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  1. Juinae


    The fact that she can still succeed with this song is very telling of her influence in the US, no one can deny that.
  2. Juinae


    We love a song demoted to promo single status!
  3. Juinae

    I can't believe that ME!h single-handedly killed my excitement for this era/album. I really tried to like the song but I don't feel compelled to listen to it... and so I haven't. I genuinely consider it to be the worst song in her discography, it uses an outdated sound (that I never liked when it was popular) and beyond childish lyrics with absolutely no cultural narrative relevance. I have hope for the second single (which it looks like we'll be getting soon - all those TV appearances can't be for ME! can they?). I pray that Language of Love/Calm (or whatever the song is called is an actual serve). I'd also be hear for Love Language/Language of Love being the album title.
  4. Fifth time's the charm! Hopefully this takes off.
  5. Juinae


    I saw a radio host post a promo clip advertising new Katy music coming soon too. Ready for her pre-college sendoff album!
  6. Juinae

    Celeb News

    Can't wait for her to announce/begin a countdown to something on the 13th and then spend the entire interview playing coy and avoiding all questions.
  7. Juinae


    Stan talent!
  8. It's like her music was designed specifically for the gays. *insert Gaga it's science clip*
  9. Juinae


    Diamond Heart vs. La Vie en Rose A-Yo vs. Shallow Joanne vs. Music to My Eyes John Wayne vs. Diggin' My Grave Dancin' in Circles vs. Always Remember Us This Way Perfect Illusion vs. Look What I Found Million Reasons (her worst song) vs. Heal Me Sinner's Prayer vs. I Don't Know What Love Is Come to Mama vs. Is That Alright? Hey Girl vs. Why Did You Do That? Angel Down vs. Hair Body Face Grigio Girls vs. Before I Cry Just Another Day vs. I'll Never Love Again Joanne: 5 ASIB: 7 Tie: 1 I used to resent Joanne when it first came out but it has really grown on me.
  10. Juinae


    State of Grace vs. Welcome to New York Red vs. Blank Space Treacherous vs. Style (Depending on my mood) I Knew You Were Trouble vs. Out of the Woods All Too Well vs. All You Had to Do Was Stay 22 vs. Shake It Off I Almost Do vs. I Wish You Would We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together vs. Bad Blood Stay Stay Stay vs. Wildest Dreams The Last Time vs. How You Get the Girl Holy Ground vs. This Love (I love TL but HG is divine) Sad Beautiful Tragic vs. I Know Places The Lucky One vs. Clean (I cannot choose!) Everything Has Changed vs. Wonderland Starlight vs. You Are in Love Begin Again vs. New Romantics Red: 7 1989: 8 Tie: 1 Red wins as the better album overall for me though.
  11. Jeff Bezos looking to get with Taylor, wbk.
  12. Juinae


    Jump Then Fall Untouchable I Almost Do New Romantics All Too Well Eyes Open
  13. Juinae


  14. Pop precision indeed. I wish this was for a new pop album instead of a GH but this will give me time to get into her discography.
  15. Juinae

    People calling Taylor desperate to boost sales with physical single releases and then Shawn Mendes (another UMG artist) releases his new single with the ability to buy different 7 inches and even cassettes. Taylor leading the way on new release strategies I guess.