rep. I'll live with standard black vinyl but I hope he does at least a collector's edition or something of the sort.
  13. Rumor Reputation: Platinum Edition might be released

    Rep went platinum in less than four days...
  14. Achievement End Game is already almost top 40 on US Pop Radio

    I don't believe that we've had any confirmation that it will be but if she isn't going to release it she should at least release this single.
  15. Achievement End Game is already almost top 40 on US Pop Radio

    Release the single on Spotify this Friday queen and collect your impending #1 smash.