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  1. Discussion

    Finally something about Rhat that we can agree upon.
  2. Did Taylor ever confirm that Bad Blood was about Katy or is everyone just insinuating that? I always thought that Taylor specifically chose to sing "You're So Vain" at one of her concerts as a response to Katy thinking the song was about her. IDK, I may be completely wrong about that. I know that their feud is very real but I just don't know whether we have confirmation that she wrote BB in regards to Katy. Either way I hope she doesn't make any further songs that could be even slightly misconstrued as dragging out this drama.
  3. I saw this on Instagram earlier today. I love the livestreams that she launches eras with, I need to get back into using twitter I guess.
  4. I have looked around on the site and they have 177 songs registered to their name with only one of them listed as Taylor being the performer (so I guess that I'm not seeing something that you are). I am not saying that this is true and verified btw. Also, according to a fellow snake: It's all rumours at this point but they're fun to discuss. Went #1 in my country. We better stan.
  5. Album consisting of only snake hisses for instrumentals incoming! The heartbeat on 1989 is shook. TSsssssssssss6 will sssssslay!
  6. You better call your lawyer because according to that sound engineer who blabbed his mouth on Nashville radio, she's doing some country songs again. Although I highly doubt that the lead will be country. At least I hope not. If she does end up releasing any country songs for this era they'll probably be album tracks or solely for country radio. RED, ha country-pop hybrid revival.
  7. Taylor has registered a new song under ASCAP titled "Had Nothin' But a Time We Never Had". This obviously isn't the final title of the song but it sounds interesting nonetheless. Could this possibly have to do with the multiple hints of her lead single having something to do with "Til the End of Time"? ASCAP Link
  8. This review is visually stunning @Carlos! Snakes may only be able to see mixtures of green and blue but I'm seeing red.mp3 with love for this review. I am so happy to see that I am not the only one who adores Tsunami, I think it's my favourite track on the album. It reminds me so much of Styx's "Come Sail Away" because of the ocean theme. With every listen, Witness (the album) seems to be growing on me more and more.
  9. Watch her have the 1989 voice memos but not the deluxe tracks. Can I get a Witness.mp3? Can you be my Witness.m4a?
  10. Let me witness Queen Snake paint the town red again.
  11. here

    Do my eyes deceive me? Is that Juinae I see in my notifications?


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    2. Taylor

      Juinae coming back as soon as Taylor comes back to Spotify? creep1 

    3. Juinae

      Like fave, like stan. creep1 

    4. Taylor

      Taylor is suddenly going to be overshadowed! She TRIED it yas1 

  12. here


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      Oic! rih1 You can never escape fotp! lol1 

      Shall we expect a comeback soon? Or lurking mode is here to stay?? interesting1 

    3. Juinae

      I'm making a comeback. Like fave, like stan. lol1 

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      omg PERCHED yas1 

  13. Discussion

    This date is most likely just a placeholder for the site. They also have Lorde's Melodrama listed as coming out on this day: https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/lorde-melodrama/hnum/6442720
  14. And there's a Friday the 13th this October so she could possibly release the album then.
  15. And a poster for 1989 showed up in the background of 13 Reasons Why! Yass queen of subliminal messages. TBH I know that she probably didn't have anything to do with that but still, all things have been pointing towards 13.