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  1. Really? I guess it must be because I went to a 9:30 showing in the only theatre near my uni. And I am 100% buying the soundtrack on record now. I saw your thread about it and it's obvious the effort that went into even the smallest detail about this movie/it's music.
  2. I just got back from seeing it! I held off from listening to the soundtrack (aside from Shallow) and I'm glad I did, Gaga's voice had me in awe the entire movie (I mean I already know she can sing but). I am stanning for life. A legend was born. Also, 80% of the showing was people under 25, Gaga better get that young demographic.
  3. Stop giving her attention. she's the Azealia Banks of the drag world.
  4. Femmebot coming to end men with IDSB.
  5. She's said that after finishing writing reputation she felt like she could finally go back to writing "normal" songs so I expect that whatever she releases next year will be a return to form, so to speak.
  6. My brother thought this was a Selena Gomez song when he heard it on the radio. So he looked it up and couldn't believe that he liked a Taylor song. Delicate, ha power!
  7. Juinae

    Celeb News

    Ugh, her power. I bet he'll be tuning into her AMA performance.
  8. Juinae


    There are people burning their copies of 1989 because she made a post telling people to research about who they are voting for. I - Imagine being that insecure in your political stance that being challenged to look at a politicians voting history threatens you.
  9. Juinae


    I can't get over the fact that she waited until the end of the US leg of the tour and got all the Republican coin only to do this.
  10. No, she still has the Australia and Japan dates.
  11. St. Vincent has announced a new album—a stripped-down, piano-based version of last year’s MASSEDUCTION. This one’s called MassEducation (one letter makes all the difference), and it’s out October 12 via Loma Vista. Annie Clark recorded MassEducation with longtime collaborator, Doveman’s Thomas Bartlett, on piano. It was recorded in two days while mixing MASSEDUCTION. Clark describes it as a “reimagining” of last year’s LP. MassEducationincludes Clark’s recently released “Slow Slow Disco.” x MassEducation Tracklist: 01 Slow Slow Disco 02 Savior 03 Masseduction 04 Sugarboy 05 Fear the Future 06 Smoking Section 07 Los Ageless 08 New York 09 Young Lover 10 Happy Birthday, Johnny 11 Pills 12 Hang On Me
  12. Juinae


    Probably going with my mother this weekend and I have plans to go with a friend next week.
  13. Jesse Glynne's demo for the song leaked. Hopefully it will sound better with their voices.
  14. Juinae

    A random compilation of leaks that someone put together, that I assume you downloaded from that reposting Xclusive Jams website. Only Taxi and SOPHIE's version of No Angel were intended for XCX World.
  15. Nope. The lyrics from the demo are on Genius if you want to have a look. Also, her label wouldn't let her release anything that they wouldn't make money on (as a promoted single). I'm still mad she hasn't released her cover of Cher's Believe on at least soundcloud or something.