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  1. Please come and rescue the music industry queen. I need something to look forward to this fall. Going through this past school year without new Taylor music was horrid. But no Ed collab on TS6 then? Interesting. With all the talking that he had been doing recently I thought they would have already had something in the works, unless he's lying about that and they already have a song recorded.
  2. I had no idea that she had a hand in writing All Too Well!?!? And I love hearing about the writing processes of songs, it's always interesting to see how artists essentially build a musical landscape from the ground up. And I love that Liz stans WANEGBT. EDIT: Oop, looks like I've finally reached my 1000th post.
  3. I know these are fan-made (except for CTTR) but I'm so sad that she didn't choose to keep the cover art for the era visually consistent. These look so good.
  4. Discussion

    OMG, it's been forever since I've listened to her debut but I have to finish an assignment that I have due in the morning so I'll have to catch you on a different album.
  5. Taylor has reached 100 million followers on Instragram after 1989 days since her first post on October 26th 2011. Her first ever post was dedicated to her grandmother:
  6. Game

    This song deserves nothing less than a 9. It'd be a perfect 10 if she wasn't describing how she'll eventually run away from music.
  7. Single

    The single cover is tragic... By the looks of it I thought the sound would be a return to her earlier stuff but sadly it isn't.
  8. Game

    A classic that propelled her to stardom, a cute and well deserved 9.
  9. Game

    And on a Wednesday, in a café, I rated this song a 10.
  10. TS6 is coming this year and y'all doubters can't rain on my parade. EDIT: This is my 989th post.
  11. here

    Hey! wub1 I noticed that you haven't logged in for a while so I just wanted to check up and say that I hope you're doing well!

  12. I had a massive exam to study for so I needed to limit myself to lurking for a while. But Taylor news has brought me back Out of the Woods.mp3
  13. This Is What You Came For (Live at Super Saturday Night) The superior version!
  14. Celeb News

    I bet the house has a wonderful garden and that she's already planning where to plant the kale when she finally chooses to follow "The Lucky One" and ditch the music. The house is stunningly gorgeous though.
  15. I know exactly what you mean, she let the comments about her being too attached/over-emotional and writing about past experiences with boys get to her and by doing that she kind of lost the storytelling element to her songs that made them so great. She's at her best when she writes from experience because her emotions then get translated into her songs. I hope with this next release she goes back to expressing how she really feels instead of trying to make every song basic enough to be a hit single. I guess only time will tell what route she chooses to take though. Taylor herself hasn't said anything so at this point it's all speculation but Ed has been running his mouth about when he thinks her next release will be coming. He's really been showing his desperation to have another collab with her now that she's gone full blown pop. It's more likely than not that it will be coming this year, I highly doubt she'd take a four year break between releases.