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  1. Juinae


    This leaked in 2017, why did it need a thread?
  2. Juinae


    #1 on Rolling Stone charts.
  3. It's $120 in Canada... I've only ever really listened to the singles from Lungs, Ceremonials was my first album from her, so I guess I'll take this as my chance to start listening in full.
  4. Buried in her backyard? Well, let me run to the Store.mp3 and get a shovel. I knew that the label must have rejected the album. Hopefully Jack and her can release what they did together as some one-off group project like he hinted at.
  5. When JoJo did it, she just added (2018) to each album/single so that's probably the workaround.
  6. The fact that Scott never offered Taylor the chance to buy her masters is disgusting. He knew that the label wouldn't fetch half as much without her, the greedy asswipe.
  7. She's got the homophobic swifites on twitter riled up for portraying them as they are in the video. Good to see that when she chooses to use her voice, the people listen.
  8. Juinae


    Personal Hell sounds like it could have been part of TOTL vol 2 Do Me & Sweet Spot are pure Kim bliss All I Do Is Cry is trap-influence done right The only dud so far is Broken but that's forgivable. This was a great way to give each song on the album a chance to shine,
  9. Men gaybait all the time and face no real backlash, Taylor does absolutely nothing and gets dragged into another stupid headline. Another day another drama indeed, when will she get a day?
  10. I love it! Why didn't Joel give ME! a similar production treatment to this?
  11. Juinae


    I side on disliking the album cover (the fact that she proudly named who made it, yikes), MEh! was a massive disappointment but I still hold some hope for You Need to Calm Down. If the second single is a let down then I think that I may just have to accept that Taylor is no longer what she used to be for me, and that's okay. I'll be calm about it, and my wallet will thank me. So I'd say a mild 4-5/10. EDIT: the more I look at the cover the more I like it, but I can't tell if that's just Stockholm Syndrome setting in. I'll probably be up to an 8 or 9/10 tomorrow at this rate.
  12. Mrs. she's too big now she's too thin
  13. Juinae


    In My Bed and Exhale are stunning, even Pushing 20 is a bop as a trap-influenced threat.
  14. Juinae


    Grit after grit.