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  1. Now these better be available for preorder through Universal Music here in Canada because...
  2. I had my phone on airplane mode and then felt compelled to check it and my year was instantly made!
  3. Farewell to the Taylor section.
  4. Final: Taylor Swift - Daylight First: New Year's Day (Same as 2019)
  5. Not some 71 year old man having to explain TikTok to Taylor. Ok, boomer.
  6. Showed it to my mother and she asked, "how can she just do that? Write songs like that?" We got a classic on our hands.
  7. I had the urge to listen to The Fame Monster last month, I dunno if you count that as an album. If not, the last time would be ARTPOP in mid-October. Her best, you can't change my mind.
  8. It's so cute! I hope she rerecords the Christmas EP and tacks this song on to it next year.
  9. The way that this song's instrumental/melody is almost a direct rip off of Niall's Fire Away. I wanted to enjoy it but all I could think was "where have I heard this before?"
  10. I've seen a lot of curiosity around this topic and the NYT answered a lot of my questions. This article does a good job at explaining how Taylor may legally be able to rerecord her songs and also explains why she won't be rerecording reputation in the near future (the five year clause).
  11. Sales north of 1 million in China. She better visit the Chinese swifties on tour this time around. Also that must mean she'll be coming for a well-over 2 million debut worldwide. Taylegend strikes again.
  12. The thunder on Cornelia Street, Red but make it synth pop. Cruel Summer, I want it in my room. It's Nice to Have a Friend, I think I ascended. False God, sexlor just lit her dress on fire.
  13. Her best albums start or end with a 'r'. Sorry, I don't make the rules.