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  1. @Taylor do you know anything about the rumour that she's going to be on a late night show this friday? I saw it on my timeline but couldn't investigate while in class. I may tune in to one for the first time if she is.
  2. Just watched A Star Is Born for the second time and cried harder than I did the first. My mother wants to know how on earth Bohemian Rhapsody won over this film. Also, my father is a Gaga stan now.
  3. Kii at "writers" on twitter getting pressed that Taylor doesn't need them to interview her. As much as I'd like to see an interview, I think for now it's better that she continues to control her narrative. Hopefully later on in the era she does one of those 'interviewed by a fellow artist' type thing - I think a candid conversation between Katy and Taylor would be lovely to read.
  4. The music seems like it's going to be so much happier. I can't wait to see a vibrant Taylor again.
  5. I had no idea that she was releasing records for Black Friday... I didn't have class this morning so I could have gone to the record store. Why didn't Taylor Nation say anything? Or how did I miss the announcement. I hate how expensive it would be now for me to try and get them.
  6. A bunch of recent Mariah interviews have popped up into my YouTube recommended and she is so well put together, well spoken, and stunning in all of them. She may have a new stan in me.
  7. CAUTION IS A SERVE! Moo made all the animals come to her barnyard with this record. I'm actually shocked at how much I like it. Portrait is beautiful, A No No is ripe for #1 material with a Cardi feature, her voice on every song. She delivered! moo6

    1. Juinae


      When I saw the length of Giving Me Life, I thought it may suffer but it's top four material for me! moo8 

      One Mo' Gen is what Taylor tried to do with Dress. We stan a sultry bop. 

    2. Sylk


      Sksksk tea! GML is gorgeous the production is so good oprah4 

      and 8th Grade, Stay Love Long You.. i love that it's a short album it really works! What do u think of GTFO? sia1 

    3. Juinae


      Mariah did a short album right! And GTFO was the rightful lead (over With You). I still can't get over it whenever I hear her say the line. Another iconic song in her library. moo8 Obsessed's modern sister, she is done with the BS.

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  8. I just ordered the black snake tour hoodie and the special white pullover. Praying that I don't get slammed with customs charges.
  9. She beat Camila into the ground at my show. I'm upset that she got promoted to the second spot only after Camila left. Charli is an insanely good crowd-pleaser, especially considering she doesn't bring up any dancers and such with her.
  10. I can't believe Round N Round leaked.
  11. A random compilation of leaks that someone put together, that I assume you downloaded from that reposting Xclusive Jams website. Only Taxi and SOPHIE's version of No Angel were intended for XCX World.
  12. Juinae

    Artist Ava Max

    She popped into my YouTube recommended the other day with that song too! I'll have to keep my eye on her in the future. I want to like her but she's another artist that Atlantic is promoting instead of Choli Xbox and that makes me psycho.
  13. I screamed in a getaway car. Love your sig.
  14. I died in a getaway car.
  15. I just won a Taylor prize pack and two free tickets to her show in Toronto! cry8 I can't explain how happy I am right now. I've never won something like this before. cry6 

    1. Ghostface


      giveup1 You lucky bastard... :D


      Enjoy there... mind blown will be for sure...

    2. The Plague

      The Plague

      slay! have fun! I won nicki tix in TO before it was so exciting ^_^

    3. Holiest Dreams

      Holiest Dreams

      Omg congrats king oprah2 

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  16. Apparently her label made her scrap the original disco direction of the album and that's why she's had to rework everything with Jack. When will labels realize that some acts just won't hit it big again and let them do what they want?
  17. I thought Ariana would have learned from the backlash of Focus to not have annoying men's vocal samples in her songs. The stems for this album better leak real quick like they did with Dangerous Woman so that someone can save Pharrell's half. An album without annoying production, yes, we STAN her.
  18. So some rat at my local record store bought the 1989 exclusive release and I only managed to get her mixtape and Fearless. I had to order 1989 from some scalper on ebay. I finally caved in and ordered the orange rep vinyl on ebay too.
  19. My 1000th scrobble of reputation was King of My Heart. I don't know how to feel about this.
  20. I wonder what direction she's going to take for TS7. Will she go back to country? Will she go back to a softer pop? Will she take on an alternative sound? An album is supposedly in the pipeline for next year so I wonder if she's going to finally adapt to streaming or if she'll still take the physical sales route again and make it her last album before taking some real time off to start a family?
  21. Yeah, it's free and you can attach it to almost any platform that you use to listen to music. I've become addicted to tracking my music now. It's almost a problem. My brother actually has a collection of H.P. Lovecraft's short stories, maybe I'll try and steal it from him some day.
  22. I love to read short stories (fan-fiction counts right?). Are there any that you would recommend? And thank you for sharing those sites, finally a Last.fm for movies/TV.
  23. The Sims and RPGs were my video games of choice throughout my childhood/teenage years. Sadly the Sims series tanked and now I barely have time to play video games at all. I can't even remember the last time that I read a physical book for pleasure, that's why I much prefer to invest my time in movies/TV series.
  24. Knick-knacks and books from my childhood galore: More of my video games/movies are kept in my basement/media centre.