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  1. Fast at work on her next album I see.
  2. why would you do this to me with your avi ari1 

    1. Juinae

      What can I say? I'm a fly on the wall.mp3 of this rotting forum. oprah14 

  3. A Tokyo date is listed right there at the bottom. Maybe she'll announce an Asian leg of the tour finally. Posting can be found here.
  4. You mean to say that you didn't enjoy all her songs before this?
  5. That's Tove Styrke.
  6. So some rat at my local record store bought the 1989 exclusive release and I only managed to get her mixtape and Fearless. I had to order 1989 from some scalper on ebay. I finally caved in and ordered the orange rep vinyl on ebay too.
  7. Achievement

    Bring the rep tour to China Taylor, wyd! At least the dates there would actually sell out.
  8. RELEASE A SOLO VERSION NOW TAYLOR! I see after she scrapped this song for herself she reused "The Last Time", well for "The Last Time".
  9. Apparently the interviewer is a garbage person so I'm not going to bother to read it but she looks stunning! Survive the summer queen!
  10. Apparently she only sings background vocals. I need her solo demo to leak.
  11. Rumor

    If you count the Home soundtrack as one of her albums then the next with be her tenth... Please let this be for new music.
  12. Event

    I can't at this commercial not being far from the truth.
  13. Event

    Dance like nobody's watching.
  14. September Cover >>> Whatever the hell was wrong with her voice during Delicate