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  1. 2 minutes ago, Aidan. said:

    When pigs fly maybe bebe1

    There has to be enough of a demand for her to play in major cities like NYC, LA and TO, no? bebe1 

    I really wish she would play even a smaller venue in Toronto, I'd drag my hag along with me to see her in a heartbeat. kylie6

  2. I recently got into listening through some of Kylie's back catalog and wow. Body Language is an ALBUM. alex1 Slow is THE sexiest pop song of all time, Kylie is giving Britney a run for her money. kylie6 Her performance of it during the Golden tour, a dream. 

    Light Years, Fever, Body Language. Whew, a 1,2,3 punch indeed. kylie3

    With the rumours that she will be returning to a disco-influenced sound for the next album, I can't wait for 2020/21. kylie6

  3. On 8/4/2019 at 7:15 AM, Luca said:

    Are we going to get another single/song before the release of the album? oprah12 

    Yes! Single three is going to be released either this week or next and the music video is supposedly planned to be released during or right after the VMAs. 

    All signs point to it being the collab with Katy Perry (Small Talk), as teased by Charlie Puth and other insiders who have been correct about YNTCD/NRO.

  4. I can't believe that ME!h single-handedly killed my excitement for this era/album. I really tried to like the song but I don't feel compelled to listen to it... and so I haven't. I genuinely consider it to be the worst song in her discography, it uses an outdated sound (that I never liked when it was popular) and beyond childish lyrics with absolutely no cultural narrative relevance. 

    I have hope for the second single (which it looks like we'll be getting soon - all those TV appearances can't be for ME! can they?). I pray that Language of Love/Calm (or whatever the song is called is an actual serve). 

    I'd also be hear for Love Language/Language of Love being the album title. 


    Also, this would have made for a great album cover shot (with better fitting shorts). I feel like it really fits with the feel she is going for.



  5. People calling Taylor desperate to boost sales with physical single releases and then Shawn Mendes (another UMG artist) releases his new single with the ability to buy different 7 inches and even cassettes. Taylor leading the way on new release strategies I guess. burn1

  6. Taylor Swift and the Audacity of this Bitch! moo3 She really said, "Lemme let them convince hope." and then proceeded to skip off into the sunset with Joe.

    I hate that we know that she is going to release at some point earlier than normal so as to avoid clashing with Cats but we just don't know exactly when. bebe1

  7. 12 hours ago, Taylor said:

    I just saw it on twitter dead2 is it like a big thing now? It makes sense given she was on Fallon before SIO to confirm her VMA appearance and that the hints were music-related. 

    I don’t know anything concrete about that, but I know a guy on ATRL who is very trustworthy (his username is kingkylie) and has some connections said to ‘get ready’. He was in a Discord server I used to be apart of and always gave us heads up before releases and had some very legitimate tea, so she’s 100% coming. It’s just a matter of this Friday or next, so, talk shows seem likely giveup1 

    I hate the fact that she knows we know she's coming and yet she won't outright confirm it yet. Maybe it's to hold off on leaks. fall3 Idk.