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  1. TS6 is coming this year and y'all doubters can't rain on my parade. EDIT: This is my 989th post.
  2. Hey! wub1 I noticed that you haven't logged in for a while so I just wanted to check up and say that I hope you're doing well!

  3. I had a massive exam to study for so I needed to limit myself to lurking for a while. But Taylor news has brought me back Out of the Woods.mp3
  4. This Is What You Came For (Live at Super Saturday Night) The superior version!
  5. I bet the house has a wonderful garden and that she's already planning where to plant the kale when she finally chooses to follow "The Lucky One" and ditch the music. The house is stunningly gorgeous though.
  6. I know exactly what you mean, she let the comments about her being too attached/over-emotional and writing about past experiences with boys get to her and by doing that she kind of lost the storytelling element to her songs that made them so great. She's at her best when she writes from experience because her emotions then get translated into her songs. I hope with this next release she goes back to expressing how she really feels instead of trying to make every song basic enough to be a hit single. I guess only time will tell what route she chooses to take though. Taylor herself
  7. The ANTI record sleeve itself is gorgeous, let alone the fact that you got the vinyl in white. I'm sure you're going to enjoy it. I had to settle for the black because it's almost $50 for the white ANTI in Canada. Slay at supporting queen Britney, I also got Glory from UO a while back but I wish they would have done an exclusive cover or vinyl colour.
  8. They have so many copies of FROOT at my local UO, if you have one in your city you should check it out. And they're all on clearance so they're relatively cheap.
  9. I honestly can't believe this one, like really queen? You're going to meet someone and not even bother to read up on their wiki page or something?
  10. It was registered months after TISWYCF was released but I just checked the ISWC code and it's the exact same as TISWYCF's. A mess. Thanks for being a better detective than actual Taylor insiders.
  11. Yours Truly: @TattooedHeart My Everything: Just A Little Bit of Your Heart Dangerous Woman: Thinking Bout You Those are my favourite songs on her albums but my favourite bops from the album are a different story. As you can see, I listen to singers. I very rarely listen to people who... cannot sing.
  12. Lavender Lamborghini, roll up in a blue bikini

    Bitches on the beaches, lookin' super cute and freaky

    All my friends are princesses, we keep it whipped and creamy

    Ice cubes on our tongues because we like to keep it freezy


    1. Cosmic


      a legend!

  13. Rihanna ain't exactly an album seller and I dunno how the wait between 1989 and when she'll release TS6 (and everything that's gone down) will impact sales just yet. She'll still do fabulously well, especially if she embraces streaming.
  14. Taylor's Good Girl Gone Bad era would have us all shook to the core. And yes, featuring Calvin in the video wouldn't be such a bad thing. I would actually be hear for a Taylor and Rihanna collab, I think their voices could balance each other out quite well. Btw, Veronica is stunning in your set. We have to guarantee over a million copies sold in the first week somehow.
  15. Another collaboration between Taylor and her ex, Calvin Harris, was registered a couple of months ago under the name "The Reason Why". This song, just like "This Is What You Came For", was supposedly written by both Taylor and Calvin but features Rihanna's vocals. Also listed is Kuk Harrell who has worked with Rihanna in the past on songs such as "Umbrella" and "Only Girl (In The World)". He has been a longtime vocal producer for Rih. So fellow snakes, how would you feel about another collab between Calvin and Taylor? Do you think it will ever see the light of day? Would you prefer Taylor
  16. Blake Lively is in her girl squad so she got Ryan Reynolds to donate her the costume for the night.
  17. This just reminded me of her Deadpool moment.
  18. Selena remains unbothered with an American Vogue cover but Ari looks cute.
  19. Your hate of The Bible Verse of Us isn't cute.
  20. I honour of her early booting from the Speak Now +/- game, Mean.mp3. Lemme hook you up.
  21. I still need Taylor's demo for This Is What You Came For to leak. And while the leakers are at it, I'd love some unreleased tracks from the RED era. Sincerely, A Snake Hungry for Music