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  1. Some (reputable) sleuthy Snakes Swifties have discovered a song registered as "Ally Test Song" on Sony/ATV's updated song repertoire. Could this be the codename for the collab that Ed has been long promising will happen? Will it be the lead for TS6? Please TayLORD np. Link to tumblr post.
  2. Taylor looks great in these leaked promos for TS6. Victoria Secret performance confirmed. She's finally got her wings.
  3. The above image is rumoured to have been momentarily visible on the events page of Taylor's website. The page currently states, "No Events Check Back Later". Could this be further proof of a VMA performance of the lead single for TS6? Is TayLORD coming to snatch us bald? Link to the page. I've also seen a lot of talk about Katy and Taylor performing together to officially end their public feud but I want the lead to TS6 ngl.
  4. Other

    This sounds so much better than the original version, so much less... harsh sounding. The production reminds me of a Madonna for some reason and I can't tell why. I wish I was able to edit songs like this. Britney should hire you to go through her unreleased catalogue and remaster songs for her twentieth anniversary.
  5. Album

    Her soundtrack singles have never been indicative of upcoming releases bar Sweeter Than Fiction sharing a same kind of sickeningly sweet atmosphere as Stay Stay Stay (even that's kind of a one off track on Red, I love it though). So I think we're good on that front.
  6. Those (red and white ports) are audio jacks in order to connect the turntable to an external sound system. The Victrola model you have does not have the USB port or ability to record music...
  7. Going by the picture you posted of the model of your turntable, it looks like it doesn't have that feature. Sorry. The standard is a black vinyl but yes, the special variant is that pink/lavender swirl. It's quite pretty in person.
  8. Single

    It's interesting.
  9. I loved your rework of In the Zone so would you be able to send me this too?
  10. I remember making this in celebration of their relationship. Oh how time has flied.
  11. here

    Seal: Green Light is not a good song.

    Lorde: Those great whites, they have big teeth. Oh, they bite you.


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      @#Music I don't know about that, @Halcyon has really been holding down the fort. Juinae has a lot of catching up to do. sia1 

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      sia1 A Madonna / Lady Gaga in 2009 experience?

  12. For those who can't be bothered to watch: 10. Bad Liar - Selena Gomez 9. I Feel It Coming - The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk 8. Location - Khalid 7. XO Tour Llif3 - Lil Uzi Vert 6. DNA. - Kendrick Lamar 5. Sign of the Times - Harry Styles 4. Green Light - Lorde 3. Despacito 2. Passionfruit - Drake 1. Slide - Calvin Harris ft. Frank Ocean & Migos
  13. This article is written by Milo Yiannopoulos (one of the internet's biggest trolls) in 2014 and you're only posting this now? Giving me Meghan has snacks in late May teas.
  14. Thank you for the belated birthday wish! Yeah, I rarely announce my birthday so I can't believe your detective eyes spotted it. Anywho, only two birthdays left until I can sing along with Snake's "22" and actually mean it. And I see that you sent me a PM a while back, I am sorry for not responding. I have been pretty inactive on here for the past couple months but I should get back to you soon.