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  1. Photos

    No... she was wearing a sweater with puffy hand pockets.
  2. Discussion

    I don't think this required an entirely new thread but yeah.
  3. The BTS for the dance portion of LWYMMD... That's not a surprise, she's been steadily releasing them (and I can't view any of them because she hates Canada for some reason).
  4. Rumor

    Taylor has confirmed herself on a livestream that she is filming on a music video set:
  5. Rumor

    That'd be all too predictable though. Instead of a new single she let 100 people hear the entire album. Much good that does us other than teasing though.
  6. It looks best when she straightens the bangs and leaves the rest of the curls taybh.
  7. Cross-generational queen of relatability.
  8. Yeah, I don't think that there are going to be any features included on the initial release of the album either. She's too smart to let the streaming momentum on future singles be lost in the chaos of post album release stream fatigue. And yeah, I don't think Taylor would let anyone other than herself or a massive brand deal announce a new song.
  9. I'd be here for that. Baby let the hotline bling games begin.
  10. Idk, I just judged that by the use of an iHeartRadio gif. I don't think we'll be getting another promo single before we get the official second single. (Please don't be RFI).
  11. Yasssss (snake lisp) Taylor, let your hair grow out.
  12. Already posted in her section,
  13. Rumor

    I mean Joseph Kahn confirmed that he was in London on his insta so I figured that she must be up to something there.
  14. Her fanbase is a lot more active on other platforms and that's mainly where I've been spending my time. As for everyone else, FOTP is dying (or so it would appear to me) so it's not surprising that this section isn't active.