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  1. I've seen a lot of curiosity around this topic and the NYT answered a lot of my questions. This article does a good job at explaining how Taylor may legally be able to rerecord her songs and also explains why she won't be rerecording reputation in the near future (the five year clause).
  2. Sales north of 1 million in China. She better visit the Chinese swifties on tour this time around. Also that must mean she'll be coming for a well-over 2 million debut worldwide. Taylegend strikes again.
  3. And she's not even in the peak of her popularity.
  4. The thunder on Cornelia Street, Red but make it synth pop. Cruel Summer, I want it in my room. It's Nice to Have a Friend, I think I ascended. False God, sexlor just lit her dress on fire.
  5. Her best albums start or end with a 'r'. Sorry, I don't make the rules.
  6. I just finished my first listen through (starting my second right now) and I think this may end up being my favourite Taylor album. Even ME! sounds so much better in the context of the album. Soon You'll Get Better actually sent me into inconsolable tears (something that was missing from rep) and Jack really brings out the best in every artist he works with huh?
  7. I wasn't exposed to Taylor's music era-wise pre-RED (other than the singles) so I don't really have an attachment to debutlor or Fearless (I've spent more time getting into Speak Now) so this will be a great opportunity to learn to appreciate those albums. Of course I will still listen to the Big Machine versions (I don't stream so they've already gotten my coins) but I've consistently expressed an interest in her doing this and I'm shocked that she's actually going to do it. Some of the earlier songs (even on Red) suffer from her voice being so young so it will be great to have more mature vocal versions. I just really hope that she adds in her own version of Better Man somewhere. That would sell me on it point-blank.
  8. The fact that it doesn't include the numbers from China though, slay a bit Taylor.
  9. This is a great promo single but she should really push Cruel Summer next week to secure a #1 debut alongside the album on the charts. However, this is such a great demonstration of how Taylor can still be singer-songwriter-y and pop at the same time. rep (although potentially my favourite album from her) lacked this in a way.
  10. I've loved everything she's put out this year. SHE IS HERE and SHE IS EVERYTHING can't come soon enough.
  11. Juinae


    Finally a new pop girl that knows how to make pure dance/upbeat music! I didn't really have any expectations for this (everyone but Camila has kind of been a dud) but this is a fantastic lead.
  12. Juinae

    Music Video

    Her Thinking Out Loud has arrived! Lemme day dream about playing this at my wedding one day.
  13. I didn't even know that there was a box set. So I just looked it up and they're literally selling it on every Amazon platform (US/UK/Germany, etc.) except for Canada. Why does her team literally despise my country? At least they usually stock the Japanese editions here.
  14. Juinae

    Sign me up Mannah! Ready for someone to try and top last time.
  15. Juinae

    There has to be enough of a demand for her to play in major cities like NYC, LA and TO, no? I really wish she would play even a smaller venue in Toronto, I'd drag my hag along with me to see her in a heartbeat.