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  1. And guess who will be resubscribing to Netflix on New Year's Eve?
  2. Hopefully TS7 closes out the decade by bringing that number to five. Although I have serious doubts because she definitely shot herself in the foot by getting political.
  3. Juinae


    Her parents just knew all the way back in 1989.
  4. Juinae

    I had no idea that she was releasing records for Black Friday... I didn't have class this morning so I could have gone to the record store. Why didn't Taylor Nation say anything? Or how did I miss the announcement. I hate how expensive it would be now for me to try and get them.
  5. Juinae

    A cohesive masterpiece! Portrait really is THAT girl.
  6. Juinae

    A bunch of recent Mariah interviews have popped up into my YouTube recommended and she is so well put together, well spoken, and stunning in all of them. She may have a new stan in me.
  7. The acclaim is well deserved, this may be my favourite Mariah record.
  8. Juinae here

    CAUTION IS A SERVE! Moo made all the animals come to her barnyard with this record. I'm actually shocked at how much I like it. Portrait is beautiful, A No No is ripe for #1 material with a Cardi feature, her voice on every song. She delivered! moo6

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    2. Juinae

      When I saw the length of Giving Me Life, I thought it may suffer but it's top four material for me! moo8 

      One Mo' Gen is what Taylor tried to do with Dress. We stan a sultry bop. 

    3. Sylk

      Sksksk tea! GML is gorgeous the production is so good oprah4 

      and 8th Grade, Stay Love Long You.. i love that it's a short album it really works! What do u think of GTFO? sia1 

    4. Juinae

      Mariah did a short album right! And GTFO was the rightful lead (over With You). I still can't get over it whenever I hear her say the line. Another iconic song in her library. moo8 Obsessed's modern sister, she is done with the BS.

  9. Kii at Universal contacting them to tell them that they were low-balling it.
  10. Juinae

    I just ordered the black snake tour hoodie and the special white pullover. Praying that I don't get slammed with customs charges.
  11. Juinae

    She beat Camila into the ground at my show. I'm upset that she got promoted to the second spot only after Camila left. Charli is an insanely good crowd-pleaser, especially considering she doesn't bring up any dancers and such with her.
  12. I doubt she'll resign with them only for Scott to (most probably) sell the label to Universal. She'd be better off just signing with Universal on her own terms. Maybe then she could finally have better distribution for international fans.
  13. Returning after her chart-topping album EVOLution, featuring singles such as “On Purpose”and her biggest hit yet, “Thumbs” Sabrina Carpenter returns with her newest LP, titled Singular: Act I, set to release on November 9, 2018. Sabrina had been working for over a half a year on Singular, supposedly to be her biggest project yet. On May 13th of 2018, Sabrina announced “Almost Love”, which is the lead single of Singular. “Almost Love” was released on June 6th. On October 22, 2018, Sabrina tweeted that Singular would be released in two “acts”, with Act I being released on November 9 and Act II “coming soon”. The second song to be released off the album, Paris, was released on October 26th alongside the album pre-order. TRACKLIST 1. Almost Love 2. Paris 3. Hold Tight (feat. Uhmeer) 4. Sue Me 5. prfct 6. Bat Time 7. Mona Lisa 8. Diamonds Are Forever
  14. Juinae

    I can't believe Round N Round leaked.