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  1. She sounds kind of like a mix of Gwen Stefani (Truth era) and Kylie Minogue. Apparently it's the lead to a new EP, titled The Question. Link to stream it.
  2. Taylor setting up a new squad for the next era. 1989 media domination coming again, wbk.
  3. Juinae


    The full tracklist: Part 1 1 Handmade Heaven 2 Superstar 3 Orange Trees 4 Baby (Clean Bandit feat MARINA) 5 Enjoy Your Life 6 True 7 To Be Human 8 End of The Earth Part 2 9 Believe In Love 10 Life Is Strange 11 You 12 Karma 13 Emotional Machine 14 Too Afraid 15 Sucker 16 Soft To Be Strong
  4. BJ having more streams than Blackout and Britney... Where is the taste?
  5. Juinae

    Celeb News

    I wondered if she was going to launch the era earlier than normal so to avoid clashing with the promo for Cats. I am ready to receive, my wallet is open.
  6. Loved every pre-release single and I'm sure I'll love the whole album when I listen tomorrow. Thanks to Taylor for reminding me about them.
  7. When the audience actually buys the album, not everyone has that.
  8. Juinae


    Kacey is a fellow country queen. I wish she would be Taylor's next one-off collab. OT: Cats, more like sheep with that jacket. Still gonna force myself to see it though.
  9. Watched it New Year's Day and promptly gave it 5/5 on Letterboxd. It's what she deserves. Coming for that Oscar, the Grannies can choke.
  10. Juinae


    It leaked and it's kinda boring/lacks any form of personality. I don't know if this can continue her momentum. Maybe the UK will like it.
  11. And guess who will be resubscribing to Netflix on New Year's Eve?
  12. Hopefully TS7 closes out the decade by bringing that number to five. Although I have serious doubts because she definitely shot herself in the foot by getting political.
  13. Her parents just knew all the way back in 1989.